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Why did I what I did? Why was I driven to possess her? [poetry, written 12/2002]

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Why did I what I did?
Why was I driven to possess her?
Why did I give in to this madness?
I don't know

Why was she not able to love me?
Why was I not able to forgive her?
Why was he so stupid?
I don't want to know

I did everything for her
I stole the stars for her
It was not enough

I saw her with him some time ago
She was happy
Really happy
Her eyes had a sparkle they always hid when with me
I knew I had made the right decision

I let her go
I let her return to her love
I knew she couldn't be with me
I am not that cruel

My princess needs the sun to live
She has to be in the light
Only then can her soul be free

I know my time is up
I am the last to tell about it
The last survivor
At least officially...

"Will you still play, when all the rest of us are dead...?"
These words are strangely comforting
I will not remember why I was here
I will not remember...

The world remembers the glory
The world remembers the games
The world remembers her
I pray to God that I will be forgotten

They are watching me
I can sense their eyes on me
I hate it

Not them
Never them
These two deserve their happiness

I hate my life
Everything I loved was taken from me
Now I am alone
Truly alone

Solitude can be liberating
It showed me my mistakes
It showed me why she did it
It gave me knowledge

I hope with all my heart the rumours will never stop
I hope with all my soul they are safe
I hope his heir can handle the power
I deny all knowledge about them

That is all I can give them
My last gift for my lost princess

It will die with me
Secrets guard themselves easily
I will do the same

In the eyes of an angel we all have the same face
Her angel is beautiful
Both of them...
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