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LAX TO O'Hare [Frerard One Shot]

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Plane. From LA To O'Hare..? Frerard.

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"Hey man would you stop poking me, it hurts and its fucking annoying!"

"Ray, chill... Mikey's just damn bored. And I think if you show him you're annoyed and pissed he'll continue.. It gets him occupied."

"Shit.. how many more minutes will we stay in this airport?"

"Actually, we should've been on board already, but our flight got delayed."

"Whoa.. you actually talked. You haven't been talking since last night, Gee."

Gerard hasn't been talking eversince him and Frank fought, and Frank did the same. Mikey just kept on poking Ray while Bob just plays games on his PSP.

The band's flight has been delayed due to bad weather. They have been in the airport for 6 hours now and still no sign of the plane.


"How many more minutes?" Ray asks Bob, who is too focused on his game to reply. Ray lets out a heavy sigh and asks Gerard instead.

"Hey Gee, how many more minutes before we reach Australia?"

"We just boarded, Ray. We haven't even took off."

"ohh.. Well then can you at least tell your brother to stop poking me?!"

"Mikey, lets switch seats, please?"

"But Gee I-"


Mikey lets out a heavy sigh. "Fine," he looks disappointed but he has to follow his own brother. "Hey Frank, Sup?"

"So, what exactly happened last night?" Ray asks Gerard, carefully.. since he knows that Gerard doesn't like to be asked questions about bad events that had happened.

"Me and Frank fought." Gerard said, while putting on his headphones, so he could dismiss the issue.

Then the flight attendant came and told Gerard to turn of his iPod since the plane was about to take off.

"Look, Gerard, I know you don't want to talk about this, but, can you please just tell us what happened?" Bob finally stopped playing since they were about to take off.

"Well, I was trying to write some songs last night.. and Frank kept on talking to me.." Gerard trailed off, he felt embarrassed at what had happened, but he was still cold-hearted. He didn't want to apologize to Frank.

"...then?" Bob and Ray answered at the same time, they wanted to know what was going on, specially since the two weren't like this, they were always filled with joy. (which explains why Gerard is so talkative and Frank never seems to stop jumping around.)

"Well, he was starting to annoy me, so I told him to get out first... Then he didnt want to.. So.. I...."


"I kinda punched him then pushed him out.... Well, actually... shoved him out..."

"oh.... what'd he do?"

"Well, he punched me back... but.. nothing really happened."

"why dont you apologize?"

"why should I? he was annoying the fuck outta me.."

"Gee," Mikey butt in, "You're Frank's best friend. He was just being himself."

"But.." Gerard felt defeated since the three were all glaring at him. Mikey stood up and told Gerard to apologize to Frank.


Frank woke up from his sleep. As he looked to his left, he kinda jumped from suprise to see Gerard staring at him, looking worried. And as usual, Frank got worried.

He knew they were still fighting, but Gerard's his best friend, and he couldn't help it.

"Gerard, whats wrong?"

"Frank, I'm so, so sorry. " Gerard replied in between chokes, Frank knew what was gonna happen, Gerard was going to cry.

"Gerard, look, Its my fault, I should've just-"

"Frankie, I hurt you. Its all my fault. please don't blame yourself"

"Gerard... seriously, I'm sorry too. I mean, I should just went out when you told me to, You were busy. I'm sorry."

"Frankie... I love you, you know that?" Gerard said shyly while planting a kiss on Frank's forehead.

"yeah, and I love you too."
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