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On That Foggy Night...

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ichigo, tired, scared, and angry, gets lost on a foggy night...while being chased by a mysterious person!

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On That Foggy Night

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I see him every day…since that night…I wasn’t sure if it was mist or fog…but I know…on that foggy night…I wanted to see him everyday…for the rest of my life…


"Why you little-!" a green-haired girl struggled, trying to hold another girl back.
"OOOHHHHH! When I get my hands on'll be sorry!!!" A tall boy with short blonde hair was standing 5ft. away from a pink-haired girl, which the green-haired girl was pulling back.
"Please, Ichigo-san! Stop this right now!" yelled the green-haired girl.
"But Lettuce-san! Did you see what he did?!" the blonde boy stuck his tongue out at Ichigo.
"That's it! Lettuce-san! I mean it! Let go of me!" Ichigo twirled in Lettuce's hands, which caused her to let go.
Shoulda’ done that sooner...' thought Ichigo. Lettuce, dizzy from the twirling, sat on the ground of Siashi Park. Ichigo's eye twitched at the blonde boy. He stared at her in a weird way. Ichigo walked forward, while the blonde boy walked backwards.
"It's payback time, Shirogane-san!" Ichigo ran forward at Ryou,(we all know his real name!) causing him to jump to the side. Ichigo looked back fast but saw no one.
"Where'd he go?" said Ichigo, talking to herself. Ichigo looked through the Park, but didn't find him. Meanwhile, behind a tree, sits a panting Ryou.
"She's...huff...nuts..." he panted, "All I did...huff...was stick tongue her..." Ryou looked left and right, then ran home with the little energy he had left in him.
"It's no use...I can't fin him anywhere" said Ichigo to Lettuce, who had recovered from her sudden dizziness.
"You could've gotten caught!" Lettuce said. Ichigo gave a sigh and said,
"By who? No one was watching..." Before Lettuce said anything, Ichigo Sighed hard. "You gonna' give me a lecture now? About the goodness of the heart, and human being will of blah, blah, blah! You sound like my mother every time you give that speech!"
“I-I’m sorry!”
“I could care less!”
Both of them silenced, with nothing left to say. They had been quieted, it seemed, but it's more like they didn't know what to say to change the other person's mind about Ichigo's behavior. Ichigo pouted and turned around. She started walking.
"Now where are you going? To look for Ryou-san?...Again?" Ichigo stopped and turned around, her face flushed.
"I'm going home!!!" she turned around again and ran on.
"Wait!" demanded Lettuce...but Ichigo ignored her. "Ugh...She's right...I do sound like her mother...I'm only a year older than her...but I won‘t give up!"

Ichigo ran on and on. She paid no attention to where she was going. She was startled to hear the Town clock "DING". She looked up at the time.
"10:00..." she muttered. She sighed once more and walked slowly, holding her hands up to the cramps in her sides from running. The summer sun had disappeared, but a winterish fog seemed to appear. It was frosty and damp. She could barely see 5ft. in front of her.
'Of all the times for the weather man to be right…sigh...' thought Ichigo, a little afraid. But what really scared her...was that it was deathly quiet. The dinging of the town clock had stopped. The only noise that Ichigo heard was the chattering of her teeth. The frost had chilled the air instantly.
"Where am I...?" said Ichigo aloud, not talking to anyone. She was so upset about Lettuce and Ryou, she had forgotten about home. Where was she?

Ichigo bundled up her courage and started walking forwards. Cold air drifted past her cheeks. her hair was moist. Her Pink tee-shirt, blue jean shorts, and white tennis shoes were damp by fog. She swallowed hard. Ichigo stopped in hesitation.
'What if I’m walking away from home? Which way do I go?! Oh no! Oh no, oh no!' Ichigo went down on the ground. Her eyes had little tears coming out of the corners. This was not her day.
The cement below her feet had little puddles in the cracks. She uncovered her eyes and looked at the cement. It was cold.
'What am I doing?! What was I doing-picking a fight with Ryou?! OMG! I'm so stupid! I should have stayed with Lettuce-san...stupid...!' Ichigo yelled at herself in her head.
Footsteps came up slowly from behind Ichigo. She lifted her head up fast. The steps grew louder. Ichigo stood up fast. The footsteps grew louder every second.
"Who's there?!" yelled Ichigo. No answer...just the footsteps growing louder by the second.
"Answer me!!!" Ichigo burst into tears by fear. She could feel the cold breath of the air down her back. The fog was watching her.

