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"When are you going to step into the real world Troian? And realize that what you’re looking for, the whole prince charming to sweep you off your feet true love crap doesn't exist."

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“I know you’re in here…” Cali sang softly. She pushed open the door and stepped into Troi’s room, finding her in the exact same spot she had been sitting on all week. There was a pause where she struggled to avoid rolling her eyes or growling and she closed her eyes for a second then smiled down at Troi. "What’s the story morning glory?"

She stared at the wall across the room, pretending she couldn’t hear her. If she tried hard enough she could block out her voice but was she felt guilty to do so. So instead, she just stared at the stupid, boring, white wall and focused on a spot. Cali pouted at her friend. “Alright, chica. This has gone on long enough; its been a haven't eaten, you haven't left the room. Dude, you look sick.” It was true. She hadn’t eaten anything in so long that she had forgotten was hunger was. Anything she had attempted to eat was tasteless so she saw no use in doing so. Her body was cold and paler than usual and her weight had dropped eight pounds. Pains like knives kept shooting through her head so bad she wanted lie on her side and bawl but her voice had diminished after crying herself to sleep for the first three nights. Calista gazed at her through worried eyes. “AND, you have dirty Pete Wentz hair. Damn it girl, you need a shower!"

Troi’s eyes flashed. For a second she actually had life in her. “I did shower,” she muttered. “Last night.”

Calista threw her hands in the air. "Not the point T-Star! You can't do this to yourself every time someone hurts you. That's not how life is. You shrug it off you move on or you'll never survive." Troi was sitting on the floor against the wall. Cali moved so that she stood in front of her She was so tired of this. She was so tired of seeing Troi fall apart.

One week. She had been sitting in the same room for one WEEK. Cali was surprised she was showering every day because she didn’t do much else but every now and then but drink water, go to the bathroom and change. Other than that she was being ridiculous. She hadn’t left her room since she had come home from Travie’s house where Patrick hold fucked up, again. Right now, Cali was glad that Patrick wasn’t around because whatever he did, it had reduced Troi to this and it was pissing her off. The first thing on her to do list was to smack Patrick across the head as soon as he saw him.

"So?" Troi shrugged, her expression bored and blank. "I don't care. This works for me." The way Cali glared at her would have normally made her feel bad but nothing really mattered to her anymore.

“This ‘you’ makes me want to hurl! When did you become this weak person, Troi? What happened to Ms. Independent, don't let no one tell me what ‘Cause I know it all? One guy and look at you. I want my friend back!" Cali nudged her with her foot and she growled. “Stop!” Troi muttered the words so low Calista wasn’t sure if she had imagined it because Troi hadn’t moved an inch. She was still as a cold statue. Calista groaned and took a few steps, pacing.

“Troi.” Cali gave her a look of warning. Her patience was running thin.

A fake smile crossed Troi’s lips making her looking chillingly robotic. “I've always been like this! I'm just good at pretending, Cali, I’m tired of it."

The tone of Troi’s voice was defeated. Cali stopped pacing and looked at Troi before going to sit next to her. She stared at the wall, joining Troi in her pose of life. "What are you tired of love? Talk to me."

Tears brimmed over her puffy eyelids and she willed herself not to cry because there was someone actually trying to comfort her, and she was pushing her away. Why did she always fuck things up like that? "Him, Cali! I'm tired of Patrick. I'm sick of hating him, I’m sick of loving him, and I'm sick of being used! I hate being the girl guys always use!"

Calista sighed in exasperation. "Welcome to the real world Troi love. That's just how guys are. 99.9 percent of them will fuck you over. That whole finding the perfect guy the first try is only for fairy tales, love. This is a trial and error thing so take what you've learned and try again! That's how real 'love' works." Being stuck on one guy using her and not being able to move was not good. Somehow, she just hadn’t expected this from Troi.

"Why?” Troi dismissed the explanation with a shrug. “It doesn't matter. They're all the same. They all look for skinny girls with huge boobs. They're all in it for the sex. I don't care anymore. I'm fine alone, right here, thanks."

Cali nodded, "Yes! All that right there and power to you, stay single and fuck men! But please get out of this fucking house girl. You can't just avoid all human contact. It builds character and is an important part of development. Now with that said, get dressed we are going to a Bar-BQ!" Calista jumped up expecting Troi to join her but she just glared. "No quiero!" Troi pulled her feet up to chest. "Have fun with that, I'll be right here." She pointed to the ground.

Cali narrowed her eyes and placed her hands on hips. "That wasn't a question. You’re gonna get your sorry butt up and get dressed. We are going out."

