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Hot Water

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During the war, Ichigo relaxes in the Kuchiki bath house. Slight Ichigo/Byakuya. Written in response to the prompt: Hedonism.

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Hot Water
by: etenalsailorsolarwind AKA youkai_girl

Disclaimer: Bleach and all of its characters are owned by Tite Kubo, his Japanese publishers, and Viz. I just play with them for fun.

A/N: Written in response to the Week 18 prompt at bleach_contest: Hedonism. This was actually my first idea for this prompt. During the war, Ichigo relaxes in the Kuchiki bath house. Slight Ichigo/Byakuya.


“Thanks, that's enough,” called out Kurosaki Ichigo. The servant in charge of the Kuchiki bath house was stoking the fire to heat the water for him. “You can go back to the mansion now.”

The man politely took his leave, and once he was out of earshot, the substitute shinigami was able to finally relax completely. Tension drained from tired and over-used muscles, leaving him feeling rubbery and weak. Sighing, the orange-haired young man allowed the simple, hedonistic pleasure of a hot, steamy soak to calm his jangled nerves and sore body.

Once a week at least, Ichigo retreated to the Kuchiki estate to restore himself from the horrors of the war; Rukia has insisted that he use their bath house as a place to unwind. Ichigo suspected that it was partial payment for dragging him into the conflict. But he'd demurred until Byakuya had agreed that he was welcome there and on the grounds of the estate itself.

It was just what he needed to stay sane in this increasingly insane war.

Allowing himself to drift, the sound of the shoji opening brought Ichigo out of his doze. Opening one brown eye, he saw the master of the estate enter; minus the kenseiken and wearing only a brief towel. A small smile crossed the noble's face; masks fell here in the privacy of the bath house.

Byakuya dropped the poor excuse for a towel, and joined him in the water. Greeting his lover with a kiss as steamy as the water, Ichigo decided it was time to indulge in the other pleasure he'd found here.
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