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Reno and Renji - Haunting

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Renji is stuck in Edge, he decides to haunt Reno... well haunt is how it starts at any rate... CROSSOVER Warning

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There were some things the Turk liked a lot, hot showers, work, free-flowing electricity to the house and many more things that were being mulled over as he lazed in the bath and thought about what he was going to do with an evening off. The redhead rather liked the chance to chill out once in a while but the problem was on his own his entertainment that evening felt pretty damned limited.

He flipped his foot to the hot tap and filled up, reading the manga he’d picked up from the store on the way home. It was an old one but cut into Samurai’s fighting and some drunken man trying to take his liberty with a cute kimono clad babe. He was happily engrossed in flicking pages when the shampoo bottle on the side of the bath fell in and made him jump.

Reno picked it up and set it back down, thinking nothing more of it and settling back with the book. Another couple of pages later and the shampoo went again. Reno investigated the bottle this time, it didn’t look like it had blown or anything. He put it behind the bubble bath and settled again. When both items went he was forced to accept something strange was going on.

“Damn it.” The Turk slid out of the bath just as the towel in front moved from the rail and ended up the other side forcing him to parade across the bathroom naked. He snatched the towel from the door handle confused to hell.

Meanwhile there was a guest in the bathroom that Reno could not see and one that was taking perverted delight in harassing the redhead. Firstly he found the Turk was fiery and it would be easy to get him on edge and secondly he did think he was rather cute. He stood in the doorway to the bathroom and watched as Reno leant over to take the plug out. The perverted sense of humour meant he couldn’t resist. Reno was pushed in to the bath headfirst.

“Son of a…” Reno picked himself up with a sigh and went to find another towel. “Whoever, or whatever, you are just damn stop it.” He muttered feeling stupid that he was talking to thin air.

“Sorry.” Came the response as Renji clasped his hand over his mouth to avoid the laughter being heard.

Reno stumbled and fell over on the kitchen floor in surprise. The towel already wet slid him across the cold tiles and he ended up against the fridge a little stunned. He picked himself up and looked around his fists up and ready to fight even if he didn’t know what it was. Reno was hardly a push over and Renji could tell from the muscles through the lean frame that he wasn’t one to back down.

The Shinigami smiled and walked over and put his hand on the spiky locks of the redhead and appeared to him. Reno looked up; the guy had flame red hair, tattoos on his face and was wearing some kind of Wutai samurai garb. Renji grinned down at him and Reno’s open-mouthed expression remained. Renji leant over and looked down at the redhead for a moment, they looked sort of similar in many respects but Renji was definitely the better built of the two of them. He leant over and kissed Reno’s soft lips and pulled back, resting on his haunches and cocking his head to one side.

“Who the fuck are you yo?” Reno managed.

“Renji Abarai, Lieutenant, Shinigami, the Gotei…” He could see that the words were there but there was a vacant nod from the Turk.

“Shini… gami…” He managed. The guy was a Death God? They looked that hot? Holy! He smiled a little. “Renji, okay… um why are you here?”

“Not sure actually I was fighting some Hollow and then pow! Stuck here.” He told him honestly. “And I have no idea why you can see me but like half the world can’t.”

“Well um how do you see a shinigami usually?” Reno gathered his senses and stood up.

“By being dead.” He shrugged.

“Well I’ve had a fair few close calls so maybe that’s it.” Reno said as he grabbed a beer from the fridge. “Drink?”

Renji nodded and took the offered beer and then followed as Reno headed to the bedroom. Reno noticed he was following but figured that since he could now see him he would at least have warning about him moving something. Also he wondered why Renji had kissed him; it seemed a very strange thing for a Shinigami to do to a human as he randomly arrived.

Renji settled on the bed as Reno looked for a shirt and watched him. The problem was that watching him was causing a very carnal stir in his belly. Reno seemed to have noticed the silence and turned around. Renji had very tightly tied back red hair and Reno was curious, he moved forward and yanked the band bringing the locks cascading around his shoulders.

“You look better with your hair down, sort of less… harsh.” He said with a gentle smile. “A lot less harsh.”

“I’m a deathgod kid.” Renji looked at him a little confused by his movements.

