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Chapter Eight

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Chapter 8-

(Rachel’s point of view)

The days went by quite normally. The seven amigos went to school and endured enormous amounts of homework, so their time to chill was limited to the weekends. However, having Jon and Brenda as two of the top students in the whole grade, it was quite an advantage.

“So, x equals what Brendon?” Jon asked as they tackled their math homework. “Umm…six?” Brendon guessed. “Surprisingly enough, that was right.” Jon said, nodding his head.

“Woot-woot!” Brendon cheered as he quickly scribbled down the answer.

“What’s a good synonym for amazing?” Ryan asked, tapping his pencil on the table. “How about wonderful, outstanding, fantastic, awesome-”

“Ok, I said a good synonym, not some good synonyms. But I think I’ll use fantastic.” he decided, then began scribbling on one of three sheets of paper that were his English essay.

“Did you finish your book report Rachel?” Spencer asked. She nodded, not taking her eyes off her worksheet. “Can I see it?” he asked. Rachel shuffled through her binder and handed him the essay.

Spencer’s eyes scrolled down the paper covered by Rachel’s handwriting. At the top corner of the paper, he saw his name written about fifteen times, then erased. He hide the smile building on his face and read the actual essay, editing his own as he went along. “Ok thanks.” he said once he was through, and he handed her the essay.

“Nice handwriting.” he commented as she put her essay away. Rachel noticed the smirk on his face and said, “Thanks.” in a suspicious manner. “Screw this!” Lilly suddenly burst out, throwing her paper to the side. “Ouch.” Brendon muttered, laughing. “I hate Mr. Potts, screw his stupid worksheet!” Brenda picked up her paper and read it. “Lilly, relax, you got all of these right…”

“I did?” she asked, perking up. “Except number 2, 5, and 8.” Brenda said, handing her back the paper. “Oh that’s nice.” Lilly said, grudgingly taking back the paper.

After another half and hour of silent working and minimal talking, everyone was finished with their homework. “Finally, time to turn up the stereo!” Ryan said, he shot up and ran to the radio to put on music.

“Gosh I thought I’d never finish. Them teachers are seriously trippin’ with all of this homework.” Brendon said as he put away his stuff. The sound of Cobra Starship’s CD began to flood out of the speakers.

“Yeah, but at least it’s done and out of the way right?” Jon asked.

“It’s done for tonight at least. Wait for tomorrow.” Spencer said in a tired way.

“Yeah, tomorrow’s gonna be hell.” Rachel agreed. “Bang! Bang! Shoot ’em up! Shoot ’em up, yeah!” Everyone turned confusedly to Ryan, who was singing loudly to the song. Ryan scanned their faces, whom all had the same WTF? Expression. “What? Is it such a crime to sing along to your favorite songs?”

“No, it’s just the way you sing them.” Brendon said. “It’s kinda freaky.”

“Not to mention disrespectful to the artist.” Jon said. Ryan rolled his eyes and said, “Everyone’s a critic.” Rachel laughed along with everyone else, after a moment of really retarded-sounding laughter she sighed and said, “I love you guys. Seriously you are the best friends ever!”

“Yeah.” Lilly agreed, then she said, “I wonder what would have happened to all of us if we had never met.”

Brendon piped up, “I think Jon would have been a loner, Brenda would have been a teacher‘s pet, Ryan would have been one of those mysterious dudes who lean against the lockers looking cool, Spencer would have been a band geek playing percussion, Rachel would have been an angry emo girl, Lilly would have been a slutty gangster wannabe, and I would have been a football player.”

“I am NOT a slut!” Lilly exclaimed. “I don’t want to be a band geek!” Spencer cried indignantly. “I am NOT depressed!” Jon said, offended. “Why are you the only cool person?” Ryan asked.

Brendon looked at all of their incredulous faces and said, “Can’t anyone take a joke? Gosh, I’m not psychic, sheesh!”

“Ok, getting off topic here!” Rachel said loudly. “Do you guys remember that time we snuck out and drove all the way to LA?”

Jon smiled, “Yeah, that was seriously the most fun I’ve had my whole life.”

“I still can’t believe we made it driving from Las Vegas to LA and not get caught.” Brenda said with a reminiscent look on her face.

“Well, technically we DID get caught, remember?” Spencer asked, “Brendon’s cell had a GPS tracker thing on it and when his dad found out his cell said he was in Cali, he called all of our parents and they said we weren’t around either. Like, pretty much all of the adults in our lives got mad at us.”

“Yeah, but still it was so much fun!” Rachel said, “We were all in Jon’s mom’s SUV…Jon, Brendon, Spencer and I took turns driving-”

“Oh my god, remember Spencer almost crashed the freakin’ car?” Ryan said, making the whole group start cracking up. “Hey, it wasn’t my fault the stupid deer decided to run into the middle of traffic right after I had downed a whole liter of Red Bull!”

“But it was your fault that we almost swerved into the opposite lane.” Jon pointed out. “And yet, we survived by some weird miracle.”

“Ooh! Remember when Lilly and Brendon almost got mugged while they were walking to the corner store?” Brenda said, making everyone burst out in hysterical laughter. “Oh my god, I will never forget that! Freakin’ Brendon here took that guy out in like, one kick!” Rachel exclaimed.

“Why thank you! Thank you very much!” Brendon said in a cheesy Elvis Presley impersonation. “Those karate classes came in handy huh?” Lilly nodded, “I’m glad your mom talked our parents into making us all take that class together. Or else we probably would have been traumatized for life.”

“LA was awesome, no doubt about it.” Spencer said, and everyone agreed. Suddenly, Ryan became thoughtful. “What wrong with you, boy?” Lilly asked.

“Well, I was thinking…maybe we could all do that again?”

“We could all do what again?”

“Go to LA.” Everyone feel silent as they considered Ryan’s idea. Finally, Jon spoke up. “I think that’s a great idea.”

“Me too!” Brenda agreed. “Me three!” Spencer said. All seven friends thought it was a great idea, although they only had one problem. “How are we going to convince our parents to let us go? Last time didn’t exactly go so well.”

“But, that was sophomore year! We are freakin’ seniors now!” Brendon cried. “Yeah! Every senior is entitled to at least one out of state joy ride during the year, right?” Rachel asked. “But they will kill us if we sneak out again. Shouldn’t we at least ask so that they won’t spend 24/7 worrying about us.” Brenda said, stating the obvious.

“Maybe we could persuade them to let us go. I mean, thanksgiving vacation is coming in like three weeks! We could go then!” Ryan suggested. “Hmm…”

Spencer said, “I think you’ve got a point right there. I mean, there is NO way they are just going to let us go just like that. But maybe if we show them that we are adult enough and are responsible enough to travel all the way to Los Angeles by ourselves without getting arrested or getting mugged or getting into an accident.”

“How are we supposed to persuade them?” Lilly asked. “Well, I have no idea, maybe we should leave that to them.” Ryan sighed. “We’ll have to call the ‘Council of the Parents’ to order.” Jon said, and everyone nodded.
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