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The Heart Never Lies

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Blair Way and Frank Iero have been friends since childhood. But they've drifted apart, will they realize what they have before its gone?And when a twist in a form of a baby appears, will they reali...

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The Heart Never Lies
a/n- hey guys!!! this is my second story, so i hope you guys will like this!!!
Blair Gabrielle Way and Frank Anthony Iero have been friends since they were kids. But now that they have their own respective relationships, they’ve drifted apart, not realizing that they have feelings for each other. And when a shocking twist in a form of a baby appears, in the middle of tour nonetheless, will they finally realize that they were meant for each other? Will they realize what they have before it’s gone?
Chapter 1- “But its cool cause we’re just friends...”

“Blair!!!” A girl with black hair, gray eyes, screamed at the top of her lungs, waking the younger girl who was at the time sleeping in her bunk.
“What the bloody fuck?!” A girl with waist-length dark brown hair, emerald eyes and pale skin jumped up from her bed, pissed.
“Sorry!!! But I have some important news to tell you!!!!!” The girl squealed, full of delight.
“Ugh...Alicia, should’ve known it was you...I mean couldn’t you just wake up the others, like Krista, why is it always me?”
“But this one really concerns you so wakey wakey!!! Besides Krista already knows and you have already overslept! We are leaving in 15 mins...”
“Fine...but I’ll get you for this Simmons...mark my words...” Blair then got up from bed, and pulled a black hoodie over her white tanktop and pink shorts and slipped on her flip-flops.
“Yeah, whatever Blair...but I’m not going to be a Simmons for long...” Alicia said in a sing-song voice.
“Mmhmm...wait...what!?No! Don’t tell me!!! You and Mikey are...engaged!!!!” Blair screamed.
“Yup...”Alicia was grinning.
“OMFG!!!!!I am so happy for you!!!!! I’m going to have a sister-in-law!!!!!” Blair screamed and hugged her best friend, and her soon to be sister-in-law.
“And a very awesome sister-in-law at that!!!” Alicia laughed.
“Nah...I’m sure I’d find a more awesome one...” Blair kidded.
“Hey! I am deeply hurt...”
“Kidding!!! But first, let me see it...”
“See what?”
“The ring of course!!!” Blair squealed, excited.
“Oh right...” Alicia then showed her a silver diamond ring with a ruby in the middle and with the inscription on the inside, “Mikey+Alicia=Forever”.
“Wow...that is so beautiful...and so sweet...I’m so happy for you guys!!! Congratulations!”
After, Blair and Alicia went in the couch area of the bus, deciding to eat breakfast, and all of the guys were there. Ray was cuddling with Krista, Bob was playing some video game with Frank and Gee was drawing in his sketchpad, drinking coffee. And Mikey was already standing and talking to Alicia. Blair then got herself a bowl of cereal and proceeded to sit on her brother’s lap, surprising him.
“Good Morning Gee!!!” She greeted cheerfully, her emerald eyes sparkling.
“Whoa there princess, you scared the shit out of me...and besides, why are you so happy? As far as I can remember, you were never the morning person...” Gee asked his sister, who he and the band affectionately called Princess, since she was the youngest in the group.
“I heard the news!!! That’s so sweet!!! And we’re going to have a new addition to the family and I’m going to have a sister-in-law, Alicia at that!” She gushed, with a big smile on her face.
“So princess has finally heard the news...anyways, we’re going to Jersey today, remember?”
“Oh right! I’m sure Mom would be very happy for Mikey and Ali!!!” She then stood up and washed her empty bowl, returning to her place in the couch.
“Gee, until when are we staying in Jersey? I was going to meet with Drake this afternoon, if we aren’t doing anything that is...”
“Ugh...the boyfriend...” Gerard said the term with much dislike, being so overprotective of his sister.
“ I have to remind you that I’m 23 already, not 10 and I can take care of myself well, thank you very much. And besides, I know that you, Mikey and the guys will kick anyone’s ass for me right? So can I go, pretty please?” She had her trademark pout on, with her shining eyes up at him, knowing that was a look that her big brother couldn’t resist.
“Damn that pout...I should have never taught you how to do that...fine, you can go, but you better be home early, since I am not letting you be alone with that...boyfriend...of yours until the wee hours of the morning.” Gee replied, finally giving into his baby sister, sighing heavily.
“Thanks Gee!” She kissed him on the cheek and hugged him.
“Whatever, just remember, curfew...”
“Sure sure...”

Arriving at the LAX airport...

