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What We Hide

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A young woman and her sister come to stay in the opera house. With a past as dismal as Erics, Fate will have to learn to cope. Eric/Original Character

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A/N: Good evening and welcome to my first FanFic. I am Arcaniss Caesin. Points to anyone who can figure out what it means! I am sorry that Eric isn't in this capter as much as others. The girls whole story will come out in the next chapter. I hope that you enjoy the story! Please read and respond.

Chapter 1

Fate Leroux stood in the shadows of a nearby building and watched as her sister Destiny purchased the provisions that they would need to live off of for the next month. Destiny flittered here and there as all eyes were drawn to her delicate beauty. Fate sighed. Her sister was an unrivaled belle. her dark blonde hair was swept up in a bun and loose tendrils were alowed to escape. Her dark gray eyes had a way of causing men to gasp for breath. Her frame was just right for a dancer. And dance she did. Destiny had just accepted a place in the Opera Populaires ballet troupe. Mme. Giry was kind enough to let them move into the opera house together. Fate had asked if she could help with the costumes as payment for staying. When that was agreed to, Fate and Destiny Leroux decided to move in as soon as possible. Tonight would be the first night in their new home.


When the two sisters returned to the opera house, they went their seperate ways. Destiny flew off to meet Meg while Fate went to her small, out-of-the-way room. Once there Fate removed the hat that had ben shielding her brilliant platinum locks and shook them loose. The light curls fell to her waist before she began the braiding process. After that was done, Fat pulled off a black scarf that had been wrapped around the bottom of her face. Slowly lifting her head she looked into her hand-held mirror.

Bright red scars covered the entire bottom half of her face. Her lips had been spared the scars, but the rest were puckerd, rough , and bumpy. She almost looked like a giant spider web had burned itself into her flesh. with a small shudder she wrapped a lighter scarf around her deformed lower face. People couldn't help but shudder when they saw her. Why wouldn't they. Even she couldn't stop the revulsion of seeing her mangled flesh. A light knock sounded at the door.

"Come in." fate said in a voice that could almost be called a whisper.

Destiny and Meg made their way into the dark room.

"Meg and I were wondering if you would like to come and eat with the rest of the ballet troup?" destiny asked with a smile.

"Yes! My mother said that we could have steaks tonight!" Meg said, excited over the rare treat.

Fate shot a glare at her younger sister. "I don't want to join you at all. I just want to be left alone."

Destiny let out a deep sigh. "Yes I just thought that I would see." Meg exited the room leaving the two sisters alone... at least as far as they knew. Meg kept the door open a crack to hear and see what was going on.

"Fate, I have missed your company. I havent had a meal with you for two years now. Ever since the accident you have secluded yourself. You won't even let me see your face. I know that there are scars but I am not afraid of you." Destiny reached out and took her sisters hands.

"I know I have become distant, Desi. I don't want to see fear and loathing in your eyes. The doctor who treated me couldn't even keep his mind on the task of healing me because of the injuries." Fate said in a small voice.

With a flash of rebellion, Destiny whipped her hands up to the scarf and ripped it away. Fate pulled away and turned to face the wall. Destiny gasped and her eyes widened in fright.

Outside, Meg let out a little squeek of fright and stumbled back at the sight of Fate's twisted flesh. She had seen the phantoms mask and shuddered in fear, but this was just too much for her to comprehend.

In the room, Destiny reached out a hand and put it on her sisters shoulder.

"Fate... you should have just told me it was so bad instead of hiding it."

Fate turned around and saw her sisters body shudder.

"I told you that I didn't want you to see. I told you that it was bad and would scare people. I told you this to keep you from doing exactly what yu have done. You chose not to hear me say those things. I want you to leave me this instant. Take the spying girl outside with you and don't come back to see me any time soon." Fat said in a louder and steady voice.

Hurt echoed in its tone and whipped at Destiny. With a small sob of regret, Fates sister handed the scarf back over and ran out of the room. All alone again, Fate sat on the bed and sobbed about how ironic fate had been to her namesake.


Late that night in the ballet quarters, Meg told all what she had seen.

"She was hideous! Her skin was all twisted and gnarled like someone had ripped it up and tried to piece it back together." She whispered dramatically.

Dharma, another of the dancers said, "I heard that she made a deal with the devil and that was his payment...her beauty."

"No no. I heard that it was done as a fom of torture. She made the wrong man angry by refusing him and he took revenge out of her flesh! I bet she got even by killing him."

If she has killed anyone... it would be her parents. I mean why would her parents not be around to take care of Destiny? I can understand not taking care of such a hideous creature... but a pretty girl like Desi? No there would have to be someone there for her."

"Your right. There was someone there for me when our parents died. His name is Michael and he wanted to marry me. I turned him down so that I could stay with my injured sister." Destiny's voice cut in. "If I find out that any of you are talking about her behind our backs then I will have to silence you." Her eyes cut to Meg, who by now, had her head bowed. "I thought that you were my friend. I thought that you valued the truth. I can't believe that I even for one second, believed in that stupid tale about a ghost who tortured the opera occupants. You have just proved to me that you are full of vain spite." With that Desi turned and marched away. No one noticed the shadowed figure listening to their conversation.


Eric pulled back as the new girl stormed by his hiding place. He had heard snippits of the ballet rats conversation and had become livid, thinking that they were talking about him. He was shocked to hear that another scarred person was trying to take refuge here. He knew that there had been an addition to the ballet company but he hadn't heard of the girls sister.

Hmmm, this needs a furthur investigation. he thought as he swept off to find his quarry.
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