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AU. When John was pulled down the wormhole at the end of Unrealized Realities a series of events is set in motion that will change the balance of power in the Uncharted Territories forever.

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Farscape: The Road Home

Farscape: The Road Home

Authors Note: This story is set after the episode Unrealised Realities but the following episodes did not occur. The story is also slightly AU in that in this reality Zhaan, Crais and Talyn are all still alive. This is a crossover with the Terran universe I created in A Journey's End.


Commander John Crichton knew that he was in trouble, big trouble as he floated helplessly through space tumbling slightly with the momentum imparted by his passage through the wormhole. The wormhole had spat him out in Earth's solar system right near to Saturn; the great majestic ringed seventh planet dominated much of his view. Saturn's storm bands looked very beautiful from here as did the rings of ice and rock that surrounded the planet, the rings glittering brightly with the glow of the storm bands and the distance brilliant light of the sun.

At any other time in his life John would have been captivated by this view of Saturn, he had always liked looking at Saturn through a telescope and seeing her up close like this would have been a childhood dream come true. But now he might as well have been looking at his own death. The oxygen charge in the Peacekeeper spacesuit that he was wearing had been almost completely exhausted the display showed he barely had ten minutes of air left. Thirty minutes to contemplate his inevitable, ignominious demise in the atmosphere of Saturn as the gravity of the mighty gas giant slowly pulled him in. Though asphyxiation would get him long before the gravity of the planet did.

John tried not to think about his inevitable death. Instead he thought about the others back on Moya, but especially Aeryn. He knew that Aeryn was only just getting over the death of the other him on Talyn, he didn't know how she would handle his death as well.

A sudden flash of light caught his attention and John looked in the direction the flash had come from and almost cried out in surprise at what he saw. A ship looking absolutely huge from his current perspective had appeared from nowhere and was now hovering a short distance from him. The surprise at the ships sudden appearance was nothing compared to the absolute astonishment he felt when he saw a nameplate on the side of the ship and was able to read what it said easily as it was written in English.

The nameplate read THS /Atlantis/.

Two small moving points were coming towards him from the /Atlantis/, moving towards him with such speed that whatever they were they were either machines or people in spacesuits using somekind of propulsion packs. As they got closer John was able to see that the latter was correct and that it was two human-looking men in somekind of spacesuits though they looked very different to the Peacekeeper spacesuit he was wearing and different to the old NASA and IASA ones.

He didn't have much time to think about what was going on where this strange ship with a human name had come from. For at that moment a warning buzzer sounded and the displays from the life support unit of the suit showed that he now had less than five minutes of breathable atmosphere left.

Strong hands abruptly gripped his arms and John looked up from the translucent holographic characters on the inner part of the visor of the spacesuit to see that the two spacesuited men were now on either side of him and had taken a hold of his arms and all three of them were now moving towards the /Atlantis /at a surprising fast pace.

John looked at his two saviours assessingly and couldn't help but wish that he had Wyonna with him in case he had to defend himself. Unfortunately his trusty pulse pistol was in his quarters back on Moya. Though the men who were saving him from an untimely demise looked friendly enough he had learned long ago that appearances were deceptive.

Another warning sounded from his suits internal monitors and John grimaced as he saw that he was down to three minutes of air. They were almost to the Atlantis but John began to suspect that he wasn't going to make it. The starship with the strange human-style name filled space ahead of them and he could see that they were heading for an open airlock on the ships hull. The distance was closing rapidly as the propulsion units on his rescuers spacesuit ate up the distance between them and the ship.

They were only a hundred metres or so from the open airlock door when his suit sounded an urgent warning as his air supply dropped to thirty seconds before stopping altogether. The only air he had now was the small amount that was in the helmet, and that would run out in moments.


John was gasping and sweating struggling to get air into his lungs by the time they crossed into the airlock. His lungs burned as he tried to breath but there was no air, eyes wide in instinctual panic John desperately fought to stay alive, but he knew it was a loosing battle. That he was going to die just as he had been rescued.

Darkness began encroaching on his vision as his legs gave way under him and he dropped to his knees, before collapsing entirely. /Aeryn I'm sorry/, John thought thinking about the Sebaecean woman that he loved with all his heart, though she was still getting over the death of his twin. He hated to think how she would react to him dying as well, though with a little luck she might never know what had happened to him.

Darkness enveloped him and he lost consciousness with a final word on his lips, a final name.

The name of Aeryn Sun.
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