"How about, NO?” Troi crossed her arms and looked away. She wasn’t going anywhere. She was staying right here, in her room and that was perfectly fine with her. As long as she never had to see Patrick Martin Stump’s face ever again her life would go on without a problem. In fact, if she never moved again, things would be fine.

The fact that Troi thought she could sit in one spot forever was ridiculous. Cali rolled her eyes and turned even though she wanted to help her friend. “You know what...? Fine. Rot here, see if I care." She took a step towards the door.

Good, I'll do that!" Troi buried her face in her arms and Cali walked away. Then she glared at her friend’s back knowing she was right but a little voice in the back of her head kept reminding her of what Patrick could do to her if they crossed each others paths. He didn’t exactly play many mercy cards and fuck knew he liked to hit below the belt. All that shit about him being shy and sweet was a damn lie.

Two minutes passed. With every second impatience nagged at Cali and fear taunted Troi. Cali was going to sit it out and wait because hurt or not, she knew Troi, and it would only be a matter of minutes before guilt as well as common sense got to her and when it did Cali would be ready to pick out an outfit and dress her up.

Troi knew Cali was right, she usually was. But how was she supposed to do anything when all she could think about was Patrick?

Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. He was everywhere her thoughts could lead to. By now Troi wanted to rip up anything that had to do with him. She let out a breath of annoyance and got up. She was going to hate herself for this. It took all of her will power to drag herself to the living room.

She stood by the couch in silence waiting for Cali to acknowledge her. Cali just checked out her nails as if they were the most important thing in the world and pretended not to notice her, a secret smiled at her lips.

“Patrick won’t be there, right?”

Cali’s grin broke free. "Nope! He's in the studio or maybe it was Glenview…I dunno, Travis was going on and on and I blocked him out…"

"Fine, then I'll go." Troi forced out.

Calista smiled an evil smile and that scared Troi just a bit. "I hate you right now,” She growled as she made her way back to her room. She narrowed her eyes as she threw open her door. “Stop smiling!" She yelled over her shoulder.

Cali laughed harder. "You shut your face!"

"I hate you!" Troi yelled it louder but the smile on her face took away from the anger she was trying to project. Damn Cali and her abilities to make her happy without really trying. Cali rolled her dark eyes and nodded smugly. "That's what they all say right before they love me!"

Troi held up two shirts in the middle of not being able to choose. ”NOT ME!"

"Pshhh. Especially you...always you!"

A pout took over Troi’s expression and proceeded to whine "I don't know what to wear!

"Something slutty! I dig slutty" Cali yelled as she skipped to Troi’s room in eagerness. Time to play dress up!

“HELPPPPPPP!" Troi moaned overdramatically.

Cali pretended to fly in like superman and hopped with her last step, stopping in front of Troi. “Calista the fashionista at your service!"

It was hard not to laugh through her pout. "Fix it!" Troi pointed at herself wearing pajama bottoms and a bra. Now, she couldn’t surely go in that, could she?

Calista stroked her invisible beard and pondered the situation for a moment. "I think I can…" She dug through the drawers for a moment then threw a pair of skinny jeans at Troi and cute tank top with little black and pink stars all over it. Troi raised an eyebrow and shrugged on the jeans then the shirt.

"This is slutty?" Not that she wanted slutty, she was just asking.

However, she shouldn’t have said anything. The statement made Cali nod and point to her. “You're right!" She grabbed a fistful of the front of Troi’s tee and tugged so hard it ripped down the neck leaving Troi’s bra and breasts showing. “There, much better,” she mused as Troi’s jaw dropped to the floor.

"The fuck?" Troi stared down at her exposed bra. "I can't go out with my BRA showing! And you just ripped my shirt!" She frowned.

Cali just looked at Troi, then her own bra that was halfway showing then back at Troi like she crazy. “Why the hell not! It looks HOTT. You have great boobs, embrace them."

"NO." *Troi shook her head pointedly. "No-oh. See this?” She pinched a piece of her stomach. “Fat people can't do this,” she pointed at her exposed boobs.

Cali glared at her. “You calling me fat?"

"No, but I am! My boobs are hanging out!" She opened her mouth and pointed at herself again.

“First off, you're not fat!” Cali rolled her eyes and leaned against the dresser. “Stop complaining. Second, that's the whole point!"

"I refuse to go to a Bar-BQ with my boobs hanging out!"

Cali pouted.

Troi pouted back.


"No! People will be there! They'll see me!"

Cali rolled her eyes and Troi made a mental note to poke them out.” Duh! Come on Troi, you can't hide under huge tees forever!

"It doesn't have to be a huge tee! Just something other than this!"

"Just here," Cali handed her a black jean jacket. “Wear this over it then.”

