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First Kiss

by ChibiRuka 3 reviews

A drabble about Haruka and Michiru's first kiss. Reviews are always appreciated.

Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Haruka (Uranus), Michiru (Neptune) - Published: 2005-05-11 - Updated: 2005-05-11 - 284 words - Complete

Dislcaimer: Not mine. Not for sale. Period.

I am not the sentimental type, but there are some things one should never forget. First kisses are important. I will never forget my first kiss, because it was given to someone whom I will always love and cherish. First kisses.

She told me she wanted to ride in my car. Without a doubt, I knew how she felt for me. Although I had just met her, I knew the moment I met her that she was the woman in my dreams. Although I had tried to run from her, I knew from the start that there was no escape. I knew she loved me before she even met me. In the same way, I knew I loved her before I met her.

We stood at the edge of the road, me leaning on the railing, Michiru standing beside me. Our hair was being tousled in the sea breeze. From here, we could see the waves crashing on the shore. We stood in silence. No words were needed. We were comfortable simply standing together. She broke the silence. She looked up at me and said, "Haruka."

I turned my head to look at her. Her eyes, the colour of the ocean seemed to see through to my very soul, as they always did when she turned her gaze upon me. "Hai?"

Michiru seemed to consider what she wanted to say for just a moment. "Please kiss me," she requested sweetly. I couldn't say no to such a sweet request. I drew her into my arms and she wrapped hers around me. She felt like she belonged there. I bowed my head and reverently kissed her.

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