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Chapter 15

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Meeting one of my friends from school and realizing that I can get jealous.

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I spotted a short pink blonde girl walking up to the first row. She looked familiar. Oh my Jonas! “Kaylin?” I said as she sat down a couple seats from me. She looked around. “Kaylin!” I shouted she looked right at me her face brightened. Kaylin was one of my friends from school. She had blonde hair and big brown eyes and was fairly short. Kaylin always and I mean always had pink on which made her easier to spot in a crowd. She was really peppy and bubbly but I guess she kinda evened me out since I was like the opposite of those things most of the time.
“Aubrey?” she said the building was getting louder. “Ya. Come over here.” I motioned my hand. “alright.” she replied and walked over to us. “Why haven’t you been at school you never came back after spring break?” she questioned. Oh no I hadn’t even thought of school! Well this sucks. “School? I uh kinda forgot…” I bit my lip hoping she wouldn’t like be mad at me or something. “How did you forget?” she looked at me blankly. “Well the Jo Bros kinda asked me and Brooke hear to come with them.” I smiled weakly. “Brooke oh well hi.” Kaylin waved even though brooke was right beside me.
Brooke and Kaylin didn’t like each other and hadn’t seen each other since 4th grade. “Hey…” Brooke said and looked away. “Ok so let me get this right the JB asked you to go with them?” she said. Oh crap I knew what the next question was. “Can I come?” see that question ya that’s what I was talking about. “Uh Kaylin let’s just enjoy the concert for now.” I smiled weakly. “Ok” she shrugged.
The boys came out. I smiled at them as I screamed along. Even if I was getting to be with them all the time I was still a crazy fan just like the rest of these fans. Kevin winked towards us every girl on that side thought he was winking at them but I knew who he was winking at…Brooke. She smiled at him.
“Hey everybody how’s it going?” Nick said into the microphone. The crowd screamed. “Good! Our first song will be Year 3000!” he gave a smile and the crowd went wild. The crowd was singing it just as much as they were. The concert went on every song just as good as the last. I sang along just as the rest of the fans did.
I was laughing as Kaylin was being goofy as she always was to music. The music stopped as Nick came up to the front of the stage. “This next song we are playing we haven’t played for quite a long time but some of you might remember a little something called ‘Please Be Mine’?” he asked audience. Everyone screamed, even Kaylin who didn’t know the song. “Well the reason we are gonna sing this tonight is there is a wonderful girl out in the crowd tonight that I’m dedicating this song to.” he stared right at me. My eyes got wide. “Me?” I mouthed. All he did was give a wink and the music began.
I sang along to possibly my favorite JB song. I looked over at Brooke and she looked at me. We had telepathy moment. We both knew what the other one was thinking. She was thinking “Ha ha I knew he liked you.” and I was thinking back. “You don’t know that for sure it could be another girl…” she laughed and continued watching them sing. The song ended and the crowd screamed and applauded. Apparently they enjoyed hearing the song again.
Nick walked back to the front of the stage, “Well I’m glad you all liked our little flashback and now for a little SOS.” he smiled as Kevin started on guitar. The crowd went wild over it. They jumped around on stage and did a lot of fun stuff and told a couple funny stories and such and then the they sang the last song, ‘Goodnight and Goodbye’.
The crowd screamed for a while until the JB finally left the stage. People slowly began to leave while others got in line with their VIP passes. “Hey Kaylin don’t go you can come meet them if you want?” I said as she began to walk away. “Really?” she asked and ran back up to me. “Well ya.” we walked back there as everyone was getting pictures and some people were even crying.
I waved a little towards them and they smiled back. Finally all the girls left and I brought Kaylin up there. “Ok you guys this is my friend Kaylin we go to school together.” I said pointing towards her. “Hey.” they all said in unison. Kaylin did this little giggle type thing. Ugh now she was gonna flirt.
“So you go to school with Aubrey?” Joe asked. “Yeppers I do.” she said. “What’s she like when she’s not running with a band?” they said in unison. Man they do that way to much. She gave me an evil grin. I now remember why I call her my evil pixie she’s small and EVIL! “Well… she’s actually not to bad.” she looked over at me and grinned. Oh I hate her get me all worked up for nothing!
Joe started looking around and swapping the air. “Uh Joe what are you doing?” Kevin asked him. “There’s a fly!” he said as he flailed his hand around. Kaylin pulled out a little thing of bug spray and sprayed the air, Joe quit swapping. “Thanks.” he smiled at her. “No problem I always carry some around when the weather gets warm.” Kaylin’s purse had anything and everything in it.
We well Kaylin and the boys talked. I was getting irritated and so was Brooke as all the boys were basically drooling over her. Granted she was pretty, skinny, “cute”, bubbly, a cheerleader, and well better than me in every way possible. I looked over at Brooke she was glaring as Kevin listened to every word coming out of Kaylin’s mouth. “Um guys shouldn’t we head out I mean we have to get on the road to the next town.” I said with irritation in my voice.
They all looked at me. “Ya I guess we should go it was so wonderful to meet Kaylin.” Nick said as he walked away. “Yes it was great to meet you. I can totally understand why Aubrey likes you.” Kevin said and followed Nick. Brooke just walked away. “Ya you’re pretty cool.” Joe gave her a wink and followed his brothers. “Wow they are so cool.” Kaylin said with a sigh. “Ya they’re really great well I gotta go.” I gave her a light hug and left. I know I shouldn’t of overreacted but I kinda did. Well look on the bright side you get them all the time…not her.
I seen this huge guy come up to us. “Hey Big Rob!” the boys yelled and jumped on him. Wait Big Rob I remember him from videos and stuff. “Ok now get off.” he said in a deep voice. “Well who are these young ladies?” he said walking up to Brooke and me. “Well I’m Aubrey and this is Brooke.” I said. “Nice to meet you I’m Robert but you can call me Big Rob.” he shook our hands.
We all got on the bus, tonight we would all talk since a lot of feelings have been stirring around. After we were settled we all knew that we were gonna talk. Finally everyone except us was in bed.
“Ok so what did you guys think of Kaylin?” I asked breaking the silence. “She was ok.” they all said. “Ya whatever you guys were all over her.” Brooke said. “Were not!” they all replied. “Quit saying things at the same time!” this time Brooke and Me said it at the same time. “Ok well anyway…” I started but stopped seeing Joe completely fascinated with a newly discovered hole in the leg of his pants. “Joe what are you doing?” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Well there’s a hole.” he continued to pick at it. “Well quit you will only make it worse.” Kevin slapped his hand.
“Ok well now that we don’t have to worry about Joe picking at his pants anymore what do you guys wanna talk about since we are all up and cant sleep.” Kevin said as we sat back down after Joe went and changed. “Well what did you guys really think of Kaylin?” was the first question Brooke said aiming it mainly towards Kevin. “She was pretty hott.” Joe said bobbing his head. Kevin and Nick both smacked him in the back of the head. “Ya that’s what I thought.” I said. “Well Joe may think that but I don’t I was being nice because she was your friend but she was a little to bubbly for me.” Kevin said I knew he was trying not to make Brooke upset I mean they were like totally in love but Brooke wouldn’t make a move and no matter how much Kevin made moves she wouldn’t respond.
“Well now that we know what they think I’m going to bed.” Brooke was still a little irritated but I knew she would be better tomorrow. “Ya I’m tired to I’m off to bed.” Kevin said quickly following Brooke.