"Do you not just have a regular shirt?" Even with the jacket, she looked unsure.

“You look FINE! Trust me. I would never let you walk out the house looking a mess... remember that one day you wanted to buy that one hideous shirt and I didn't let you?"


“That’s because I didn’t let you buy it!”

Troi just pulled the jacket tighter around her body. Of course she would attempt to fully cover herself and of course this would be one of those jackets that wasn’t supposed to full close. "I feel really weird dressed like this.”

“You look fine,” Cali repeated.


The entire way there Troi kept messing with the radio and pulling at strands of her hair in anxiety. Something gave her a bad feeling and her boobs halfway hanging out didn’t help. She changed the station for the sixth time before Cali slapped her hand in mid air and threatened to leave her alone, shirtless in the middle of fifth avenue. After that, they just rode in silence. Well, at least until Calista started singing Robin Thick and Troi joined her.


"I thought you said there was going to be a bar-BQ. Travis is just sitting on his ass." Troi looked around the room and sure enough, there was no food and Travie was bobbing his head along to a music video on T.V.

Cali looked at Troi with a sly smile. “Surprise! We are the party. Plus no ones here yet.” She smiled grandly, hoping Troi wasn’t planning her death for later.

That didn’t sound good. Troi glowered at Cali in suspicion. "Who else is coming?"

Cali pondered the question, careful to not say the wrong name. “Ummm…" She shot Travie a pleading look for support.

Troi looked ready to kill. "I swear to God, Cali. Tell me he won’t be here.”



She just but her lip; a small smile at her face and turned to Travie.


Cali bit her lip and looked away. "Ok so maybe there is no Bar-BQ.” Travie switched off the TV and came to stand behind Cali. His hands wrapped around her waist and he tried to smile too. He seemed to have taken an immediate liking to Cali. Ooh, someone had a crush.

"Then why did you bring me!"

“’Cause you need to get out into the world!” The statement offended Troi just a little.

Travie nodded in agreement and just stood there. He was of no help to Troi either. He was going on her hit list too. "Fine. I'm here. Introduce me to this great world of yours.”

Anger was not appreciated. “We just want you to be happy." Both of them pouted at Troi and batted their lashes. They were so not cute. Okay, maybe just a little.

"Fine. Make me happy. Go." Troi shook past them and slumped on the couch where Travie had been sitting.

She looked like an eight year old with her arms crossed like that. She was pissed at the fact that she had let Calista tricked her like that and there was no way she was staying if HE came because she couldn’t stand to be—she stopped in the middle of her mental rant with wide eyes as Travie pulled out a bag of weed.

Troi leaned back. “Whoa, whoa, if you think I am smoking th--"

They both grinned. "PEER PRESSURE!"

"No, no, I'm good. In fact, I'm kinda sleepy! I'll just go fall asleep in one of the rooms..."

She stood and Cali hopped off the arm rest and yanked her back. "NO! You’re smokin! You need some ‘fuck it’ in your system.” She tugged Troi back to the couch and patted the girl’s head.

"Fuck it, I don't want to." Troi smiled over-cheerfully. "See, there, I have some."

"No silly girl..."

"Yes," Troi twisted, trying to squirm away from their clutches.

Twenty minutes later Troi was wedged between the two of them, a pout on her face and she was forced to listen to them giggle between passing each other a stub of what was left of the weed. They had made it obvious that if she wasn’t going to smoke then she could sit there and watch them because she was not allowed to go sulk in an empty room. Besides someone had to tell them jokes.

"Travie!” Cali jumped all of a sudden. “Let’s go have sex!"

Oh, sure, on a normal basis she wouldn’t have minded had she been In another room. Troi raised an eyebrow. "Um. Dudes. I'm still here. She raised her hand like a first grader.

Cali’s face melted into a smile and she gazed at Troi through hooded eyes. "I know! You can join! Right Travie?"

The only thing she could do was laugh and match Cali’s smirk. "Oh, yeah, sure, that would swell."

Cali kissed Travie. “Travie tell her you want her!"

"Yes, tell me you want me,” Troi said in a silky voice.

Travie being Travie obeyed. He stopped his kissing on Cali. “Oh, I want you..."

"Yessss!" Troi cheered until he came closer then it was just a little bit weird “Uh, mmkay, Kidding." She raised her hands in defense, "Kidding."

"Cali,” Travie stuck out his bottom lip. “She's playing with my feelings."

"Aww baby its ok you still have me," and before Troi could make a face they were eating each other’s. So she just slumped onto the couch again. “Get a room!”

