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Chapter 11

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Special Moments and meeting Frankie

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I woke up laying in a bunk. What happened? How the heck did I get in the bed? I got up and I was still in normal clothes. Someone must’ve put me in here. I sat up and hit my head. “Ow!” I rubbed my head. I will never get used to that! I got out of the bunk and stood up. It must be really early because everyone was still sleeping. I looked at clock on the wall, 7:06. Ya it was a little early.
My stomach grumbled. Man I haven’t eaten anything for like 24 hours straight. That must be a record for me. I found a mini fridge. I looked in and saw some eggs. I hope they don’t mind me eating some. I looked around and found a skillet. The eggs were cooking and I started to hum ‘Hello Beautiful’. I new all the words so I started to sing softly:
Hello beautiful
How’s it going
I hear its wonderful
In California
And I’ve been missing you
Its true
But tonight I’m gonna fly (…another voice came in)
Ya tonight I’m gonna fly.
I yanked around seeing Joe standing there smiling. My cheeks went scarlet. “What are you not gonna finish?” he tilted his head. “Well umm you see well I didn’t really want you to hear that and umm well sorry for like you know ruining your song there ya know…ya.” I mumbled. He raised his eyebrow, “ruin that song? You like perfected it.” he smiled. “Uh thanks?” I loved to sing and I sang a lot but making a fool out of myself in front of Joe just was horrid.
“You have a beautiful voice.” he walked closer to me. I don’t know why but whenever I was close to one of them my heart beat got all weird. “Can we finish the song because you cant just sing part of that song.” he smiled again. Man he had a gorgeous smile. “Well ok…” I cant believe he talked me into this.
Cause I could go across the world.
See everything and never be satisfied
If I couldn’t see
Those eyes he walked closer our hands connected his eyes locked on mine
Hello beautiful
Its been a long time
Since my phones rung
and you’ve been on that line
And I’ve been missing you
Its true
But tonight I’m gonna fly
Ya tonight I’m gonna fly
Cause I could go across the world
See everything and never be satisfied
If I couldn’t see those…
Our voices ended. They were perfect for each other. They were lovely. “wow” we both whispered lightly our hands still together. I heard someone get up. I yanked my hand away from his. The eggs were burnt so I put them in the trash. Kevin walked in. Thank god I dropped Joe’s hand. Joe still stood in slight shock. “What?” Kevin said sleepily. “Oh nothing we were looking for something to eat.” I said. “Mom said she would cook some stuff and she just got up so we should get some breakfast soon.” Kevin sat down and turned on the little TV in the kitchen area.
A few moments later Denise came in all fixed up. She must try to always look her best. I probably should and usually do but my pajamas were really cute so I already looked presentable. She said good morning and got to work on breakfast. Paul walked in tired and sat down and started to read a paper.
We heard a few yells and then a small boy with brown hair and brown eyes came barreling into the bus. I glanced up. “Mommy!” the boy ran up and hugged Denise. Just about this time Brooke came in and sat down beside me. “Hey Frankie.” Denise smiled and went back to cooking. Man it smelled good. “Who is she?” he tilted his head and looked at Brooke. I was sitting behind her. “Oh Frankie the tankie!” Joe stood up from his chair and high fived his little brother. “Who is she?” Frankie asked again. “Well that is Brooke. She is coming with us on tour.” Joe said and Brooke shook Frankie’s hand. “Hi Brooke I like you. You are pretty.” he smiled and brooke laughed.
Frankie about turned around and walked away but then caught a glimpse of me. “Oh what about her!” he said and came back to the table. “that is Aubrey and she is also coming on tour with us.” Joe spoke again. “Hi Aubee your beautiful will you love me?” he sounded so cute. “Aw of course I will love you Frankie how could I not love someone so cute!” I smiled. He hugged me and ran off.
Brooke looked over at me, “Why do kids always like you?” she asked giggling. “I do not know but they always have…” I answered giggling a little too. Nick walked in. he looked so cute. His hair was all wild and he looked tired. Frankie seen him walk in and left Kevin to go say hi to him. Nick gave Frankie a hug and sat down.
“So you guys are we off today?” I asked. “Ya today is our day on the road and tomorrow is a concert.” Kevin said “So what should we do after breakfast?” Brooke asked running her hand through her hair. “Well I don’t know…is there anything we can do?” I asked. I mean were are in a bus… “Well there is movies, music, messing around, really just whatever we can come up with.” Joe said writing something. “Music?” I asked. “Well ya we have guitars and stuff.” Kevin looked away from the TV.