The guys, Alicia, Krista and Blair were getting ready to board the plane that will take them to New Jersey. The girls were chatting about Alicia’s recent engagement and the guys were busy being mobbed by fans and fending off paparazzi.
“Wow, Ali, so that’s why Mikey was quiet this whole week...cause he was going to propose to you!” Krista exclaimed.
“Yeah...I was beginning to think that he was going to break up with me...” Alicia laughed.
“Oh c’mon! We all know that my brother is head over heels in love with you...” Blair replied, grinning.
“Well’s so obvious...” Krista agreed...
“Anyways, where are you going to stay Krista? I mean when we’re in Jersey...since Ali and Bob are staying with us...”
“Oh, I’m staying with Ray...” She blushed...
“Oooh...going to try something sneaky with him are you?” Alicia and Blair teased, the two of them smirking.
“Oh shut it guys!” Krista playfully swatted them both, blushing darker.
“Whatever makes your boat float Krista...” Blair replied nonchalantly.
“ Whatever makes your boat float? Man that’s cheesy, even for you, Blair Bear...” Alicia laughed, remembering the nickname that Blair’s parents called her.
“Ugh...not Blair Bear...I told you to stop calling me that and besides, that is a perfectly non-cheesy phrase...”
“Okay Blairie Bear, ‘whatever makes your boat float’...” Alicia mocked, smirking.
“Whatever, Alice, two can play at that game...” Blair dragged the name, knowing that her friend didn’t like the sassy nickname that her parents called her.
“Fine Blair Bear, I’ll call you that from now on!”
“Okay Alice, me too!”
“Enough’s just a stupid nickname...”
“Hey, we have to board the plane now...” Bob reminded them.
In the plane...

The guys took their seats on the plane; they actually got a whole row in the first class. First were Frank and Bob, Gee and Blair, Ray and Krista and Mikey and Alicia.
“Hey Gee...” Blair nudged her brother, who was half-asleep.
“Hmm?” Gee was tired, and he needed to save up energy for the show tonight, and Blair wasn’t really helping.
“Gee...Gee...Gee...” Blair sang out, knowing that she was annoying her brother.
“Yes Blair?”
“Nothing...” Blair grinned.
“Then why the fuck did you call me?!” Gee was cranky, he haven’t had his daily dose of sleep and to top it all off, Blair was really annoying, if only she wasn’t his baby sister, he would’ve exploded already.
“Uh...I was bored...”
Then Blair decided to just listen to her iPod and listened to Green Day. After listening for about half an hour, she decided to bug her brother again.
“Gerard...” She whispered in his ear, grinning.
“Mmm?” Gerard mumbled.
“The plane crashed and we are all on some deserted island, and some of the guys are critically injured, especially Mikey...” She fake sniffed, pretending she was crying.
“What the fuck! Mikey! Blair, are you okay! Where’s everyone? Oh my bloody God, I still want to get married and have kids!! We can’t be stranded!!!” Gerard jumped up, looking panicked and terrified, people were staring at him and the guys were laughing their asses off. Gee realized that Blair had played a prank on him and he was standing like an idiot there, like a crazed lunatic, he then sat down immediately.
“That...was...pure genius Blair...” Ray poked his head in between Gee and Blair, laughing.
“Yeah...Gee, that was hilarious...” Frank and Bob were laughing their asses off and Mikey was speechless, he kept on laughing.
“Yup, I have to admit, that was one of my best pranks to date yet, and your reaction was gold! I didn’t even expect that little burst you made, ‘I still want to get married and have kids!’ That sure beats the time I told Mikey there were fairies hiding in the toaster and he could fish them out with a fork...good times...” Blair was turning red from laughing.
“Haha...very funny Blair, play a prank on your sleeping brother for him to jump and scream like an idiot...But I have to admit, that prank you pulled on Mikey was really good...anyways! Back to the point, I’d be watching my back if I were you, Blair Gabrielle Way, cause I WILL get you back for this...” Gerard said, in his most “sinister” voice, staring at his sister’s emerald eyes with his piercing hazel ones.
“We’ll see about that, Gerard Arthur Way...” Blair smirked.
“Oh and since I’ve had enough of your jokes for one plane flight, I’m going to switch with Frank here so you won’t be able to bug me, princess...” Gerard then stood up and took Frank’s seat beside Bob and Frank took his beside Blair.
“Blair...please, no funny things okay? I’m crazy enough as it is...don’t wanna add “gullible” to the list...” Frank smirked.
“Of course Frankie...besides I’m tired anyways, and besides, that one will last me the whole day...” Blair grinned.
“Good...cause I didn’t want to be known as Iero the Gullible, Iero the Midget is already worst as it is...” He laughed.
“Good point...”
Halfway through the plane flight, Blair fell asleep on Frank’s shoulder, her head settling on the crook of his neck, her hair splayed out and her bangs covering the side of her face.
“You are so beautiful Blair...if you only knew how I really feel about you...” He tucked her bangs behind her ear, softly grazing his thumb against her soft cheek.
“Frankie...” She whispered, still fast asleep, snuggling against Frank.
Frank smiled upon hearing his name being called out by her in her sleep, and soon after he fell asleep, laying his head on top of hers.
Arriving in New Jersey...

