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Cali's is missing Adam, but maybe Frank can fix that.

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Chapter Eight

The bang of the door broke the silence in my apartment. I wasn’t in a mood for conversation or even company. Earlier that morning, I had received my bridal dress, and in exactly two hours I was suppose to be marrying Adam.
So I sat there staring at the dress lying on my bed with a bottle of wine in my hand.
Finally, with one last bang I gave up on my hopes of solitude and tranquility for the moment.

“What” I yelled as I flew my door open.

“Well aren't you just sun shining bright today.”

“Frank” I wiped my face as a few tear slipped my already disastrous face, “today’s not a good day”.

“Aw, come on Cal,. why don’t we go down to flee market or go for a walk in the park”.

“Seriously Frank I just want to be left alone” I exclaimed.

“Sunshine, today is what you make of it and if choose to mope, fine so be it. Or you can come with me and we can go shopping down at flee market and enjoy the beautiful city. But it’s your choice”.

“Bye Frank” I replied and shut the door.

I stood for a moment, not letting go of the door until it just all came crashing down on me again. I slid down to the floor, bawling my body up and just crying. I put the bottle to my lips in hope that it would just all go away, and someday just maybe I could forget about him.

I didn't realize how long it been since I had been on the floor, but soon the time just smeared together and somehow I ended up on the couch passing out.

A knock door at startled me. I wasn't planning on answering it, until I had noticed my guest wasnt going to leave until I answered. So I fumbled around and finally got the door unlocking it
and opening it to once again Frank.

“Today I’m not letting you make a choice” he began, “ You have ten minutes to get dressed and then your coming with me”.

I didn’t reply I just left my door open and got ready, never once did I question him. I just did it.

“Frank, where are we going exactly?” I questioned.

We had been walking for about fifteen minutes and I was already agitated with everything in my life.

Frank replied by grabbing my hand and pulled me through the city. We finally started to slow our pace as we got into the park. We went through a dirt path that was covered in trees, until we hit a clearing. He plumped down against a shaded tree that sat near a patch of dandelions. He tapped his hands down on the ground next to him.

“Well are you going sit down or am going to have to tie you down and pull you over her?”

I crossed my arms and sighed, I really wasn’t in the mood for his games.

“Come on Cali just sit down,” he said again.

I looked at him and finally gave in.

“There” I huffed at him.

He gave me a crooked smile, “now was that really that hard to do”.

I didn’t say anything and decided to keep my face down, occupying myself with the ground.

“Fine don’t say anything, but look up at the sky” he said, and I did. “Do you remember when I told you what my favorite time in the world is”.

I though for a moment. “I said it was twilight, which is now,” he continued. “Do you remember why my favorite time is twilight?” he answered himself again. “Because of this” he pointed his hand towards the sun. “The sunset, the most beautiful site in the world with a beautiful girl right next to me”.

He looked at me and I had tears running down my face. Though, not for the same reason this time, because these tears are not ones of sadness, but of joy. I pressed my head against his shoulder and whispered softly, “thank you”.
He smiled at me and then looked back towards the sunset.

Little did I know then, but Frank was showing me a very special side of himself. A side of him that no else knew about, not even to this day, and I cherish that. That clearing in middle of the park became our spot, our place. We could hide there forever and watch the sunset.
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