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The Infamous Captain Rufus

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Rufus loses a bet to Reno and Rude takes amusement in it. RudexRufus

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Reno,Rude,Rufus Shinra - Published: 2008-05-24 - Updated: 2008-05-24 - 572 words - Complete

The sight before him wasn't one that Rude had ever, in his life, expected to see. In front of him, in the place of the powerful, dignified president who signed his paychecks stood a grumpy and defiant-looking young man. A pout turned down the corners of his mouth and made his bottom lip jut out a little. A single blue eye looked pleadingly at Rude, silently begging for the help his pride wouldn't let him voice even in his undignified state. Behind the blonde, lips curled up in a proud smirk, stood what Rude could only imagine was the source of Rufus's discontentment.

The bald Turk raised an eyebrow at Reno. The redhead's smirk widened into something positively wicked at the silent question. His suspicions confirmed, Rude turned his gaze back to his boss. It was difficult to keep a straight face: Rufus looked entirely too amusing like this.

"You lost the bet," he said. Rufus hung his head a little and the big black hat on his head slid lower so the Jolly Roger on the front hung over his eyebrows. Rude felt a grin tug at his lips a little and had to force it away. It wouldn't do to invoke the wrath of a sulky Rufus, for it would be greater and more inventive than usual. Reno must have had to physically force him into that... Rude shook away the mental images conjured by the thought as Reno slid off Rufus's desk and draped an arm over the blonde. "Lost it big time, yo."

Arms clad in billowing white sleeves crossed over Rufus's chest as he looked away. "I refuse to be seen like this," he said. "This is undignified and tasteless."

Mentally, Rude disagreed. He thought Rufus made a fairly dashing pirate... though he could do without the eye patch obscuring the other eye. Rufus definitely looked better, and scarier, with both. Reno's laugh drew himself out of his thoughts though. "That's part of the point, /Captain/," he teased. Adjusting the hat on Rufus's head made the younger man groan. Rude thought it was a good thing the president's shotgun was nowhere in sight--Tseng would pissed if Rufus blew a hole in the Turk's head.

"Captain Rufus, huh?" Rude's amused voice clearly grated on Rufus's nerves, for the other shot him a nasty glare that, had Rufus not been decked out in pirate attire, would have possibly silenced him. As it was, Rude couldn't help the teensiest smile--the glare made the blonde all the more adorable, even if it meant there way no Rude was getting sex tonight.

"When I get back from this costume ball," Rufus hissed, "I am personally going to kill you both." With a final nasty glare, Rufus turned from them and headed for the door. The gold coins at his belt jingled merrily as he moved in an amusing counterpoint to the dark cloud that was Rufus in a bad mood. Reno grinned at Rude as he passed and handed him an envelope as he followed the subject of his entertainment out the door and Rude know that no, he was definitely not going to get laid tonight, especially if Reno kept tormenting the blonde. But as he looked down at the handful of pictures of Pirate Captain Rufus Shinra that Reno had put into his hand, the Turk thought that maybe, just this once, it would be worth it to go without.
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