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Chapter 4

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Starbucks and Mall adventures!

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“So um Aubrey?” Kevin started again. “Yes?” I could tell a little bit of hope was in my eyes, it seemed boosted his confidence. “W-w-would” darn he stuttered. “Would you like to maybe go to dinner tonight or something?”


My mind went into shock. A Jonas Brother, like an extremely famous guy from the band the Jonas Brothers, just asked me out! I was just about to answer when Joe, Nick, and Brooke came back with small shreds of napkin on them. I couldn’t answer now. Nick seemed to notice that me and Kevin were talking and they interrupted.
“Uh Joe didn’t you say you had to go to the bathroom because I know I have to.” he said quickly. “Nick I don’t know what your talking-” Joe got cut off by Nick, “Joe just come to the freaking bathroom!” Nick grabbed Joe up and took him to the bathroom. “uh you guys I’m gonna go to the bathroom because unlike them I actually have too.” she laughed and went off to the bathroom.
When she was out of site I basically yelled, “YES!” Kevin turned and looked at me, he tilted his head. “I said yes to dinner.” his face brightened up. “great thanks um I cant wait that’s really good um thanks and I um am really happy!” Kevin sounded funny as he babbled a few weird misplaced words.


“What the heck was that all about?” Joe asked Nick. “They wanted to be alone!” nick whisperingly yelled. “Kevin asked her out didn’t he?” Joe asked. “I think so.” nick was hoping he didn’t but knew he did “Well they should be done lets go back out there.” nick announced.


Everyone came back. We decided to leave it was getting boring. Brooke came over to me and asked me to come with her. “What?” I asked when we were out of sight. “So what happened you and Kevin apparently wanted to talk?” she smiled at me so excited probably wanting to hear this huge romantic story. “well he asked me to dinner tonight and I said yes and so were going on a date I guess?” I thought about it more as it sank in I was going on a date with KEVIN JONAS! “Wow…” she tilted her head. “what” I said hoping her idea wouldn’t be something totally wacky.
“MALL TIME!” she shouted. I laughed and shook my head and said “Okay” she ran inside and told the boys to drop us off at the mall. We got inside their car and took off. Me and brooke stepped out in front of the mall. Kevin stepped out to say something to me before I left with brooke. “Aubrey your wonderful” he whispered it into my ear. It sent shivers up and down my spine. He placed some money in my hand I wanted to give it back but he had stepped back into the car. Even though his words weren’t fabulous they just sounded so good at the time.
I told Brooke what he said and she awed. She’s so weird. We found a store I liked. We went in and looked and looked it took forever and then I seen it. A crimson red dress that came down just below my knees and it was a halter dress but the halter thingy was gold the dress was perfect. “Brooke I found the one” she ran to me her mouth dropped open. “wow…” was all that escaped her mouth. We bought the dress then went to look for shoes. We easily found these red sandal things that were really cute. Tired we stopped by a drink place and got two waters.
“ok I’m worn out Brooke.” I sighed out taking a big drink out of my water. “Ya me too.” we gulped down the last of our waters and I picked up my cell.
I dialed Kevin’s number from when he called me to tell me he was giving us a ride to the concert.


J: hello this is DJ Danger speaking
A: Joe?
J: Aubrey?
A: yes…
J: this is not “Joe” its DJ Danger
A: umm ya sure well DJ Danger can I talk to Kevin
J: well muffled ows and stops ya fine
K: Aubrey?
A: ya
K: what do you need?
A: to be picked up from the mall.
K: oh ok be there in a jiffy.
A: jiffy? Like the peanut butter
K: yes jiffy. Not like the peanut butter. Bye
hangs up

“He said he’d be here.” I said laughing at Kevin’s “I’ll be here in a jiffy” deal. We waited and then the car pulled up and I hopped in the front with Kevin and Brooke got in the back by herself. We got out and went back to the hotel to watch a movie. After the movie me and Brooke left and I went to get ready.
“Wow you look great Aubs!” Brooke said so excited as if she was the one going on the date. “Thanks” I said, “What are you gonna do tonight?” she tilted her head, “You no what I think I’m gonna stay here and watch a couple movies and check my e mails.” she turned the computer on. “No Jonas Brother time?” I laughed as I said this. “Nope I think Joe and Nick can go one night without you and me.” “Ok.” the doorbell rang.
“Hey Kevin!” I said. We both stopped and stared he was so amazing with his dark blue tux and the green tie. Then I looked in his hands he gave me a daisy. “Here.” he handed it to me. I broke some of the stem off and stuck it in my hair. He gave a sideways grin. “ready?” he said apparently excited. “Ready as I’ll ever be!” I laughed and we walked out of the door. Next chap will have the date.
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