I walked away hearing Kevin behind me. I didn’t wanna talk to him right now because one minute he’s trying to make a move on me and the next he’s hitting on Aubrey’s friend. God he’s just like all other stupid guys are…a player. “Brooke wait.” I heard him walk up behind me. “What?” I said with a bit of coldness. “I wasn’t interested in Kaylin ok. And about the other night I did mean that…when I was gonna kiss you. I really like you Brooke.” he said in an almost whisper. “Well you will just have to save it because I…I…I cant like you I just cant.” I stammered out. “Why?” he took my hand tingles shot through me. “Because you’re all that and I’m just this. Eventually someone that is all that will come along and so I cant stop you from having her.” tears began to form in my eyes. I knew I liked Kevin a whole lot I always had even before I knew him but that didn’t mean I could have him.
“Brooke you are all that…” he looked in my eyes. “Kevin I cant I’m just not ready for this I mean I would overreact over stupid things that the fans would do and I couldn’t handle it not knowing whether you loved me fully or not and we barely know each other so no Kevin I wont be with you.” I bit the inside of my cheek and went to bed. As my head hit the pillow a few tears fell down my cheek. Kevin was everything I could ever want and I wouldn’t take him just because I cant be in love…I cant have my heart broken…I just cant be that vulnerable to anyone even my dream guy.


Joe went to bed so now it was just me and Nick. It was silent and I just couldn’t take it. “Awkward.” I laughed a little. Nick laughed along he apparently understood the joke. “Nick I have a question?” I spoke looking at him. “OK?” he came over and sat by me. “What did you really think of Kaylin I mean I wanna know because she’s my friend I could hook you up.” I said laughing a little although the thought of her with any of MY Jonas boys sickened me no matter how much I cared about her. “She was pretty but she wasn’t beautiful like the girl I’ve had on my mind lately.” he was still looking at me. “Miley I mean I know you guys broke up?” I asked. “No not Miley me and her are still friends we just didn’t work out. I’m talking about the girl who got the song tonight.” he spoke.
I thought and thought I didn’t wanna even begin to think it was me because I didn’t wanna get my hopes up and it be like Brooke or something. “Brooke?” I asked since she popped into my head. He laughed a little, “No she’s not who I was talking about.” he smiled. “well who then?” I asked impatiently. “Man you’re terrible at guessing.” he laughed again. Then his face got serious and he got closer to me. “I sang that song for you Aubrey.” his face was pink but his eyes stayed locked on mine.
“Me?” I whispered as I bit my lip. “Ya you Aubrey just you.” his eyes were gorgeous. “Thank you?” I said. Ok so not the brightest response. He smiled, “Aubrey will you-” he was cut off my Joe walking in. “Hey you guys Frankie’s freaking out he cant find his bear.” he looked around the room. “Oh it’s right over there under the table I seen him drop it.” I pointed. “Thanks. Goodnight.” he walked away. Well he had ruined the moment. “So what were you asking?” I said with hope in my voice. “Nothing I’ll talk to you tomorrow goodnight.” he said and walked away.
What! He was gonna ask me out…I think. And then he just quit because of a little interruption. Ugh! I’ve only had one boyfriend and that was Kevin and we didn’t even last long because he was to brotherly and not boyfriend-y. And now right before the moment I could’ve dated NICK JONAS Joe came in and ruined the moment and nick wouldn’t go ahead and do it!
I got into my pajamas still sad mad and happy about the nick thing. Sad that he didn’t get to finish. Mad that he then didn’t finish when he could. And happy that he was even considering me. Life is confusing. I laid down and went to bed knowing that tomorrow I would be in a new town.
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