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Chapter 2: Daidara kidnaps Naruto part 1

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In this chapter Daidara kidnaps Naruto and it's up to Itachi and Shino of finding the rest of the groups and also finding Sasuke Uchiha to rescue Naruto.

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Meanwhile, back in Tsunade's office, Tsunade is treating Itachi for his constant blindness with Shino Uchiha by his side. Daidara sneaked in to the Konohagakure and kidnapped Naruto. "Ah." Naruto could only manage before blacking out. Sakura run to Tsunade's office. "Tsunade, may I come in?" Sakura asked. Tsunade knew most of the adults hates Itachi Uchiha. "Sure can, Sakura." Tsunade said. Sakura came in and saw Aurora outside of the curtain. "Who's inside the curtain with Tsunade?" Sakura asked. Aurora looked at Sakura. "Promise not to scream?" Aurora asked. Sakura looked at Aurora. "Yes I promise not to scream." Sakura said. Shino pulled back the curtain. Itachi turned around. "Why did you do that for, Shino?" Itachi asked. Shino pointed at Sakura. "What's up Miss Sakura?" Itachi asked. Sakura looked at Itachi. "Are you Sasuke's brother, Itachi?" Sakura asked. Itachi nodded. "Do you know why Sasuke is acting weird?" Sakura asked. Itachi looked at Sakura. "No I don't." Itachi said. Tsunade looked at Sakura. "Is there a reason to your visit, Sakura?" Tsunade asked. Sakura nodded. "A guy with blonde hair kidnapped Naruto Uzumaki." Sakura asked. It donned onto Itachi. "It must be Daidara." Itachi said. Shino looked at Tsunade. "How's Itachi's blindness?" Aurora asked. Back to Daidara and Naruto, Daidara is carrying Naruto to the Akatsuki hideout. Daidara just saw Sasori. "Is that Naruto Uzumaki, Minato Namikaze, and Kushina Uzumaki's son?" Sasori asked. Daidara nodded. Naruto finally woken up, and looked at Pain. "Why am I here at the Akatsuki hideout?" Naruto asked. Tobi looked into Naruto's eyes, and Naruto's eyes became blank. "You will join the Akatsuki, Naruto Namikaze." Tobi said. Naruto looked at Tobi. "Yes I will join the Akatsuki Organization." Naruto said. Tobi is pleased by this. "Under your father's last name Namikaze." Tobi said. Naruto looked into his master's eyes. "Under the name of Naruto Namikaze." Naruto said. Naruto got up, and put his knees down. "I swore loyalty to the Akatsuki no one will be escaping alive knowing the Akatsuki's secrets." Naruto said. Back to Konohagakure, Itachi and Shino who's first name is actually Aurora is still in Tsunade's office. "Shino, what's wrong?" Sakura asked. Shino is crying cause she is a Seer. "Naruto just joined the Akatsuki." Aurora said. This shocked Itachi. "Who did it who made him join the Akatsuki?" Itachi asked. Aurora looked at Itachi. "My brother Madara." Aurora said. Itachi decided to round everyone up for a rescuing mission. "We are going to need everyone here." Itachi said. Aurora looked at Itachi it was so obvious that Itachi is scared of becoming permenant blind. "Itachi, you and I will go find your brother." Aurora said. Itachi nodded. Back at the Akatsuki, Naruto is finding everything to be great there. "Here is where you belong." Madara said. Naruto nodded. But then...
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