Ichigo thought of nothing else but to get away. She ran forward as fast as she could, clutching her stomach in horror. The taste of salt from her tears made Ichigo flinch. Her eyes stung.
"Stop it!" the footsteps kept coming.
"STOP!!!" Ichigo tripped over a rock and fell. Pain flew down to her foot. She had twisted her right ankle.
", away! GO!!!" the steps grew louder, and the speed of the steps increased. Ichigo nearly fainted. She tried to drag her self away. Knowing it was hopeless she stopped. Scratches covered her right leg - from being dragged. She buried her face in her knees, waiting for the worst. When the footsteps sounded inches away, they stopped. Ichigo's leg pulsed. A hand reached down and touched her shoulder. Ichigo started sweating rapidly.

"Are you awake?" said the person touching Ichigo's shoulder. "Are you okay?"
This calmed Ichigo slightly. The voice sounded sweet, and kind. Her face still covered by her hands, she said,
"I'm fine..." Ichigo could feel the person's eyes scanning her. This made her uncomfortable.
"Can you stand?" the voice asked.
"no..." replied Ichigo.
"Why not?"
"I think…I twisted it...running away..." she swallowed hard.
"Yes, I heard you. I'm sorry if I startled you." apologized the voice. "It's my fault you're hurt... I feel terrible..."
Ichigo slowly uncovered her eyes to look at the shadowy figure standing over her.
It was a boy about Ichigo's age with green hair like Lettuce, his hair was in two ponytails in front of his ears. He wore a brown tee-shirt, black shorts, black shoes with brown laces, and a red scarf.
He also had glistening, green eyes lined with an amber color.
"Who are you?" asked Ichigo in curiosity, over her fear.
"My name is Kisshu. What's yours?" he smiled.
Ichigo calmed a bit, "My name is Ichigo Momomiya. "

Kisshu's attention went to Ichigo's right ankle. "Uh-Oh!" Kisshu got on his knees.
Ichigo looked at him as he took off his scarf and tied it around her ankle.
"OW!" shrieked Ichigo.
"I'm sorry, but it has to be treated." Ichigo slightly blushed, but hid her face in her shoulders. When Kisshu finished, he helped Ichigo up. He was warm.
"Do you know your way home?" asked Kisshu. Ichigo looked down.
"I'm lost..." she said. Kisshu giggled a bit and said,
"Heh heh, I‘d be lost, too." Ichigo's ears turned red.
"Huh? are you sick, also?" Kisshu asked. Ichigo just noticed she was blushing and thought of something fast to change the subject.
" you live around here?"
"No. I'm here visiting some relatives. I'm thinking about moving here, though."
"It would be kinda less boring if you were here, I guess…"
"Heh heh...yeah, it would be kinda cool, huh?"

After about 45 minutes of talking, the fog cleared. They both looked at the sky.
"Well what do you know...the fog's gone." Kisshu still held up Ichigo. She looked around to see where they were, and amazed at their surroundings.
"That's my house! we were standing in front of it the whole time!" Kisshu looked at the house. It was ordinary sized, with green shutters and a big red door, two stories high. Kisshu walked Ichigo over to the door.
“Thank you for taking care of me, Kisshu.”
“No problem.”
“So…I guess I better get to bed. Tomorrow is the first day of school.” Ichigo slowly opened the door and stood at the entrance.
“I see…I’ll see you in a month or two.”
“I‘m going to move here. They said it was up to me.”
“Lucky! They let you choose?!”
“Heh heh heh…”

in the present

Kisshu has been my best friend ever since. some say...
we were more than friends.
it all happened...
on that foggy night.

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