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Getting Wasted Won't Take You Anywhere. Or Will It?[Frerard One Shot]

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Frerard:The ever cliched 'Gerard's an alcoholic loser-fag' with Frank being a loser too.

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knock, knock.

I slowly lifted my head from the pillow. Shit, wrong move, hangovers are such a pain in the ass.

"what?" I groaned, still pissed off that someone has woke me up from sleep.

"Gee, wake up, we have school today."



"Please help..."

Then I heard the door open quick and Mikey hurrying to me looking worried.

"What's wrong?" Now I worry. I hate seeing him worry. It makes me worry.

"Shouldn't I be the one thats asking that?"

"I'm fine, just needed help to stand up... and shit my head hurts.."

A tear rolled down his cheek.

"What?!" I saed, he's freaking me out.

"Please tell me you didnt drink again..."

"Look, Mikes, I'm fine, please..."

"Look, Please, just stop.."

"I can't... Its the only thing thats...."


"here for me.." I mumble.

"Don't I count?" Shit, i should've never started this.

"You do.. i just.... can we just talk about this later? please?"

"Whatever." He walked out of my room and as he shuts the door im pretty sure he's still crying. He cares so much about me... I just...


"Gerard, how could you?" The question was asked by someone so familliar...


"What?" I asked, what was he talking about? Okay, so he's the second person I disappointed.

"Look, would you stop drinking? Mikey's my close friend and he hates seeing you like that. Being drunk and shit."

"Look Frank, Tell Mikey I'm sorry... I just..."

I Can't help this anymore, I cut my class and went home.

I took the bottle of Vodka and went up to my room. I took about two shots when I realized someone was with me.

I turned my head around.



"Why should you care?"

"Because... because... I love you, Gerard. I just.. "

I stood up and pressed my lips lightly on his for a few long seconds.

As I back away, I whisper to him, "thank you. Im sorry, I promise I'll stop."

"how will i know you're serious?"

"I'm doing this for you.. and specially Mikey. I love both of you.. and... I don't want you to hate me."

"we would never hate you Gerard, We would never." Mikey moved closer to me and hugged me. "You serious about your promise, Gee?"

"Yes, And I'm serious about loving you, too. "
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