“Guitars and what stuff?” I asked perking up. “Well we have a keyboard and my tambourine, guitars, and some drums.” Joe said as he kept writing. “A keyboard drums!” yes how wicked I love music! “ya why does it matter.” Nick said finally talking. “Well I can play the piano, the drums, and the guitar.” I spoke again. “really?” all the boys asked. “Ya I love music.” I smiled. Joe looked up at me and smiled a little. “Well I know what we will be doing for a little while after breakfast.” Joe smirked.
“And here is breakfast.” Denise smiled brightly as she placed plates in front of us. “Wow thanks Denise!” I thanked her the breakfast was amazing. The boys dug in and ate like pigs. (especially Joe) We had eggs, pancakes, toast, bacon, and some fruit. Brooke only ate like half of hers but the boys finished the rest of it for her. I ate my whole plate and was stuffed. The food was excellent!
“Well,” Joe said as he jumped up from his writing pad. “Lets play some music!” he shouted and ran off. We laughed and walked back there with him. I walked over to the keyboard. It was nice! Not like a cheap thing but like a high class one. I ran my fingers over the keys. I started to play Tarantella, a Latin song used to dance to when poisoned by a spider although it just spread the poison quicker when they danced. My fingers knew the song better then my mind.
I looked up after the song. The guys were all staring. “What?” I asked. “They are in shock because you play nicely.” Brooke said laughing. She knew I could play the piano. “You’re good. Can you read notes?” Kevin asked. “Well kinda but I’m not really good at it I memorize more then read the music.” I laughed when I took lessons I would memorize the song instead of memorizing the notes.
“well then we will just have to get you to memorizing some songs.” Nick said. I laughed. I walked over to the drums. Nice set of them. I picked up the sticks and started a beat I really liked. I put down the sticks, “I could get used to this.” I laughed. Kevin picked up his guitar and played a couple notes. I found another guitar and played along with him and then we all just jammed out for a while. Brooke seemed to enjoy watching us all play. It was like live Jonas Brothers and then me.
“Whew,” we said and dropped the instruments we had played for a while. Frankie walked in. “Hey you guys I’m bored will you guys hang out with me?” he gave a begging look. Frankie was so adorable. “Not r-” the guys started but I gave them pleading looks just like Frankie had. “Well I guess we can hang with you for a while.” Nick said and walked over to little brother.
“Well what should we do?” Kevin asked. “Well I was hoping you guys would play a game with me.” Frankie said and held out HALO 3. “Ok we will play.” Joe said and plugged the game in. Joe handed us all controls since there were two X-box 360s. “Uh you guys I cant even play this game. I suck at it.” I laughed but Joe insisted.
We sat there and played. I was doing better then I ever had because Joe was giving me hints on what to do. “Frankie how can you play so good?” Brooke asked. She was in last place. But last place kept switching between me and Brooke. “He plays all the time on tour and stuff he’s beaten this game way to many times.” Nick said as he shot Kevin. “Oh you jerk you’re invisible!” Kevin shoved Nick.
Joe looked up at me as I got a kill. “Yes!” I yelled and kept going. I glanced over and Joe was smiling at me. Why did he keep doing that. It was distracting! I got killed. “Oh burn Aubrey!” Brooke shouted. I pushed her and her person fell off this little cliff thingy. “You Butt.” Brooke yelled at me. I stuck out my tongue at her. We all laughed. Frankie was in 2nd place. This little boy was gonna win!
The game finally ended Kevin won, Frankie was 2nd, Nick and Joe tied, and me and Brooke tied for last. We were all laughing that Frankie was better then most of us. “Ok Frankie you wanna help me make some cookies?” Denise popped her head in. “YES!” Frankie shouted and ran out of the room. Before Denise left she winked at us and smiled.
“Well what should we do now that we are without the youngster.” Kevin looked at all of us. His eyes seemed to linger on Brooke. Hmm I am really starting to have doubts… Well I guess I will wait and see.
“Well I have to finish writing my song.” Joe said. I think he could feel my doubts just floating around me. “Can I help?” Nick asked. Knowing that sometimes with a song you can help and sometimes you can’t. “Ya sure come on.” Joe and Nick left the room leaving me Brooke and Kevin. Brooke glanced over at me I think we should talk later. At least that’s what her face said. “Well me and Brooke are gonna go talk so we’ll talk to you in a bit.” I said and walked away with Brooke.
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