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Chapter Forty Five

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'You kiss by the book' - Juliet, from Romeo and Juliet.

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Chapter Forty Five

Will burst through the door, scanning the café for Maria and Anna. They were nowhere to be seen.
“Hey Will!” It was Gabriel, smiling from behind the counter.
Will gulped. It happened every time he saw Gabriel. He was startled by the affect the other boy had on him. He smiled back. “Hi. You seen Maria? Or Anna?”
“Yeah,” Gabriel replied, rolling up his white shirtsleeves. “They were here earlier, and left this for you.” He held up an envelope. “Said I had to give it you.”
Will frowned in bemusement. “Okaaay…” He reached out to take the envelope, and as his fingers briefly touched Gabriel’s, both boys blushed.
Quickly, Will ripped open the envelope to reveal a piece of paper.
Will, it read. Gabriel likes you. Full stop. You like him. Period. So get off your arse and ask him to go somewhere.
Love Maria and Anna.

“Can I read it?” Gabriel asked, with a small smile. “It’s been bugging me since they gave it me.”
Will bit his lip, in the endearing way that he did. “Yeah…” he said slowly, handing it over.
Gabriel scanned it, his blue eyes widening in surprise. He raised an eyebrow. “Is it true?” he asked.
Will nodded.
“Good,” Gabriel grinned. “You wanna come to a gig?”

And just like that Gabriel and Will became an item. Like a fairy tale. It’s sickening isn’t it? Well, Will’s birthday came and went. He got a few valentines cards and accused us. Turns out they were from some younger girls, lower down in the school.
Scarlet sent Rick one. He shrugged it off, saying it was a tradition they’d once had. Yeah. That’s what I was thinking as well.
Mikey got a couple, there was one from Maria and the other one wasn’t signed.
I got several cards, mainly off sporty guys or nerdy guys who only liked me ‘cause I was a cheerleader. Rick sent me one of course. And then there was one that wasn’t signed, that simply said ‘You’re amazing.’ I figured it was probably from some little kid or something.
And Maria? Oh, Maria got a valentine’s card from every guy in ‘Romeo and Juliet’, several from guys in our year, a couple from some seniors and one from her boyfriend.
And Scarlet. Scarlet got almost as many as Maria. Makes me want to vomit.

Soon enough the opening night of Romeo and Juliet rolled round. As Will, Scarlet and Rick were all in it and Maria was on costume repairs, just in case, I went on my own. Mikey couldn’t come. His brother was having a house party and he was going to that.

“I’m not good enough to kiss you,” Rick’s voice rang out through the auditorium, desolate and mournful.
“Why Romeo, you shouldn’t be so cast down. No-one is perfect and in faults we are all alike.”
Anna had to admit it. Scarlet was good. And her hair was in perfect contrast to her white dress.
Rick reached in to gently kiss Scarlet, and Anna winced, as though she’d been physically hurt.
“Are you alright dear?” an elderly woman next to her whispered.
“Yes it’s jus-“
"You kiss well sir."
That was when the kissing began again. “I’m sorry, can I get past?”

And I fled the auditorium. I couldn’t watch. I couldn’t sit there and watch Scarlet make out with my boyfriend. I didn’t care whether it was just a play. All I could see was Rick and Scarlet kissing.

“Hold on Mikes,” she breathed into the cold night air. “Gerard’s party just got ore more guest.”

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