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the characters

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So, I finally got around to finding some photos of the main characters. It's about time, it's only been like 10 chapters or something. But, whatev.

Disclaimer: I don't know any of these people, I just found the pictures on Photobucket. If you are or know any of them, then that's an awfully freaky coincidence and congratulations! You're in my story.

Here they are:

"Izzie before this chapter":

"Izzie after this chapter":


If you know this guy, he is adorable and I want to marry him. Or give him a big hug and a lollipop. Whichever.

if you're paying close attention, in an earlier chapter I said he was blond, because I was basing him off one of my friends, but I couldn't find a picture I liked of a blond kid, so he has brown hair now.
And "Optimus Prime":
Just imagine him with some embarrassing little sweater.

And I just had to throw in "this guy":
that I found when I was looking for /\ that one.

And of course "these guys":
they're obviously happy to see you. Or someone told them girl jeans were out of style. (which should NEVER happen!)
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