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Notes of our own

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"These could be our secret, we wouldn't have to tell anyone about them." If only Mello knew the crashing impact that a slip of paper could have. *MelloxNear*, rated PG-13 for Mello's colorful v...

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"What do you mean, Roger?" The older man sighed, rubbing his temples. The cell phone clicked, the white message speaking of such hard words, but without emotion. It reminded him somewhat of his competitor.

The last autumn leaf clung to the outside tree, and broke off, almost to represent the falling silence between the trio. A blonde boy stood before his caretaker with an intimidating demeanor, for a fourteen-year old. Mello had always had the same attitude, the same personal style. Being alone in your own world had been very challenging. There had only been one other boy, Near, who had ever truly caught his attention to think of.

Near was a small, pale albino boy, about sixteen of the time. He was so eerily quiet, and even when he did decide in the rare moment to speak, all that one could decipher was a low, raspy voice and a few large words or two. To his lower, Near did not seem so grand. Mello hadn't made an enemy of Near, but had to keep himself from getting too attached to himself any ways.

Mello looked down at the oak floor beneath him, then at the boy who appeared to be working on a white puzzle. "Did L ever choose a successor?" Roger pushed up the tip of his glasses. Mello's mind begged an answer, desperately asking for the one. But he immediately pushed it away, a sad feeling crowding him.

"Well, actually, he did not. I always's thought you two..could work together!" His hands clasped slowly, holding the base of his neck and signifying approval. Mello was taken back at this. Of course he hadn't been too angry, but he would not have ever shown it. He had to hold tight. Instead, he just turned, managed the tightest frown he could, and allowed himself to relieve the tension growing underneath.

"Roger, you know Near and I do not get along," Mello stated as calm as he possibly could. All of the convincing in the world would never change this man's opinion. He could not attempt to choose one or the other, he would have failed miserably. He was in no right position to do that. The only option left was the one in front of them.

Somewhere in the middle of the consoling, Mello felt himself go a bit over the edge. His mind and mouth would just not cooperate. His mouth moved, without his mind's consent.
All of a sudden, the world came back, crashing pretty damn hard. He was so very unaware of what had been said. "Mello," came an old voice, followed closely by a sigh, "Near, you two should rest now, goodnight." His hands were covering his face and Mello nearly felt a tinge of...pity? For the man's to-come stress.

Meanwhile, the two boys walked down the dead-quiet halls, looking out the windows and into the night sky, but never saying a word. Tonight they'd walked alot slower. Almost as if they were thinking the exact same thing. Mello stole a quick glance over at his side out of plain curiosity. He'd never actually noticed, but Near could be beautiful sometimes.

"Mello, no! We have gone through this before with Matt. You cannot have relations with another boy again, it won't work, it won't work!" Mello frowned at this inner dialogue and tried to shut it up. He satisfied a craving to look once more and this time caught sight of a pair of sad, grey eyes. He'd not taken in the fact that they'd reached their rooms. Mello's room was conveniently located five feet directly straight across from Near's, and he had not noticed any significant movement.

The moonlight shone through a hall window, illuminating Near's pale complexion, while dulling his lifeless orbs. Mello shot Near a sad, goodnight look, but yelped quietly when he felt a freezing hand touch his. He looked down into his hand. Near had handed him a neat, perfectly folded slip of paper with a large "N" labeled onto the front. For the first time in what seemed like forever, Mello could have sworn he'd seen a choked smile come across Near's gaze.

Even from a few feet, and let alone in the dark, the two could feel breath and Mello could see Near's embarrassment. A long moment passed, before Near gripped the handle of his door. "Read it, Mello. And, goodnight." Near slipped into the door after his voice had stabbed the faze.

Mello just held it, eyeing it quite delicately. "Yes...ahem..goodnight..Near.." Mello mumbled only because he was in such awe that some one had actually taken a day's time out to write to him. And him, personally. Only him. Mello quietly shut the door, winding his slim waist over the door and locking it. He leaned against the back of the door, and unfolded his note.

Inside it, was an unbelievably neat, fitting note. Near, being the uncanny perfectionist he was, would not allow even the most casual thing to pass. Mello smiled warmly, and read to himself.

Dear "Mello",

I am sorry that L's death has affected you in such ways. It has truly hurt me to lose such a role model, but I believe you have been damaged by this. I am quite sure you are convinced that I hate you, and only care to be successor. That is suprisingly untrue. I happen to care about you, Mihael. It cannot be fairly normal to like another of my gender, but will I ever reach the smallest level of normalcy? I am able to accept this. I have sent you this in regards to warn you not to be making any impulsive or rash decisions in the heat of this. If this means as much to you, I would step down, obviously. You'd be risking your own life. I cannot stand for that. If I may, I'd like to continue sending you notes such as this one. It enables me to speak my mind, as well as you. I enjoy knowing more about you. You are honestly the only other person that would allow me to do so. That is very special to me. If you do wish to write back, go ahead. But keep in mind that these will be personal, shown to no one else. They will be our secret, and ours alone. I hope you write back very soon.


Mello smiled at times, and then felt enraged at some. He felt weird, how Near would even try to nurture such a friendship. He felt weird how he'd cared. It was so honest, and almost pathetic. But it made Mello smile. Mello smiled, and lifted off of the door. He carefully wrapped the note into a nice cylinder, and shoved it into his revolver he kept hidden in private. Azure eyes stared once again into the face of the pale moon. He sighed, hugging himself, and threw his body onto the small bed. He'd write back soon, that was for sure. But he was not too sure just how to keep this a secret..

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