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Sims [Frerard One Shot]

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Frerard. Something connected to sims.

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Gerard and I had nothing to do for the rest of the day, and I was getting really bored.

"Hey, wanna play some Guitar Hero?" He asks with a sweet grin on his face, handing me over the Rock Guitar.

"Nah, I'm getting tired of it." Which was actually impossible, but yeah, I'm getting tired of it.

"Oh.. All I have here is Tekken, Simpsons, NFS, and uhh.. Sims." He looks at me waiting for a reply.

"Ooh! Let's play Sims!" I say, going near him quick and getting a controller.

We start out just socializing, then the game started ordering us things to do.. like cook and paint and shit. After that we went socializing again.

Then they started kissing, like a slight peck on the lips. Then they started smooching, then making out. They also rejected sometimes though, then I took a look at Gerard to see him looking incredibly ainxious.. like he's waiting for something to happen.

Then he bought this bed for two people, so my character laid down there and rested, i pressed X then it said 'read book' and 'call over'. I pressed 'call over' then 'Gerard'. Gerard's character went over to bed and they just started talking there.. with those baloon thingys pooping out.

He soon pressed X, then came out 'cuddle' and 'WooHoo.' He entered 'cuddle' first which made them start snuggling to eachother. Then he entered 'WooHoo'

They looked at eachother, nodded, then went under the sheets. Gerard's controller started vibrating. then we just both watched the screen with wide eyes.

In the middle of the 'meeting' bob came in, with Ray and Mikey behind. I tried to hide what was happening, but then they didn't buy it at all.

I take a look at Gee, which was red all over staring at the others jaw-dropped. I don't know why he's embarrassed, I mean, we didn't know.


After I while, Bob went up to me in my bunk, saying 'You don't know why he's embarrassed do you?' and me just returning him a 'no'

"He... you know.. you.. "

"huh?" What the fuck was this guys saying?

"He likes you. like,a lot." He just stood up and went out of the bus with Mikey and Ray again, leaving me with Gerard.

I go over at Gerard's bunk, to see him still red.


"Hey.. sorry, I just,"

I then gave him a peck on his forhead. He looks at me confused. I gave him a long kiss this time, slowly lowering down his pants.

"Wanna do sims?" I ask, with a smirk.

He breaks the kiss, looks at me terrified, then says "Sorry, I just never done this and I.."

I give him a quick peck, then telling him i've never done it either.

We continue kissing and I slowly remove his clothes, and he does the same to me. Once we're completely naked, he lies down and I slowly and gently thrust myself in him, earning a not-so-quiet moan, we do this repeatedly while kissing eachother passionately.

Ray comesin seeing us, and he doesn't do anything but he trund around and leaves the bus.

Then Gerard looks at me looking terrifed, I just calm him down and give him a sweet kiss.

I look down at him, saying "You know, I don't care what happens. Cause you're mine, and you're one in a fucking million."
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