Frank woke up, seeing that Blair was still sleeping, he gently nudged her awake.
“Blair...wake up, we’re here in Jersey...” He whispered.
Blair slowly stirred, she woke up and found herself staring into Frank’s stunning hazel eyes, and she was motionless. Frank found himself staring into Blair’s sparkling emerald eyes, drowning in her pools of emerald green. They were slowly edging towards each other and both knew what was going to happen but neither didn’t care, their eyes just locked together and all thoughts of logic flew out. The distance between them was closing and you can feel the tension in the air, they were so close, his heavy breathing can be heard and the pounding of her heart in her chest was like a fast and steady beat, just an inch more...
“Blair! C’mon were going, grab your bag already!” Gerard called out to his sister, already standing and carrying his bags. Frank and Blair jumped up, realization suddenly dawning on them. Blair was blushing a million shades of red, staining her pale cheeks. Frank had been blushing too, albeit a darker shade.
“Uh...yah, Gee, let’s go...” Blair stuttered, still not having regained her composure.
“Yeah sure...”
The guys then got off the plane and got picked up by someone from Reprise and they all decided to crash at the Way’s house first.
In the car...
“So, let’s go to the Way’s house first, then just go from there to the venue...” Ray suggested.
“Yeah sure...” Everyone agreed.
Frank and Blair were unusually quiet, both still awkward from the incident awhile ago, but no had seemed to notice, except for Alicia and Bob, who knew that their best friends have had the hots for each other but were too shy and dense to admit it.

At the Way residence...

“Mom!!! We’re back!!!” Blair screamed, piercing every one’s ears.
“Yeah Blair, you’ve pretty much woken up the whole neighbourhood now...tsk tsk...” Ray snickered, still covering his ears.
“Shut the fuck up Toro!” She screamed again.
“Stop it Ray! I don’t want her to scream again!” Gee replied.
“Yeah...I think I’m deaf already...” Bob answered.
“I’ve lost feeling in my ears...” Frank whined.
“Imagine having to live with that for 24 years...especially when Blair was still a baby, man can she scream...sometimes I think she’s a better screamer than Gee and Frankie put together...” Mikey reminisced.
“Oh dear! Your home!! I know that scream from anywhere!!!” a lady in her robe, with dyed blonde hair, with the same hazel eyes like her sons, hugged her youngest daughter.
“Blair’ve’re so beautiful now...”
“Mom...I told you not to call me that...” Blair whined.
“Oh c’mon sweetie, Blair Bear is way too cute, and besides let your old mother do what she’s not every day she sees her charming little girl...” Donna smiled, gently pinching her daughter’s cheeks.
“Mom...look there’s Gee and Mikey!” Blair exclaimed, trying to distract her mother.
“Oh! My baby boys are so big already!!!” Donna hugged her sons, Gee then Mikey.
“Ma...we’re too old to be called “baby boys” already...” Gerard protested.
“Yeah Ma...” Mikey agreed.
“Oh nonsense! You three are still my babies no matter what!” Donna happily exclaimed, pinching her sons’ cheeks.
Gee and Mikey glared at Blair for pointing their mother at them, while Blair just stared at them, giving them the I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about look...
“So I understand you guys are hungry?” Donna asked.
“Hell yeah! Plane meals suck...and besides, we haven’t had a decent meal in ages...” Ray smiled.
“Well, it was good then that I made something...”

At the dinner table...

