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It's Really Rather Gay

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Read? My first fic. Frerard.

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I lay in my bunk as I listened to the rest of the band laughing together. Suddenly the curtain was ripped back and I had to shut my eyes against the bright light.The whole band was there. I stared at them as they all sat outside my bunk/
“Frank, you’ve been in that bunk for two days. What’s wrong?” Gerard asked. I sighed, knowing they wouldn’t drop it.I got out my sidekick, flicked through to a certain text, handed the phone to Gerard then shut my bunk curtain again.I heard Gerard read it out.
“Frank, its over.I’ve sold the engagement ring. Oh and by the way, the baby isn’t yours. It’s Berts. In the words of your precious Gerard, I don’t love you. Well, have a nice life! Jamia x”
There was a shocked silence.
“Oh my god…” Mikey said quietly.
I huddled in the corner of my bunk, tears sliding down my face. The curtain drew back and I saw the sympathetic faces of my band mates.
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Gerard asked sadly.
I choked as I tried to force some words out, but instead all that came out was a wordless wail of agony as my heart finally shattered into a billion shard-like pieces.
“She..d-doesn’t…!” I sobbed over and over. A pair of arms pulled me from the bunk and held me close.
“Shhh…She doesn’t deserve you, it’s okay”Gerard murmured in my ear, stroking my hair..
“I’m not gonna be a daddy” I whispered brokenly. Gerards arms tightened and he made a dark noise in the back of his throat, almost a growl.
“Listen to me Frank, that bitch doesn’t deserve anything even resembling happinss after what she has done to you. There are better people out there with more to offer you. You’re a kind, wonderful person who would never hurt anyone. You need to forget her, I know, it’s easier to say than do, but believe me, you’re better off without Jamia.”
I just nodded after his little speech and he carried on holding me as I cried brokenheartedly throughout the night.

Gerard’s Perspective
Frankie wandered around like a sad ghost, barely eating anything and not talking to anyone. It broke my heart to see him like this. I wanted my Frankie back, the bright, hyper Frankie whom I had fallen in love with. Not the sad, empty husk of a man that was there now.
I needed to cheer him up.
But how?
I felt someone sit on the sofa next to me.
It was Frank.
I could hear Mikey, Bob and Ray playing on the Xbox in the lounge as I looked at Frank, noticing his still red eyes and vacant gaze. I rubbed his arm.
“I’m sorry Frankie,” I said gently “I know how much you were looking forward to being married and being a daddy.”
He sighed.
“It hurts, Gee. But I have to stop thinking about it, or I’ll go crazy. I am gonna play tonight, I changed my mind.”
I nodded. The bus was currently parked in Toronto, our next venue.
“ I’m glad. It wouldn’t be the same without you.”
He smiled ever so slightly.

Time Lapse

“GOOD EVENING TORONTO!” I screamed before our first song stared up. The crowd was loving it.
Halfway through To The End, there was a clatter and I turned to see Frank dropping his guitar and running off stage. His techy came on and picked up where Frank had left off. I ached to follow him. But I couldn’t. I had to finish the show.

I found him slumped in a corner, his face in his hands.
“Frank?” I asked, crouching next to him. He looked up.
“She’s here” He said.
Sure enough, Jamia then walked up to us.
“ Frankie!” She cried. I stood.
“Get. The fuck. Away. From him.” I growled. She laughed.
“ He won’t ever love you back Gerard so there is no point in sticking up for him.”
I went red as Frank stared at me.

Frank’s Perspective

Gerard opened and closed his mouth a few times.
Jamia shoved past him to where I now stood.
“Frankie, honey, I missed you-“
“What? Frankie-“
“JUST GO!” I screamed. She looked shocked then fled.
I went to Gerard.
“Is it true?” I asked. He stared at the floor.
“Yes…”He muttered. Then walked off. I ran after him.
“Gerard! Wait!” I yelled. He stopped and turned.
“ Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.
“You had Jamia. And why would someone like you love someone like me?” He said bitterly.
“What do you mean by that Gerard? “ I pushed.
“Just forget I ever said anything” He said, turning to go. I placed a hand on his shoulder and pulled him back around.
“You know its not that simple.” I said before smashing my lips to his. He froze and I wondered if I had done the right thing. Then his arms wound round me and he kissed back, his tongue slipping into my mouth. My hands found their way to his hair and fisted in it as my pulled me tighter against him.
I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to be slapped around the face, hard.
“ I come back here willing to take you back after you told me to go, but I find you kissing that!” Jamia yelled.
WHAT THE FUCK. Are you crazy? I would never take you back! GO have your baby with Bert, DON’T waste the money you got from the engagement ring on drugs, and NEVER try to talk to me again!” I said angrily, still in Gerards arms.
Jamia’s eyes flashed angrily and she opened her mouth to speak but Gerard cut in.
Just leave.
She screamed angrily and left.
I turned back to Gerard.
“I know how you feel for me Gerard, I just need..time, okay?”
He nodded and released me from his arms.

Time Lapse
Gerard’s Perspective.

A week had passed. The only way I could describe how I was feeling today was pink. I was skipping around and hugging everyone whilst singing. I noticed frank watching me and skipped over.
“Frankie!” I giggled, twirling around him.
“ What have you been eating to make you like this?” He asked. I stopped.
“Can’t I be happy?” I snapped, suddenly angry.
“I didn’t mean it like that-“ He started to say.
“Oh good!” I smiled before skipping away again.

Frank’s Perspective.
I shook my head and followed him. Just watching him cheered me up. I ran and jumped on his lap, stroking his cheek.
He looked faintly surprised. I giggled. He smiled.
“Fwankie, I loves you!” He sang, rocking me back and forth. I looked at him and gently took his face in my hands. I placed a soft kiss on his lips; it only lasted a second. I stood before he could respond and ran tackled Mikey to the floor. We had a wrestling match and I lost, Mikey ending up sat on my legs. I wriggled and yelled until he got off and helped me up, I highfived him then ran on again, over to Ray and Sam, our sound techy guy.
“When you two get married, can I be bridesmaid?” I asked, sitting on the floor at their feet.
“Only if you wear an orange dress” Sam said.
My face fell.
“ORANGE?? AHHHHH!” I screamed and scrambled to my feet, only running for a few steps before tripping over a cable. I landed in a heap on the floor. Someone helped me up. I looked and saw Gerard, a dazed, unfocused look on his face. I hugged him.
“Frank…” He muttered.
“Yesss..?” I smiled at him. He shifted uncomfortably.
“Why are you playing with me?” He said quietly, his gaze flicking around the room.
“What?” I was confused.
His eyes snapped to mine.
“You know how I feel. The kisses, the looks. Why can’t you just be straight with me?” He said in a low voice.
“Oh…” I said. I placed a hand on either of his shoulders, went up on tiptoe and kissed him fully on the mouth.
I broke of a second later and grinned.
“ Yes, I think I like you Gerard Way. Straight enough for you?”
He smiled.
“ No…it’s actually rather gay….”

AN: Ohhh, that was bad. My first ever fic though!
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