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Okay I'm seriously writing this right now.

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n i n e t e e n.

Joe preferred to keep me close to him all week. I wasn't really complaining much, as it meant kissing him a lot more, but it still would've been nice to hang out with some of the other guys. I could see his rationale, though. Andy had been dying to get me alone since the kitchen scene, and Joe "would be damned if he let Andy get his way after what happened last time." Of course, all of this was overheard from a conversation between Joe and Pete one night over video games when they thought I was asleep.

Of course, Joe's constant vigil didn't work with my phone, but Andy wasn't the brightest bulb of the bunch sometimes, and didn't figure that one out. But Stephen did. About three days after the night of the play, he called me again.

"Hey Lane," he said nervously.

"Oh, hey Stephen." We exchanged more pleasantries, and then the line was silent. "Um, Stephen? Did I lose you?"

"Oh, sorry. Just kind of...zoned out for a sec," he said with a nervous laugh. "Um, Lane? I was actually you have anything going on next Saturday? Because I was kind of thinking that maybe...we could go out again. You know, like see a movie, eat dinner, that sort of stuff," he stammered. My heart almost stopped. No. I had to say no. I hated rejecting people. It was about as fun as being rejected.

" mean, like a date?" I stammered back, feeling very much like a teenager and stalling for time.

"Uh, I guess, if you want," he said, sounding somewhat relieved that I understood. I sighed.

"Shit, Stephen," I muttered. "I'm really sorry, I mean I didn't want to send out the wrong message last week or anything, but...I'm kind of seeing someone." I hated this feeling. It was possibly the worst feeling ever.

"Oh," he said softly, sounding like his heart was just stamped on. Which I probably effectively did. Correction: that was probably the worst feeling ever. And I had done that. Wow, way to go. I was turning out to be such an asshole.

"I'm really sorry, Stephen," I said again. "I mean, I want to be friends with you, and you're a great guy, but..."

"But I got my guts together too late, huh?" he said with a stab at a laugh. "Can we please forget that I even called you?"

"Um, yeah," I said quietly. We bid each other goodbye, and hung up, both parties probably feeling really bad. Joe, of course, walked in at that moment.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked, pulling me into a hug. I rested my head on his shoulder and my arms found their way around his waist.

"I just had to tell a hopeful man that I couldn't go out with him because I'm too infatuated with you. And it was really depressing," I replied. Joe chuckled and kissed the top of my head.

"I must be going out with, like, the prom queen," he joked in a nerdy voice. "I mean, three guys already going after you?" I pulled out of his embrace and punched his arm lightly.

"Wow, Joe, way to make me feel like a whore," I said in mock anger. His eyes got wide, and he started to stammer out an apology when I started laughing. There was a witty reply to his angry expression on the tip of my tongue, but he had to go and kiss me, and I forgot.

And that's how it was for the rest of the week. Nothing but me and Joe, watching movies and making out. I guess it can't have been much fun for the other guys, but it was for us. At least for a little while. Then it got kind of annoying. I mean, I loved spending time with Joe, don't get me wrong. But I kind of liked hanging out with other people too. So one day, after we had finished watching Moulin Rouge and Joe was asleep, I snuck off to go hang out with Patrick.

"Hey you, I haven't seen you in ages," I said, hugging Patrick. He smirked and hugged me back.

"You were lost in the fro," he joked. I laughed and rolled my eyes. "How has my best friend been? Happy that she's finally playing tongue hockey with Joe?" I scoffed.

"Yeah, and she's also been completely smothered by said Joe," I muttered back.

"Uh oh, you better start dishing," Patrick said in a girly voice, which made me giggle. Patrick and a girly voice do not mix as well as Pete does. With...either actually. Okay, not in a dirty way, Patrick and Pete are a good OMG BFF team. And songwriter/lyricist team. Get your minds out of the gutters. And you know that Pete totally has that girly edge sometimes.

"It's just...ugh. I love spending time with Joe and all, but seriously, we've been like attached at the...okay, I know you'll say it if I don't. We've been attached at the lips for like the past week, and I kind of want to hang out with some more people than just Joe," I said. Patrick smiled and shook his head at me.

"Oh, Lane. Naive and silly Lane. You know that Joe won't get that memo unless someone tells him that you're feeling smothered," Patrick said. I sighed, knowing that he was right. And then an idea struck me, and I gave Patrick my pleading eyes. "Oh no. I'm not doing it, you have to tell him yourself."

"Please, Trick?" I begged. He crossed his arms and shook his head. I tried to look as forlorn as I could. "Patrick," I whined. He tried to look serious, but I knew that I could get him to do it if I played my cards right. "If you do it, I'll take care of Penny for two weeks," I offered, knowing that he'd take me up on that. I swear, they were all lazy and irresponsible boys.

"Three," he countered, attempting to bargain. I raised my eyebrows and gave him a look, and he gave up. "Okay, fine. But I'm going to be as blunt as I possibly can," he warned. I shrugged, and we heard Joe getting up. I knew that it would only be a matter of time before he started looking around for me. Patrick sighed, got up, and motioned for me to follow. "No time like the present," he said in a resigned tone. We ran into Joe in the hallway.

"Hey," he said, moving closer to us. Patrick sighed.

"I don't want to be the filling of a Joe/Lane sandwich, so here we go. Joe, you're smothering your woman, let her go out with some other people for a little bit. My job is done, and Penny is yours to feed and clean up after for two weeks, Lane," Patrick said in a bored voice, going to the now vacated couch to sit down and watch TV. Joe looked after Patrick for a long moment, then turned back to me. After a while, what Patrick had said finally registered in Joe's brain, and he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Whaa?" Joe mumbled eloquently. Great. Note to self: never ask Patrick to do something boy-related for me ever again. It left too much to clean up. This would be fun. Not.
A/N: I think I sat down to write this chapter like three different times. This is what came out. Please don't hate me, I have school. AP tests just ended, and my giant papers are all due in the next two weeks, so my schedule should be a bit freer from then on for writing this story. Only like two more weeks. Hah. I just reminded myself of Saturday...Anyways...
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