“’s life on the road?” Donna asked.
“Okay, I guess...” Gerard replied.
“Uh...Ma...I have- I mean, me and Ali have something important to tell you...” Mikey said nervously, placing his arm around Alicia.
“What is it dear?”
“Me and Alicia are getting married this March...” Mikey was fidgeting already.
“Oh my! I’m so happy for the both of you! Congratulations!!!” Donna went over and hugged her son and Alicia, then taking her seat again.
“Thanks!” Alicia and Mikey replied.
“Oh dear! My baby’s going to get married!! Be sure to hurry up and make me some grandbabies okay?”
Mikey choked on his drink and Alicia blushed a dark shade of red, while the guys were laughing.
“Oh and you too Gerard! You better hurry up and settle down already! I want some from you too! Oh and let’s not forget Blairie Bear...”
“Mom!” Gee and Blair screamed at their mom, embarrassed and this time Mikey was the one laughing. After eating, the guys then proceeded to the living room, watching movies; Donna went out to run some errands.
In the living room...

“Hey Ali, Let’s go up to my room, I have to tell you something...” Blair whispered to her friend, pulling her up the stairs to her room.
“Okay okay...” Alicia smiled, knowing already what Blair was going to say.

In Blair’s room...

“Ali...there‘s something I really have to tell you...” Blair was nervous, and she was fidgeting.
“You have a crush on Frank and you are totally in love with him...” Alicia said, matter-of-factly, smiling.
“Well yeah-wait! How the hell did you know that!?” Blair shrieked, panicked.
“Oh c’mon Blair, I’m not blind and I wasn’t born yesterday, also the fact that I’m your best’s so obvious!!” Alicia exclaimed.
“Is it that obvious?”
“Uh...hell yeah it is!”
“I’m really confused, I mean, we’ve been best friends and suddenly we just, I dunno, drifted apart, I guess. There was this time in high school that I was going to tell him how I actually felt, but then I saw him with Jamia Nestor and I decided that we would never be more than just friends. Of course it hurt me everytime I saw him with Jamia, everytime he would tell me about their dates and how he felt about her, it was like he was slowly ripping my heart out, and he didn’t know it...I was always the best friend, nothing more. He never saw me as more than that, and that hurt me.” Blair was tearing, a single tear rolling down her cheek.
“Oh...” Alicia hugged her best friend, comforting her, she never knew it was like that with Blair and Frank, she only knew that they were best friends since they were kids.
“And then, I met Drake and I thought I’ve forgotten my feelings for Frank, but after what happened in the plane, I think I’m still in love with him...I don’t know! But I know that he would never notice me, it will always be me, the best friend and just that...”
Back with the guys in the living room...

“What do you guys wanna watch?” Mikey asked.
“Uh...I dunno, a horror movie?” Gerard replied.
“Yes, I know, a horror movie, but which one? And besides what do you think Alicia and Blair are talking about? Do you think Alicia is talking about me?” Mikey asked, panicked.
“Worried are you? Thinking she might change her mind about marrying you, eh?” Bob asked, laughing.
“Shut up Bryar...” Mikey answered.
“Just saying man...” Bob snickered.
“What do you think Blair is talking about?” Frank asked, nervous.
“Oh, don’t tell me, you’re worried too?”
“Oh c’mon, we all know you have this huge crush on my sister...” Gerard replied.
“What!?” Frank choked on his soda.
“Just kidding...”
“Shut the fuck up Gee...”
In the guest room...with Bob and Frank

“So...mind telling me what happened in the plane awhile ago?” Bob asked, knowing that Frank knew what he was talking about.
“I have no idea what you are talking about” Frank pretended like he didn’t know what Bob was talking about.
“Oh c’mon Frank, I’m not that stupid, I know what I saw awhile ago, so mind telling me about it? And yes I know that you know what I’m talking about...” Bob smirked, he wouldn’t let Frank off this one.
“Ugh...sometimes you’re too nosy and observant for my liking Bob...” Frank grimaced.
“Why don’t you just tell her?”
“Tell who what?”
“Tell Blair that you are deeply madly in love with her...”
“I’m not madly deeply-” Frank was cut off by Bob, who was raising his eyebrow.
“So maybe I am...but I can’t do anything...we’re best friends...”
“And you telling her might ruin your precious friendship with Princess, right?”
“Yeah...but its cool cause we’re just friends...”
“Whatever Frank, but I know that you know that you want to be so much more than that, and it seems that so does she...”

a/n- there you go! This idea just like POPPED in my it was very interesting to write...although it did take me quite awhile since there were so many rough patches that I had to smooth out...and I would STILL be updating ‘Disenchanted’ so don’t worry, I just wanted to write this so it’ll stop bugging me...and I’ll update soon!!!
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