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Aidan ForcedFetish [intro]

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"Graveyards just make me.. Calm down a bit, I guess."

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I'm dedicating this story to my best friend.
You may be gone by the time I finish this,
But I always loved you more than anyone else in the world
and words do not describe
how sorry I am that I can't be there with you.
Shawn, there'll never be another you.
I can try to recreate you in whatever story I want,
but it'll never work.
You were there for me,
and more reliable than any friend before.

I miss you so bad,
-Courtenay Johnson


The wondering was too much. The horrible feeling just picking away in the back of his brain was too much. Never knowing wether he would be there tomarrow was a mystery to never be solved untill the next day, but here's the thing: The next day would never come fast or slow enough. Aidan didn't want Erik to be there. He needed him to be. Standing in front of the mirror, Aidan skillfully spread the dye mixture around his soon-to-be deep red hair. Blonde and green had been a good idea at the time, but now he had to lay low oncemore. The blonde had marked his past, his old house, school, friends, et cetera. Basically, it had marked his old life. Now he was moving on. He was moving on to Erik. And that lead back to the wondering. Wondering if Erik would keep his vow, and meet Aidan after another painstaking day at the school that he was so awkward in. He had supposed that the plan was odd, but after a while he'd be used to it. I mean, the graveyard wasn't exactly the most common meeting place in the world. And if the kids at Eastern Arts High were to find out, then Aidan would probably have to flee once again. Once the dye was engorging the entire surface area of the boy's head, he wandered out into his room. Day nine in the new house, and his area still didn't feel like his. He still kept his personal things in a box. And his clothes hadn't yet been folded neatly or put away. Just thrown randomly about the space that was rightfully 'his'. The bed had no bedspread. And the computer desk was still neat and uncluttered. Definetly not a defining room for Aidan Penskai. Not one bit. But still, it was there. It was a rectangular prism filled with things that belonged to him, so he'd have to deal with it. And once all his shit was sorted out, Aidan could surely add some personality to this portion of the house. Finally, fourty minutes had passed. Wash it out. Dry it. Comb it. Hate it. The usual schedual Aidan had for hair coloring. He stood tall in the bathroom he forcably shared with his younger brother, Zareb. 5'11'' was pretty outstanding for sixteen. Especually with only 130lbs to compliment it. Aidan couldn't complain about his body, but he hated it. Too bony. Too pale. Too irregular. Suddenly, the door swung open. "Aidan. Get out. Right now." Zareb, unlike his sibling, was unusually short for thirteen, and his airy brown hair was always parted everywhere with wavy locks hanging down in absolutely no orginizational pattern at all whatsoever. "Zar, calm down.. I hate my hair."Aidan replied. "Fag.""Says the boy who blow dries his hair every morning.."Zareb glared at that. "Shut up. Just lowlight it or something. Hurry up though. I want a shower." Aidan was surpised at that. Zareb had never really been one to suggest something actually appealing to his older brother. "Black, or?" "No Aidan. Lowlight it dark orange. Yes black." And so he did. the streaks turned out amazingly well, most likely due to Aidan's oddly straight hair. Once the dye was set and ready, Aidan had began to think about his out of the ordinary new friend again. Erik never made much sense, and was a mysterious boy at times. And then, as if summoned by thought of his name, the IM bubble popped up.

KillTheKids: I'll be there.
xeatxitxtonightx: Graveyard?
KillTheKids: Yeah.
xeatxitxtonightx: what time?
KillTheKids: When the sun starts setting. I don't keep track of time.
xeatxitxtonightx: Okay
xeatxitxtonight: Erik?
KillTheKids has signed off

That night was anything but expected. Erik had taken Aidan to parts of the graves that he never even knew about. They walked around all night, and the thrill itself was enough to thrive on for days. There was the chill in the air, that Aidan's jacket couldn't fight. And the fear, not of the surely dead bodies below them as much, as just being found. Not like it was a fedearal crime to be walking through a graveyerd at night, but there was a sort of ominous feel to it. As if Aidan could never be seen there, or else something hideously bad might happen. "So, why exactly did we come.. Here?" Aidan asked. "Graveyards just make me.. Calm down a bit, I guess." Again goes Erik and his senseless reasoning. "I don't know Aidan. I just don't know. It feels more homely here than in any house I've been to. Don't you feel it?". Aidan didn't respond. How could one reply to a question like that? Instead he looked down at the gravestone they had come to. It read: Shawn Jones, younger brother, best friend, boyfriend. You'll never be forgotten. That could have meant anything. Any kid that had siblings, friends, and a significant other. Just another faceless boy in society. But this grave, like all others, marked something extraordinary. Aidan could feel it. He thought about all the confusion, all the suffering, all the good and bad in his own life alone. It was completely overpowering, and then, here he was. In an enormous feild with the evidence from those who were once a part of it. So many lives, gone. And swirling around him all at once. All this energy seemed to be flowing through his veins, and then he got it. "I do. I understand it.". Erik smiled over at him. "Good. Come on, help me get up this tree.". "Erik, what the hell are you doing?" "I WOULD be climbing this tree if I could get up." Aidan helped boost his friend up the height of the magnificent oak proudly planted in front of them. "join me?" Erik asked. Not exactly asked, more commanded, really. with a slight nod of agreement, Aidan clumsily lifted himself up onto a branch. Single handedly. Nice friend Aidan had found himself. "look at them. All. All those people." Aidan didn't need to be told, he just did. There was a shockingly large amount of tombstones. Each one significant, yet at the same time completely meaningless. Aidan shivered. The cold air really getting at him by now. "So, when can I uh, jet back? My parents are probably looking for me.." But he knew that was a lie only made to cover up the fact that he was both freezing and a bit overwhelmed by the almost electrifying feeling from these dead rotting bodies around him. "Just wait. For a bit." and so they did. He sat on the limb for about an hour and a half. An hour and a half in a tree, staring at shaped stones with diverse engravings, all with the same common connections of nothingness. That night at home, Aidan lay in his plain, uncomfortable bed. Mentally preparing himself for school, stress, and people in general. This time, however, something seemed different. Something seemed to have calmed within him. Like all those people, who always stressed him out so badly weren't much of a problem; like something small that could be easily dealt with. What was this? What had been so different? And mostly, why was the graveyard such a calming environment?

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