“You still look cuter than hell when you are relaxed and smiling.” Reno confirmed and Renji took his chance.

Their lips met as Reno went to pull away from the bed he had leant over. Renji’s tongue slid into his as the long red hair fell around his shoulders and Reno looked into the Shinigami’s amber eyes. He had to admit he was very attractive and now he was in the room Reno also had to say he was very curious.

Renji’s tongue danced over the redhead’s and Reno grasped the long hair into his hands guiding him closer. Renji decided that the towel around his waist looked pretty pointless and his hands went to it, fingers curled over the material and untied the knot at the side. The towel was freed and for a moment Reno hesitated.

The cocky redhead smirked against Renji’s mouth, his hands going to the hakama to remove the ties and free him from his trousers. Reno couldn’t exactly deny the arousal growing as they kissed and moved against one another. Renij could see his soft organ getting semi-hard as his hands went into Renji’s black trousers testing what was hidden inside.

Reno’s hand found its way to Renji’s semi-erection as their tongues met. Renji’s hand strayed over the Turk’s erection and took it into his hand, fingers wrapping around the warmth. He wanted him, dear gods he wanted him, and his amber eyes washed over the paler skinned man and soaked him in. He wanted to take him and fuck him until he was begging for release.

Reno looked at him through those cheeky blue eyes, almost challenging that desire and making him feel like it was something he wanted more than anything. The Turk’s cock was growing as Renji’s hand pumped up and down the hard shaft, coaxing him to life as their mouths met again.

“Damn babes you’re feisty.” Reno pulled away, his hand sliding down and taking the base of Renji’s cock and back up. The delicious soft skin moved along with his fingers and Reno’s lips met with his again.

“I’m gonna fuck you till you cry out for me Reno.” Renji whispered in his ear as he pulled him closer and they took to the centre of the bed. “Would you like that?”

“Hell yeah.” Reno nodded, his hips involuntarily swaying as he got more turned on by Renji’s very dirty threat.

Reno took a little initiative and pushed Renji against the bed, his fingers tracing over the black tattoos. Renji watched the light fingers trailing over the inked flash and his hand ran over the red tattoo on Reno’s cheeks with his thumb. It was a moment of tenderness before Renji pushed the redhead back and claimed dominance. Reno arched up against him, his erection brushing against the other man’s thigh and leaving a slight smear of his already leaking juices against him.

The Shinigami pressed his mouth over Reno’s neck, his teeth biting down over it and covering the precious vein on his neck enjoying the feeling of dominance. Reno let out a hearty moan as he felt the flesh being bruised and a cool shiver of pleasure ripple from his spine into his groin. This guy was fucking hot and knew it which made it much more enticing.

Renji felt the hot organ between them and his hand worked over it, it looked wonderful between his deft fingers as he toyed with the human. Reno groaned heavily as Renji’s hand closed around his cock and his fingers brushed over the wet tip, smearing more clear liquid around. Renji’s fingers slid lower around the base and over his balls causing another shiver of delight to run through the Turk.

Reno slid away from his touch and silently moved Renji to sit up, leaning back against his headboard and wall. The Turk’s mouth slid over his new companion’s already engorged erection and bruised lips slid around the muscle taking him in. It was Renji’s turn to gasp and groan at that, the feeling of his mouth heated around his length was driving him wild.

“Fuck yeah that’s good.” Renji muttered as his hand went into the spiky red locks and down to Reno’s ponytail.

Reno looked up at him and his eyes pretty much told the Shinigami he knew he was that good. He slid up and down his meat, tongue lapping up and around the head of his cock, rolling against the muscle and massaging it as his lips gave suction and pulled against his erection. Renji’s hips rocked involuntarily against him, even if he had wanted to stay still he couldn’t, his hand went to the redhead’s cheeks and his thumb slid over the tattoo again.

Reno’s wet hair was sticking around his face and shoulders as his head bobbed up and down. Renji felt the damp skin on one hand as it went to the back of Reno’s head guiding him up and down his length. He closed his eyes a moment, the sensations of pleasure running from his cock deep in to his belly as he began to fuck the Turk’s mouth at the same time. Reno’s movements adjusted to it and as Renji moved forwards he moved his head to a new angle and slammed down over the entire length, deep-throating him and causing the other man to gasp.

