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In A Hail Of Bullets II :Frerard:

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Part two. Excuse the typos.

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The next two months me and Gerard have been hanging out [with Bob, Mikey and Ray of course] and I thought Mikey was just exaggerating, but he was actually serious. Gerard doesn't talk at all.

So we just spent the time hanging out, each other's presence enough to make us happy.

Every night, he walks into my room, at the time time when I'm half asleep. He knows my routines now, and I'm starting to memorize his.

He walks in my room without knocking, since I leave it unlocked because I know he'll come. He walks in pillows in hand, he lightly dumps it on the bed and lies down beside me.

He slowly moves my head onto his lap as he sits up, smoothening and flatening my hair and kisses my forehead and we sleep in that position.

We wake up in the same way all the time, blankets covering my whole body, him wearing his hood up [which is incredibly hot] and holding me tight onto him. I smile at this everytime and I never get tired of it, no one ever did this for me before, no one ever did this to before. It completely struck me when this started, but now I'm used to it, but it sure as hell still has an impact on me.

Another day has come and I realized that it was already December. Twenty five more days 'til.. Christmas.

That's one of the worst holidays ever. I mean, I'm not against it, it's just that holiday, I feel alone. my family never does anything special that day, so yeah.

And, they didn't even greet me on my birthday or payed me a visit here, so what more in christmas?

We sat down at Gerard and Mikey's table, talking about some movie that we watched before.

But the family thing is still in my head and...

As if on que, I see... my mom?

She's with dad. Looking for something.. or someone... or me.

My mom smiles like crazy when she sees me. Well, it may not be Christmas but at least they payed a visit.

"mom? I haven't seen you since.. well, i don't remember anymore"

My parents both smile at me, then they say "Hunny, we're taking you home, with us. We miss you too damn much and we're sorry for not having any contact because we were busy. So, pack your things, we're taking you with us."

Bob, Mikey, Ray, and Gerard's jaws dropped, and looked at me worried. I look at Gerard holding onto Mikey then he points at me and starts shaking his arm.

I look back at my parents that are waiting for an answer.

"Mom, dad..." they look at me excitedly and waited for my reply. "sorry, no."

"What?!" their faces change to worried and confused now. Cause I mean, who would want to stay in a rehab when you're already cured? "Son, we're taki-"

"No. Look, I promise I'll come back soon but not now. I also have important people here.. I love them already."

I take a look at my friends and they smile. Specially Gerard.

My dad looks really disappointed and he storms off back to whatever they used to get here. Mom just looks at me and smiles, "Frank, okay. But soon, please?"

I nod and she kisses my forehead. "I love you, son."

I smile at that, she never said she loved me. "Love you too, mom. soon." I smile and she nods and turns away, back to my dad, I pressume.

I look back at my friends, who are smiling at me, and Gerard tugs on Mikey's arm as he grins.

"Wow.. like, wow." Bob says.

"You stayed for us? awww... " Ray says. I just smile back at them and just continue eating my food.

"Gee says thank you. I do, too." Mikey suddenly says.

"You're welcome" I reply, and smile to myself.


That night I decided to visit Gerard instead. I knocked on his door and joined him, and said 'hi'

He smiled when he saw me, quickyl running up to me and pushing me to bed.

The lights were off, so I had no idea what was happening. I just felt him kiss me and I just kiss back.

After a few minutes we stop, he stands up and turns the lights back on. He pulls me out of me and kisses my cheek, then pulls me towards his table.

He shows me his drawings, and it was great. I kept on complementing him then I took the whole folder from him.

He tried to pull it back from me, but I said it was okay, then I saw a drawing of.. me.

I showed it to him, and asked, "Is this.. me?"

He blushes and nods slowly, and I hold back my squeal of delight that I was actually worth his time for that. I grin at him and hug him, saying his drawing was good, I didn't realy compliment on that because, well, that's conceited.

Afterwards we headed back to his bed. He shut the lights and I give him a kiss goodnight and I fall asleep.

I wake up at 3 am for som unknown reason, then I realized... I was hungry.

I slowly crawled off the bed and reached for my bag.

Ha. Bingo.

Some granola bars and a pack of instant coffee.

I got the food and reached for the door so I could get my coffee done when I hear some thumping sounds on the bed.

I turn around to see Gerard looking worried and like he wanted to pounce on me. He was hitting the bed hard enough for the world to hear, and I just motioned him to keep quiet and told him it was just three am.

I told him I was just hungry, then handed him a granola bar. We just ate on his bed and he was hugging me close to him. I smiled to myself from the comfort that he was giving me. Afterwards we went back to sleep and I snuggled up to him.

The net morning I was woken by someone trashing around like crazy. I opened my eyes and saw clearly that doctors were trying to pull him away from me.

"Mr. Iero," I was shocked since I had no idea that someone was actually beside me. "What were you doing here last night?"

"I uhm, wanted to hang out with him, then, like, we fell asleep. "

"Oh. So you didn't know but you brought along pillows?"

Okay, what the fuck. I really don't know why we're not allowed to sleep in the same room, keep personal items [things like planners and journals] or stay together after hours. It's stupid, we're not kids anymore...

...well, fine. I am 17 but that's beside the point.

"Well......?" The doctor was waiting for my answer. I was starting to get really pissed.

As I opened my mouth to reply, he suddelny cut me off. "Well, say good bye to your little friend. Hopefully you'll see eachother again."

This time I had to talk. What'd she mean?!

"What are you gonna do with him?" I asked. She ignored me and went to Gerard with and injection in hand.

Gerard started getting really wild. He heated needles; I knew that, so no doubt he'll get crazy.

"WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH GERARD?!" I shouted at all of them, they all seemed to ignore me, but then once Gerard heard me he opened his eyes and looked at me. Waiting for something. Expecting something. He suddenly becamse all calm and I went over to him and held his hand.

This was the best possible time for the the doctors and nurses to ruin the moment. They injected him with the needle and Gerard started falling asleep. They put him on the wheelchair and took him out.

Never did I see him again.
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