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Dear.. Gerard..?

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Gerard is an advice columnist for the school newspaper. .:Frerard Fluff:. I guess it's sort of original, I mean, I haven't read one like it, so yeah I guess that would be called original..?

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I picked up one of my several letters to 'Dorothy,' my column name.

I tore open the envelope, and began to read.

Dear Dorothy,
I love someone, but they don't know. They can never know. I'd be destroyed if they, or anyone for that matter, knew. But.. she... is just too amazingly beautiful. Black hair, honey colored eyes, milky white skin. What could get any better then that? But anyway, I know that..she... Will never love me in the same way I love... her... How can I show.. her... That I love.. her... without.. her... finding out?


"Wow." I said aloud. That girl pretty much described me, except for the whole beautiful part. I replied to Loveless.

Dear Loveless,
I have the same problem. But the.. girl... I'm in love with has brown hair, hazel-green eyes, and an olive type complexion. What I do, is give hints. A smile here and there, a small 'friendly' hug, an invite to a hangout session, ya know, that sort of thing. I don't think.. she... has any idea that I'm madly in love with.. her... Hope it works for you.


The next morning, I walked through the high school doors and saw my best friend, Frank, walk down the hallway. He walked casually over to me, smiled, grabbed me lightly and gave me a small hug.

"Hey, Gerard." Frank said.

"Ayyyy." I replied playfully.

"Wanna hang out tomorrow? Like watch a movie or somethin'?"

My heart stopped. That's exactly what I had advised Loveless to do.

Coincidence? Maybe.

"Um, yeah, sure. Sounds like fun." Frank smiled wide.

"Okay, well I think we oughta head to class. Bye, Gee."

I slowly walked to first period, and pondered on the whole Frank situation. He couldn't have been Loveless anyway, this Loveless person was in love with a SHE not a ME. I pouted the whole day.

Gerard's House

I stomped down the stairs and into my room. I had yet another Dear Dorothy letter. This one read:

Dear Dorothy,
Loveless again. I did what you had said to try. I think it worked. She-

I stopped reading there because I could faintly see an erased word under she, it looked to be he. That was the second time my heart stopped today. It was Frank! Wasn't it? It had to have been.

I stopped my self battle and continued reading.

Shes... coming over! I'm so excited. I've been waiting since the first time I met.. her... in freshman year. What should I do once.. Shes... over? Please help!


I was so giddy because now that he said that he met this her in freshman year, when Frank and I had met, I just knew it had to be him. I replied:

Dear Loveless,
Good for you! I think that you should tell.. her... vaguely, what you feel. Not too straight on, though. I bet.. she... feels the same. Good luck!


Next Day -Saturday-
Frank's POV

I was super happy today. Gerard was coming over!! Thank GOD for Dorothy! I washed up and got out several movie choices. I had just started contemplating if I should actually take Dorothy's advice and, sort of, tell him what I felt, when I heard a round of three knocks on the door. I opened it to reveal the pizza guy.


"That'll be $11.50."

I handed him a 20 and told him to keep the change. I stalked off into the kitchen and placed the large half cheese half veggie pizza on the table. When I walked back into the living room, I saw Gerard sitting on the sofa. I realized that I hadn't locked the door.

"Hey, Gerard. You scared me for a second, I didn't know who was sitting on my couch." I giggled.
"I'm not Gerard." He said in a fake growl.
"Really? Then who are you?"
"I'm... - DOROTHY!" His voice rising several octaves on the name.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck. Shit. Damn.

"Uh, erm, um.. What!?" My voice cracked.

"Yepp! I'm the advice columnist and I got your letters and when you sent the second letter, I realized it was YOU!" He said joyfully.

I could tell I had an 'I'm-gonna-vomit-if-you-keep-talking' expression molded to my face.
"Eh... So.. You gave me the advice, to tell you how I feel about you?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said, somewhat sheepishly.
"But.. Why?"
"That's not an answer."
"You didn't let me finish. I was going to say... Because, I feel the same way about you as you feel about her." He chuckled on 'her' because he clearly knew I had been meaning 'him' the whole time.
"You-You do???" My voice rose.
"Oh Gerard! I never would have thought! Wow."
"Yeah, I know." he grinned. "Oh Frankie, your one of a kind. You know that?"
"Yepp, and so are you, Dorothy."
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