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Never More

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While Jeffery is away fighting across the ocean Raven is left in charge of the dark castle, whatever will she do?

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-Emily's clothes were in shambles, having been torn repeatedly by broken bones that had broken through her skin. Her short blonde hair was now splattered with blood along with the rest of her body. Once again she fell toward yet another orb. She hit the volley ball sized sphere face first and instantly her head snapped back and her neck was broken. As always she did not die.

-The impact sent her into a backward spin and within seconds her face reformed back to normal, though the blood that had drained from her crushed sinus remained. Several seconds later she slammed into several more metal orbs and got stuck between them. Her organs crushed and unable to move or breathe she cursed the bastard who had condemned her to this hell. One thing he had forgotten to mention was that his little immortality drug also made it impossible for her to be knocked unconscious, or to sleep.

-After five seconds the orbs that held her captive simply vanished and she was free falling once again. She had been in this place for weeks, maybe longer. There was no day or night in this place, no way of telling time. There was only the constant pain and the sound of her own bones breaking. She had tried jumping from sphere to sphere but they were far too slippery, nothing she tried worked. After the first few days she had stopped screaming form the pain hopping that the dark lord would grow bored and release her. Now she wondered if anyone even remembered where she was.

-Raven watched General Emily falling through the dimensional mirror. With the master away she had been left in charge of watching over the place, though it was hardly necessary. With the American military gone and the dark territory covering an entire state there was very little that could threaten the castle. She would much rather be with him, though even after all this time she still did not know his real name. Even so, she had no desire to question anything he commanded.

-Raven nearly smiled as she watched Mrs. Emily's body twist and bend in half, it was almost comical. Finally bored, Raven pressed a button on the device Scylla had made and the window closed. The master had another device with him across the sea so he could check in on his would be nemesis whenever he wished. She wondered what he was up to. No doubt slaughtering thousands and expanding his empire, having all that fun while she was left alone to wait for him.

-She had been alone for so long before she had finally found him. The only other person she had seen since that day, though he had odd tastes he was certainly an interesting man. He could be incredibly thoughtful and kind, when he wasn't killing people. She had instantly felt a connection to him, she often wondered if he felt it as well. She wasn't sure why he had taken her in, perhaps he sensed she was different, perhaps he was lonely too. Whatever the reason she hadn't left his side since, until now.

-She got up and made her rounds, walking the dank corridors of the castle, inspecting every room and crevice that she came across. As she walked the occupants of the castle hissed and growled at her as they scurried from her path. She stepped over the bones of human victims and weak demons that had been cannibalized by their own kind.

-"Where are you going, human?" a voice asked from the shadows. Raven didn't turn to look at her interrogator, she didn't have to. She knew the voice and the contempt in its tone. "Nowhere special, Marrow," Raven answered in her monotone voice, "take your wolves and do a sweep of the boarders, we don't want the master to be displeased when he returns."

-Marrow narrowed her eyes at the human girl but didn't say a word. The master had left Raven in charge and his word was law. Aside from Raven Marrow was the only other sentient left behind. Perhaps the master felt she was better suited to guarding the castle, or perhaps he did not entirely trust Raven. Either way the two of them were stuck together until he got back and it hadn't been easy.

-Before Raven had met the master it had been Marrow's job to guard and protect him. Now she was in charge of patrolling the boarders of the dark territory with her wolves. It was a job she was good at, her speed and senses were unmatched by any of the other demons. But she was fundamentally different from the others. The four sisters all took joy from battle and killing but marrow fought with hatred and anger making her far more vicious. Perhaps it was because she did not have a human form but whatever the reason she was the most hostile towards humans, and that included Raven.

-Marrow walked away to carry out Raven's orders. At least she could take out her frustration on any humans she found during her patrol and it would give Raven some time for recreation. With the master gone she was feeling anxious, it was time to blow off some steam. She thought about whether or not the master trusted her as she opened a door to the stairway. Several times he had deliberately given her the chance to attack him, appearing to leave himself open to attack. She had no interest in harming him of course; she desired only to please him.

-She walked down into the depths of the dark castle, down into the dungeon that was usually filled with the screams of those being violated in unholy ways. But now, only the whimpers and faint pleas of those that remained could be heard. Normally the four sisters spent hours raping and torturing the condemned, often at the same time. But with the four generals gone there was no one to torment the men and women that had been captured during raids or from battles.

-The master occasionally ravaged a young woman every now and then but he seemed to prefer watching his creations have their fun for his amusement. Perhaps he desired companionship more than sexual gratification. He had after all mounted his own parents as trophies above his throne to watch over him. And in their place he had created a new family, the four daughters that constantly fought for his attention, and Marrow, who had taken on a more maternal role.

-Raven thought of Marrow as she opened one of the dungeon doors. The large wolf always seemed to be by the master's side, but now she had been left behind just as Raven had. She wondered how the large wolf felt about that. Perhaps Marrow blamed Raven, they had never gotten along. Though Raven didn't get along with the generals either, all of the demons saw her as competition.

-Raven entered a long room that was dimly lit by a single torch. It was more of a hallway really, on each side there were doors, each leading to a small cell with a single prisoner chained to the wall. Raven looked through the window of one room and saw a young girl. She was probably around the age of eighteen with long blonde hair. She hung from the wall limply and her body was smudged with dirt but she was relatively untouched.

-The girl was pretty but Raven was not in the mood for a woman. She looked into another cell and saw a man in a most pathetic state. He hung with his head down, his stringy hair concealing his face and hiding his shame. Between his legs a bloody lump of raw flesh had replaced his genitals and the rest of his body was covered with cuts. Normally the four sisters killed their toys when they were done with them but on occasion a few unlucky souls survived the experience. It would not be long before the carnivorous insects that patrolled the cracks of the dungeon finished him off.

-Finally Raven found what she was looking for, a man in his twenties with enough strength to stand on his own. A few minor injuries told her that he was a fighter and that was perfect. She entered his cell and the man looked at her with confusion. No doubt he wondered why she was there, a definite sign that he had not been a captive for very long. She tried to imagine what was going through the man's mind; did he think she was there to save him perhaps?

-"Who...who are you?" the man asked in a whisper. Raven did not answer as she slowly approached him. She looked him over and was satisfied. The floor was stained with the dried blood of previous occupants and on a table laid several toys for her to use. She walked to the table and let her fingers glide over their surfaces. There were knives, pliers, candles, whips and harnesses. Most of them were stained from previous use but they were in good condition.

-"What are you going to do?" The man asked in a more urgent tone. Raven picked up the whip and looked it over. She wasn't as sadistic as the demons, but she didn't mind a little pain with her pleasure. The man didn't know how lucky he was, had she been anyone else he would end up like the fellow she had seen earlier. Just scraps for the bugs.

-Normally Raven didn't feel the need to indulge in such activities. Being near the master was all she needed but now he was gone and she was lonely once again. The man would make a good diversion, something to take her mind off of the master's absence. She wondered if the master missed her as she missed him. She hoped he did, if only to hasten his return. But until then, this would have to do. As she unraveled her whip she saw fear in the man's eyes, and she smiled.
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