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Allegro on a Nighttime Air

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Over the sea at night, Rufus watches and wishes. (Rude/Rufus)

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Rude,Rufus Shinra - Published: 2008-05-17 - Updated: 2008-05-17 - 726 words

From the high hilltop overlooking the canon and the city below, the endless ocean seems to stretch on forever. The moonlight shines down on the lone figure on the third floor balcony of the mansion on the green hill. The pale rays are a soft caress over skin that does not often get to see the light of day unless one counts the sun that burns through the huge windows of his office during the day. Though it is summer, the night air is cool, a blessing of soothing relief sent by the Gods to ease those weary of suffering through late-summer's still almost unbearable heat. Rufus breathes in as the air tousles his hair and ghosts gently over his skin like an old, familiar lover. He closes eyes that glisten in the dim light as the ocean breeze blows across his face and thinks he can small the crisp scent of autumn approaching.

Blue eyes open to stare across the unending expanse of sea that reflects the moon, white glitter dancing over beautiful black ripples on the horizon. Rufus longs to drown himself in unknown depths, if only for a few moments. It would feel good, he thinks, to loose himself in the gentle push and pull of the tide and not have to be in control, even for a few moments.

The hour is late though, so the young man indulges himself through his eyes. Curled on the wide balcony rail, it is all he can see and Rufus can think of nothing better to look on.

Behind him, there is a quiet footstep and Rufus has to amend his thought at the sound. There is something else he's grown fond of seeing lately, a sight that cheers Rufus when the sea is too far from sight and all the world seems determined to crush him with its weight. Rude steps closer and the blonde smiles when strong arms encircle him and a kiss is pressed to his neck. He tilts his head, granting the other silent permission to continue. The Turk indulges him a moment longer, slides a hand through his hair, and pulls Rufus back against a body that feels like it's been molding out of cement.

A contented sigh falls from lips that parted in a gasp with a first touch of Rude's warm lips on his soft skin. Rufus raises his left arm back to stroke slender fingertips across his lover's cheek. He may not be the ocean, but Rude is Rufus's preferred way to lose himself.

The older man leans into his touch and Rufus can feel the roughness of stubble like sandpaper across his skin. He thinks it an interesting counterpoint to the gentle quietness of the night. His hand moves to the back of Rude's neck and gently kneads at the muscles there as his other hand squeezes the one attached to the arm around his waist. It is Rufus's way of asking for more closeness, for the simple intimacy passing between them now to last longer than a mere moment. It would be too easy to just stay out here for hours with Rude and drink in the view, and tonight he intends to indulge at least that much.

Rude kisses the top of Rufus's head, a wordless agreement to his companion's silent question. His thumb, much larger than Rufus's elegant fingers, strokes along the back of the younger man's hand. The action is welcome and relaxing to a man whose mind is still overrun with the stress of the day. Rufus lives for moments like these and he knows Rude will stay until he is finished basking in it all.

For a long time, the only sound between them is the quiet whisper of the midnight wind as they bask in each other's touch in the moonlight. Rufus doesn't move until the desire to drown himself and let go is too great to resist. When he can no longer take it, the blonde turns to slide off the railing and onto the balcony.

Right into Rude.

Twisting effortlessly in protective arms, Rufus pulls his lover down for a gentle kiss. No words are needed between them for the Turk to understand what Rufus wants... what Rufus needs. Pulling away, the blonde tugs Rude back into the mansion proper, intent on a different sort of escape.
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