“Yeah! Let’s get a room!” Travie leaped at the idea and was already pulling Cali to the door when she pulled back and shook her head. “Maybe well stay here with you.” She would feel bad if she just left Troi here after guilting her into coming.

"No, its whatever it is you're going to do."

"No we stay."

"No, no, go."

Travie tugged at her in impatience. Troi was giving them permission so he didn’t understand why they were still there.

"Go on…go," Troi waved her hand towards the door. There was no use in them staying if they were just going to flirt and forget she was there.

“But you’re sad!” Calista pointed at her and Travie pretend to take a snap at her hand.

"No, look,” Troi pointed to her face and smiled.

“Caaaaaaliiii sexxxxxxxx.” If this was what was left of Travie’s dignity that Troi didn’t even want to know.

"Not in here, please!" She covered her eyes.

"Travis McCoy! Shut your face.”

Troi dropped her hands. "Children!"

"Yes mami?”

“Please, leave and have sex in place where I can’t see, hear or smell it afterwards!”

They were gone before she was even finished talking.

She sighed, slumping back in her spot. She had a feeling it was going to be a looong time before they were back. Where is the remote, she wondered glancing around the living room but too lazy to actually get up. It didn’t really because she wasn’t going to move anyway.

She was just beginning to enjoy the silence and the comfort of being alone when a familiar voice invaded her peace. In walked the devil himself on the phone with no other than the devil’s advocate. It sounded like he was arguing with it and Troi found pleasure in this. “Cindee! Listen to me! No, no—" The sight of her made him stare at the ceiling in irritation and he groaned.

She freaked out a little inside but she was doing her best not to let it show. "Dear God, shoot me now,” She muttered, turning back around. Just when she was starting to feel okay he had to come and screw things up again. I gotta get outta here.

Oh, great. She was here. Did she ever go away? Patrick rolled his eyes at the phone. "Cindee let me call you back"

Troi counted to ten but any attempt to not immediately hate Patrick on the spot was shot to hell. "Well, look what hell rejected."

He snapped his phone shut and glared at her. “We’re back to this being my fault, I see"

"I call it like I see it."

"What ever Ms. Holier than thou.”

"Better that than what you are."

He opened and closed his mouth a few times obviously starting to get pissed off. Why was it they never seemed to get along anymore? Troi ground her teeth together. The night was pretty much ruined now that he was here so there was no point in being nice.

"This is getting old you know... I mean the first time it was ok, but now its just over played.” Trust Patrick to egg the situation on and make it worse for himself. It was like he enjoyed digging himself into a hole.

Her eyes flashed. "Not my fault you can't seem to satisfy anyone."

He snorted. “Yeah, I’ll believe that when you’re not screaming my name so loud I can’t hear properly in one ear.” He knew just how to push her button and which ones made her blow a fuse. Only Patrick could know her so well and use everything he knew about her against her.

"Its called acting, I'm good at it,” she snapped back. She was standing now and her hands were on her hips. Everything about him pissed her off. She huffed, trying to stay calm. All she had to do was leave and all of this could be avoided.

And that would have worked except Patrick felt the need to piss her off. “Whatever I saw one of your plays and you aren’t THAT good an actress.”

"Maybe not amazing, but good enough to fake an orgasm." She was really starting to gather steam. Only he could get her this pissed in such a short amount of time. If it wasn’t such a bad thing it could probably count as a talent.

His green eyes seemed to sparkle, even as he laughed at her expense. “Right. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. He took a seat on the couch and put his hands up behind his head, his feet clanking on the coffee table smugly.

"God, why does it seem like I can never get away from you? You would think other people got tired of your dumbass and yet here you are. Poor Travie.” She moved around the couch away from him as if he might just be contagious.

“Nah, sweetie, they are all like you, they love me.” She whipped around at his words and glared daggers at him. "Not, they apparently aren't like me, because I HATE you." It was bad enough that he knew what he was doing but the fact that she loved him and he did it anyway made things worse.

The boy stared at her over his glasses then smiles warmly. He was cute and he knew it. “You wish you could hate me... you WANT to hate me.” She wanted to wipe that smile off his fucking face as he stood up and spread his arms out wide as if asking for a hug.

"No, I do hate you. In fact, I can't stand you!” She wasn’t going to stand there and let him make a fool out of her. Just because she felt something for him didn’t mean he could use that against her.

The of course he laughed in that way that made you want to have his babies and the anger flashed through her. He smiled cockily and went on, knowing he was winning and took another step toward her. “You can’t stand me but you love to fuck me. Hmmm, how does that work I wonder?” He tapped his chin with his index finger and pretended to ponder the idea. He looked so stunning even when he was mocking her.

