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When the Day Met the Night

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Miranda gets dragged to a concert.

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So, that morning my family and I loaded the rest of our things into our truck and started our cross country drive to our new home (My dad didn’t want to ship the car so he insisted we drive it there, thrills!) I couldn’t help but spend that whole week thinking about him. I ate, drank and slept Brendon. I couldn’t seem to get him out of my dreams. Whenever I closed my eyes I saw the vision of his adorable face. I was unable to escape my feelings for him.
But feelings fade. As the years went on I soon began to like other boys, more obtainable boys; that lived down the block rather than across the continent. None of them, however, liked me back. I was pretty much single for my whole adolescent life. It sent me into a spiraling depression where all I could turn to was romance novels. They gave me hope, but it was false hope. I never grew out of that stage. Even when I finally reached the age of 21 I was still encased in my little cocoon of novels. One stormy Saturday my best friend Amber had just about had enough of me. She hustled her way into my dorm and grabbed me away from my newest read.

“MIRANDA! Get off your lazy ass!” She screamed.
“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I retaliated.
“Look, I can’t stand seeing you like this anymore. You are secluding yourself from the world. You need to get out!” She stated.
“And how do you suppose I do that?” I asked. She threw two slivers of paper at me. “What are these?” I questioned.
“They are two tickets to a concert tonight, and you and I are going to be there.” She demanded.
“Panic at the Disco?” I said staring confused at the tickets. “Huh?”
“They are a band you dim-whit. Now get dressed.” She said throwing my hoodie at me. “We’re leaving in 10 minutes.”

I thought she was being rather harsh. I mean, who the hell was this band anyway? I understood her concern, but really, what was with the production?

“The lead singer is SO HOT!” She stated on our way to the venue.
“So that’s why we are going. Seriously, you aren’t getting with the lead singer.” I said in disbelief.
“Says you!” She stated angrily.

When we got there there was no one in sight.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.
“We’re the first ones here.” She replied.

Great, I thought. Now we have to stand here for hours. She wanted to be in the front to see everything. I couldn’t believe how selfish she was being. But, she is my best friend, so I just gave in to her. After a period of 3 hours the line had wrapped itself around the block almost twice! I couldn’t believe what a big deal these guys were.

“How come I’ve never heard of them before?” I asked.
“Because you are always reading.” She qualified. She was right.

The doors soon opened and Amber grabbed my hand and sprinted to the front of the stage. The enthusiasm on her face was blinding.

“This kid must be something.” I said.
“Oh he is!” She replied.

After about 2 hours of fighting off crazy moshers during the opening bands to stay in the front the lights grew dim. The anticipation in the air could be felt from a mile away. The curtains rose and the boys came strutting out. The lights on the stage were so bight that I couldn’t quite make out the lead singer’s face for a while, even though we were standing right in front of him. He began to sing.

“He sounds so familiar!” I screamed to Amber so that I could be heard.
“Huh?!” she yelled. She couldn’t hear me.

Finally my eyes began to focus, and I realized that the lead singer was staring straight at me. I had failed to notice that he had stopped singing as well and the music had ceased playing. The look in his eyes was of complete shock.

“Miranda?” he said in a quivery voice. I looked into his eyes. It was him.
“BRENDON!?!?” I screamed; the audience fell silent.
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