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What happens when an old friend leaves her two month old daughter with Temperance Brennan? She needs Seeley Booth's help in taking care of the child which could possibly lead to romance

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She was sleeping soundly but wouldn’t be for long. The 27 year old Temperance Brennan would have a surprise when she woke up which would be now. Her telephone rang and then she heard something so unexpected. She heard a baby crying. She answered the phone and the infant’s screams stopped.

“Hello, “Temperance said as she picked up the phone. The voice on the other line belonged to her boss Dr. Goodman and it was obvious that he was angry.

“Temperance where are you?” He asked anger was apparent in his tone. She looked at her alarm clock and realized that it was 10:37 AM and she was supposed to be at work three and a half hours ago.

“Dr. Goodman can I have the day off?” She questioned. She felt bad she’d overslept and now there was an infant lying on her.

“Temperance you’re needed here, we have an important case and you are already late.” Dr. Goodman knew that Temperance always put forth everything she had when working, but he hadn’t known that she wasn’t getting enough sleep because she was doing so. “I want you here before noon,” He added before hanging up.

Temperance groaned already knowing that this was gonna be a tough day, but made to get up anyway. The little baby whined at Temperance’s movement, but calmed when Tempe placed her over her shoulder. One thought ran through Temperance Brennan’s mind, what was she going to do with this little girl? She stood up and heard the ruffling sound of paper. Tempe picked it up and as she read through it she knew that this baby whose name she now knew to be Katie was going to stay with her. She couldn’t let this innocent child go especially if it belonged to her old friend from high school.

Temperance laid the infant down in the middle of her bed so she could get dressed for work. Throwing on a pair of jeans and a blouse Temperance looked happy. She grabbed the little girl and put her in her seat in the back of her car and driving off to work. Temperance Brennan had no idea what to do with a child this was going to be difficult, but she would take care of the little girl for her old friend. When she finally made it into her office Dr. Goodman, Angela, and Seeley Booth were all waiting for her. All six eyes turned to face Tempe and the little girl that she was holding as she entered the office. The three were all looking incredibly startled when they noticed that Temperance was holding a two month old in her arms.

“What is this Temperance?” Dr. Goodman questioned in response to the child Temperance was holding. Tempe mumbled something sounding remotely like ‘my nightmare’ in reply to her boss’ question.
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