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Suicidal Tendencies...

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I take a step from the chair. He tries to catch me. He doesn’t. I think he sees the smile. He sees it all. Goodbye perfection.

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‘All’s well that ends well’

You sure about that?

What about...
‘All’s not well that doesn’t end well’

That explains it all.
Yeah, that’s about it.

Apparently I have it.
Apparently we are it.
Me and Him.

He’s perfection.
I’m just a tag along that hangs out with perfection.
My name?

Also known as Ryan Ross.

He’s beautiful, amazing, everything imperfection can’t be.
And yet, perfection chose imperfection.
Weird choice there.

You see, I met perfection a while ago.
Couple of month’s maybe?
I was...messed up.

Tried suicide.
Tried it all.
It all failed.

But then it didn’t matter.
Cause I had another form of pain other than the razors.

I had to know perfection.
He was so perfect it was hard to be around him.
It would hurt me to look at him.

I hated him.
And loved him.

The love developed.
Became everything I wished it wouldn’t.
Became real.

I fell in true and complete love.


Sure, it was amazing.
I felt amazing around him.
But I always hurt.

He didn’t love me.

He still doesn’t.
Although he’s convinced himself he does.

It’s false.
All false.

So, I’m gonna save him from having to lie to himself.
I’m gonna save him from being false.
From having to kiss someone perfection doesn’t really want to kiss.

I’m gonna miss the kisses.
Perfection’s lips are more than perfect.

I’m gonna do it again.
It won’t fail though.
Not this time.
I’ve made sure.

Everything’s in place.

The rope’s in place.
The letter.
The door is open, so that he’ll see it.
See me.

See a dead imperfection.

See death.
See his life become even more perfect.
Without me.
Without me.

He’ll manage.
I don’t do anything special for him.
He’ll get a girl.
Another little tag along or maybe even perfection number 2.

It’ll all be fine and dandy without me.
All they’ll miss is...
Never mind.

Oh, here he comes.

He’s calling my name.
But I won’t hear him in a second.

There he is.
At the door.
He’s silent.
Just watching.

His tears are spilling.
His lip is trembling.
He steps towards me.
Says my name again.
Quietly this time.

I smile.
I know he likes my smiles.

He’ll get to see something he likes before...

I take a breath.
He knows what’s about to happen.
He runs forward.

He won’t catch me.

I take a step from the chair.

He tries to catch me.

He doesn’t.

I think he sees the smile.

He sees it all.

Goodbye perfection.

Goodbye Brendo-
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