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read and find out.

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~4 months later~
March 25

I am now 4 months along and I have never been happier in my life.
Frankie and I have been really happy together and nothing has happened between
us at all since we got back together. My mum gave me the choice to stay home from school
or keep going to school and I chose to keep going.

"Hey baby" said Frankie as he came up to me and we hugged and kissed
"you ready to go home?"
"alright" he said and we left the school.

"yeah babe?"
"I was thinking, how do you like the name Keighan if its a boy?"
"Khez, I love that name"
"I think that if we have a boy then we should name him Keighan"
"I think so to" he said and we kissed
"Frank, Khez" said Mikey as he came running up to us
"dude, what are you doing here?" said Frank
"you have to come to My house now"
"why? what happened?"
"we just got some really good news, and you both need to come now" said Mikey and we went to his house.

"Whats up guys?"
"dude, we just got some awesome news" said Gerard
"what is it? what is it?" said Bob (Ray and Bob were already their)
"alright. alright. you know how we played our gig on Friday night?" said Gerard
"well I got a call from this guy from Eyeball Records, and he said that he was at our gig on Friday, and he said that he really really liked us and he wants to sign us" said a very excited Gerard
"Seriously?" asked Ray
"hell yeah" said Gerard
"dude, I cant" said Frank "what about Khez and the baby"
"Well the guy said that we stay here to record our record, which is in the summer, and then when we are done with the record we start touring and he said that the baby and Khez can come to"
"really?" I asked excitedly
"awesome" said Frank and I.
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