“Fuck more!” Renji groaned unashamed, he didn’t care who heard him. His hips bucked against Reno who only seemed to manage to get further down his hard organ and cause yet another shuddering moment of delight as his balls tensed and he realised he was damned close to spending out his orgasm in the Turk’s mouth.

Reno could sense it too, the pulsing organ preparing to spend against him, his balls tightening and lifting as he sucked up and down the generous offering. Renji was struggling to keep control as he jerked and Reno slid up and down the back of his mouth rubbing over the head of his cock and with a moan of warning he spent hard into the Turks mouth.

Reno’s mouth was assaulted by white-hot fluid that wasn’t entirely caught in time and some of it dribbled down his lips and chin. Renji’s hand moved, his fingers wiping it from the skin as Reno’s mouth massaged his softening cock and caught the fluid as it pumped out. When the Turk pulled away Renji fell back against the bed exhausted with a satisfied smile.

“Yeah my turn now.” Reno told him with a grin as he sat up, he half expected the death-god to threaten him with something painful but Renji just chuckled and pulled him over his thighs. “Is that a yes?”

“It’s a maybe.” He told him leaning up to kiss him again.

Reno leant over him and kissed him back, his erection prodded against his companion’s stomach as he was pulled up against him. Renji considered briefly letting the human go on top but something about taking him completely seemed far better. His hand reached down and over the hard cock nudged against him.

Reno was panting, he wanted release but he wanted Renji hard again, cock standing to attention and ready to fuck him. He wanted Renji to make him yell out and satiate that lust. Renji’s hand moved up and down, his fingers tracing up and down his length and smearing around the clear fluid that was now practically running freely. Pre-cum dribbled through Renji’s fingers drenching his stomach and the nest of red hair at the base of Reno’s cock.

“Make me hard again.” Renji demanded in his deep and sexually laden voice. Reno pulled back from the kiss and straddled him. Renji’s mouth went to the redhead’s cock as Reno’s sank back down on his own.

Renji wasn’t as good at sucking the offered length as his counterpart but his tongue slid up and down against it the same as the other had to him. Reno’s mouth coveted the soft organ and began to draw up and down on it again. Renji began to run his mouth up and down the length, leaning back up and down against it, the head of Reno’s cock reaching the back of his mouth as the swollen lips of the Turk worked against his own.

Reno was impressed by how quickly the other companion’s cock began to come to life again. He could feel it growing hard in his mouth and became aware of his swaying against Renji’s heated cavern. It was good. So good and his senses seemed on fire as he played with him and felt the organ growing because HE was making him feel that way.

Renji’s amber eyes washed over the redhead’s slender frame as he moved and tugged his companions’ hair back and brought him around to face him. He looked into the soft eyes of the Turk before muttering something about lubrication. Reno leant over him to try and find it from the bedside. Renji was given a face-full of cock and balls which he kissed. Reno took a little longer to look for it as he enjoyed the attention so much before sliding back on his haunches and undoing the tube.

The cool liquid slid around his fingers and warmed up before he made a show of placing the smooth and slick hand around Renji’s length. He ran his hands up and down the flesh, tracing the vein and occasional ridges caused by moving the skin around. It was delightful and Renji bit Reno’s shoulder gently. His hands went to the lube and squirted it on his fingers.

“Fuck…” Reno moaned, as he pulled back and Renji pushed him against the bed. “Fuck me…”

“I have every intention of doing so.” The death-god muttered.

Renji got on his knees and pulled Reno’s legs over them so he rested close against him slightly raised up. Reno’s cock twitched as Renji’s fingers traced over his belly and down over his cock before tracing down the crease inside his groin, past his legs and finally both hands pushed his thighs open a little.

He looked so damned fucking hot and dirty sprawled out in front of him that Renji had to admit it seemed a shame to ruin the almost photographic pose. Reno’s hair was spread out across the bed, his eyes half closed in a haze, his chest heaving up and down as he panted and shuddered in desire. Renji’s finger traced around the Turk’s tight hole, teasing it gently and giving rise to another change in his lovers breathing. Reno wanted to cry out to be taken but similarly he did not want the feelings to end so he looked at him with watery sensual eyes and bit his lower lip.

