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In The End

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Where it all started...

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Yo! Tis I My--Toro--Romance! Uhm/... Well its a story/fic/baby and its a good un. Its gonna be like a billion chapters!!
Anyhow... I think this will be my best yet. I have stolen the identities of my friends (with their permission of course... -grins like a grinning person-) and renamed them/switched their sexes/and incorporating into the whole MCR thing.
Disclaimer: Dont own MCR or anything else you recognise.
WARNING: contains homosexuality (m/m f/f m/f/m) swearing, death, drugs and FOOTBALL -screams-
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I reeled back away from the door, stumbling blindly, crippled by what I had seen. I heard a cry.
"Frank, Frank! Its not what it looks like!" Angry, I turned,

"Yes it fucking well is and you know it!" I was furious, Marie, my girlfriend of 3 years, had apparently not been entirely committed in the relationship! I slumped down the wall, head in hands. What have I done to deserve this? I asked myself. Where did I go wrong? I heard footsteps thudding down the stairwell and felt warm arms wrap themselves around me.

"Oh Frank," Marie sobbed, "Im so sorry, this is all... my... fault..." I looked up, her tears mingling with mine, my face pressed against hers. Then I saw Josh.

Let me explain the accident that is Josh Harrow. Born and bred in New York City, sent here when his parents couldnt cope with his big boy attitude. In short, a little bit of an arse. And if that doesnt make you utterly despise him then how about this. I, Frank Iero have lost every single girlfriend I have ever had, to Josh Harrow. Why? Because at any opportune moment he welcomes them into his pants with open arms. Hate him now? Well if you dont, fuck off.

Back to the present. Josh had sidled out from behind a pillar wearing an expression of mock guilt. He placed a hand on Maries shoulder. She turned and gave him a small smile through her tears and untangled one of her hands from my hair to hold his. For some completely unknown reason (...) anger surged through me (hey, I know why! She was my girlfriend and she was holding hands with some guy that had ruined my life!). I threw Marie aside and leapt to my feet.

"Right, you and me outside" I stated, my voice quivering with rage. He shrugged,

"Ok man, calm yourself, and are you gonna let me get dressed first or are you going to fight a guy in boxers?"

"Get dressed. Quickly." He sauntered off, whistling and swinging his arms. He is so arrogant I thought as I stood watching him. Moments later he emerged from the bedroom in a hockey sweater and trackies. He cracked his knuckles and swaggered towards the roof stairs.

"Come on then emo boy, come and fight me you pussy!" I walked slowly after him.


On the roof

We circled, like wolves ready to attack a helpless human. I glared at him, my eyes boring holes into his sockets. Suddenly, without warning, he lunged towards me, swinging his fists. Surprised by this sudden movement I stumbled backwards and tripped over a pipe. My feet flew over my head as I tumbled backwards. My head caught on the edge of a generator and everything went black. But I was still conscious, and very much alive. My shoulders thudded into something solid and I fell to the floor. Blinking furiously I stood. My vision began to gradually return in vague spots of colour. I shook my head and was relieved to find that when I next opened my eyes I could see again, if a little blurry. Feeling more confident, I turned back to face Josh.

And was greeted by the lovely feeling of having a metal crowbar smash into my face. Marie, who had followed us up, shrieked.
"Frank! Oh my god! What the fuck Josh!"
I swayed on the spot, my vision gone again. I could feel the blood trickling down my face. It wasn’t a wholly unpleasant feeling and I opened my mouth to taste the metallic taste of blood. I spat out on the concrete.
"Ugh! Gross!" My snot was also mixing with the blood, and I guessed that I looked absolutely fabulous. I felt the pressure in my head rise to an unbelievable high and passed out.
But what I didnt and couldnt have known was that as I toppled backwards I landed on the low wall surrounding the roof. Marie saw and screamed, running forwards with her arms outstretched but in the heat of the moment she tripped and in turn landed on my unconscious body. That was all it took and I was gone. Over the edge, on a flight of 90 floors.
Jetting down to the sidewalk below. On a highway to hell.


Bobs POV

"Fucking SHIT!" I yelled as I threw my drumsticks across the room. I was really getting annoyed. This was the 3rd day of recording and I still couldnt get the rhythm right on this fucking song! The door to the booth opened and I looked up from where I had been banging my head on the tomtom.

"Uhm... Bob?"

"Yes?" It was Hayley.

"Youre having a little trouble with that arent you?" She asked in a gentle voice

"Oh...yathink?" I asked sarcastically

"Yes I do think" she replied, playing along "And you really need help" she gave me a rather attractively seductive look, I blushed.

Oh, did I mention? Yeah Hayley is, as of next week, my girlfriend of 4 years! How cool is that! I should really stop thinking like this but fuck it, its Hayley fucking Williams! No biggie, its not like she’s some world famous superstar with crowds of adoring male fans. She is just simple plain Hayley Williams and her little band Paramore. The name was my idea and Im quite pleased with it really. I will explain another time.

Anyhow, at this point she was now sitting on my drum kit with skinny jean clad legs waving in the air as I spun her around, giggling delightedly.
There was a crash and bits of plaster rained down on me.
"What the fuck!" I yelled, storming out of the booth into the studio, followed by Hayley.

Lying in a heap of dust and insulator was a man.

And he looked like he was dead.


Emily= I know I said it was long but I cut it into four bits because the amount there was was just silly.

Love it? Hate it?


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