Firmly but not harshly Renji pushed a digit into the Turks ass and felt the tightly puckered entrance close around it. Reno moaned out as the finger slid into him and he relaxed, a second was soon inside him too, invading the warm entrance and seeking to probe around and stretch him for Renji’s cock.

Renji watched Reno’s length twitch again and more of the fluid oozed around over his belly as his erection bobbed across it and he arched a little against Renji’s administrations. Renji’s fingers probed deeper into him as the thumb pressed against the back of the Turk’s balls. Reno squirmed around across his thighs.

“Renji.” The word fell from his mouth and his heart thudded from his chest as Reno watched the death god’s other hand reach over and curl around his cock once more.

“You want me that much now?” Renji smiled, the amber eyes washing over the sight again and his body warm against the Turks. This was life? He liked it. A lot…

In response Reno moved closer and leant up and kissed him, propped up on his elbows and drinking in the vision of the tattoo’d death-god who was both fingering him and giving him a fucking fine hand job. Reno fell back against the bed when Renji’s fingers moved from his ass and pushed him back.

Renji moved up on his knees and pulled Reno up by his hips before pushing his cock to the Turk’s ass and using his hand under Reno’s back to lift and slide into him. Reno moaned out loudly as he was impaled on the other man’s heavily engorged length. Renji felt the tight walls resist for a moment before his length slid into him and the resistance was gone.

Reno’s ass was stretched and filled as Renji leant over him bending him in half nearly, his legs hooking over the other man’s shoulders. Both men were sweating slightly as they moved against one another. Renji plunged deep into him and pulled out again, fucking him without mercy as he was already so turned on.

“More.” Reno panted as Renji’s hot cock slid in and out, juices flowing freely from his own erection and feeling lube and pre-cum from the other trailing around his ass and down his crack.

Renji obliged by shoving hard into him his balls smacking against his lover and sending another shuddering ripple of pleasure through him. Renji leant over, slid the Turks legs from his shoulders and kissed at his neck and pinned Reno’s arms down lightly, it resulted in Reno arching up against him and panting his name. Renji sank back into him and began to build up a faster rhythm inside him.

When the Turk arched up again and hissed in a mix of pleasure and pain Renji moved his hands and knelt back up so he could turn his attention back to the Turk’s generous length. His hand moved up and down across the damp muscle wanting to see him release, his own second climax getting closer. Reno was so horny he didn’t care what was happening to him as Renji’s hand went around the shaft and his ass was pounded.

“So fucking close!” Reno yelled out as Renji’s cock ran over his prostate. “That’s so good…” He drawled as Renji carried on his assault.

“Cum.” Renji said as he leant over and whispered in his ear before pulling back up again and pumping Reno’s thick shaft harder. Reno muttered something under his breath and Renji smirked a little. He was a stubborn thing and it was tantalising to say the least.

It got better when with one final groan and shudder the throbbing organ in the death-gods hand pulsed and Reno’s hot seed spilled out. Renji’s fingers were covered in the offering and he continued to gently pump at it until it was spent and Reno shuddered as the last of his orgasm played through him. Renji put his hand to the bed, cum splattered the sheets and got ground in by his palm as he shifted again.

Reno adjusted with him and wrapped his legs around the other’s body as Renji plunged into him, buried his cock into the Turk’s ass again and started to firmly building a new rhythm. The death-god moaned deeply as he felt another wave of orgasm coming to him and spent hard into his lovers’ hole. Reno shouted his name out as his walls were coated in the fluid and Renji kissed him until his cock fell soft again and slid from Reno’s ass.

“Holy Jenova…” Reno panted as he lay back on the bed looking up as the ceiling fan whirred around doing little to cool him down.

“Jenova?” Renji looked over at him curious as he concentrated on staying awake and not dozing off.

“Um long story…” Reno said turning towards him. “Maybe some other time yo.”

“Sure.” Renji smirked. “So there is a next time?” He wrapped his arms around Reno’s body and kissed his forehead.
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