He was getting to her and it was evident. "Shut up. Go back to fucking Cindee.” She growled.

"Ooh! Good comeback" He chortled. “But I like fucking you better; you’re so much more…needy." He stepped in front of her and took a strand of her hair; his face drawing near hers, “I like it when you tell me you love it that I pull your hair. It turns me on."

Damnit. She swallowed nervously. “I lied. I hate it,” she mumbled stepping back.

His eyebrows furrowed and he stared into her eyes hungrily. "Really?" He ran his fingers through her dark, straight hair and then pulled it ever so slightly. She knew she had no nerve endings in her hair but at that moment an electric shock ran through her body. His touch made her breath heavily. "Stop it, don't, just stop." She pulled away from him.

Patrick took a forward step to match her movements and pulled her closer. "Just admit it, Troi, you love it. You love everything I do to you." He tongue darted out and ran along her earlobe. Her knees were shaking.

Anger boiled beneath her skin and she pushed against his chest which, let me tell you, wasn’t that bad, he must have working out. "NO, I hate everything about you. I hate you, Patrick. It would have sounded real if she hadn’t been trying to convince herself more than she was trying to convince him. However, trying to push against Patrick was like trying push against a brick wall. There was no progress, only him gripping her waist and kissing her neck so softly it made her have to concentrate on breathing. "The only thing you're good for is hurting me,” She mumbled.

His ran his tongue along her neckline and kissed it. “Oh, I think I’m good at something other than that. He wore the most wicked of smiles.

It was hard to keep her eyes open because they were begging her to close them and let him do what he knew he wanted but damnit she was going to strong. She had to be. "Stop. It doesn't matter because I don't love you. Understand that.” She clenched her teeth together. “All you ever do is fucking hurt me."

He pressed his lips together and struggled to not groan. “Why do you always have to ruin everything with all this love crap?"

"Why do always have to ruin everything with this Sex crap?" She shot back.

“I don’t care if you love me; I just want to fuck you!"

"Well, I DO care and I DONT WANT TO FUCK YOU!"

"LIAR! You do want me! How many times must this happen for you to finally just admit it?” He was clutching her painfully close now and there was no way out for her, no matter what he decided to do. All she could do was glare through narrowed slits and hope that he felt how much she truly hated him right now. Anger was rolling off her in waves. “And how many times do I have to scream it before you understand that I don’t? I'm not stupid anymore, Patrick. If you think I'm going to stick around and be your fuck buddy then you’ve got another thing coming!

He rolled his eyes; it must have been his new trademark. She slapped at his hands. “I can't do this shit anymore. Maybe to you sex is just fucking someone but when I do it, it means something." She took this as an opportunity to push him away and stalk towards the front door. His tone made her stop in her tracks. His words were like knives to her heart.

"When are you going to step into the real world Troi? And realize that what you’re looking for, the whole prince charming to sweep you off your feet true love crap doesn't exist. All that a girl like you can hope to get is what I'm giving." The words made her mouth fall dry and she turned in her spot slowly.

"A girl like me?" The words were unsure.

"You know what I mean." His face was cold, hard; impassive.

"No, I don't. Please enlighten me." Her voice was soft, bordering on the edge of pain. She knew didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say.

He gave her a look and sighed when she didn’t look away. She stared hard, waiting for an answer and he wiped his hand on his jeans. There was no ‘nice’ way to say what he was going to say so he just said it, his words flat. “You aren't exactly the prettiest girl Troi. You're nice and all..." He shrugged as his words trailed off; obviously making the impact he had wanted.

Her face was vacant. She looked numb. Everything but her eyes. Her eyes betrayed her as she fought to blink back tears. "Right.” She choked out hoarsely. “I'm always nice...” She whispered the words mostly to herself. She pressed her lips together, her heart beating in her chest from her body trying not to break down. That was just low. That…there were no words to explain the kind of sting that threatening to break her. "Thanks, Patrick. I'm glad you could make the exception." Her eyes were glazed with tears.

"Come on, Troi. I used to believe in love but trust me, it doesn't exist. All that's out there is heart ache so get smart. The best consolation you can get is to know that at least that the person you decide to be with is decent looking.” Pain scratched at her insides and clawed at her dignity. Or what was left of it anyway.

"One of us had to be, huh?" She stared at the ground, feeling ashamed for ever trying to be happy. It was all so clear to her now.

Patrick’s eyes were hard. He was angry, but it was no longer directed necessarily at her. “Yeah. One of us does.”

Her body shook in place. There was nothing to say, he had pretty much covered it. She stood there in silence. There was nothing to do now but to take his offer because God knew that’s all she would ever get. She should be happy he was being so nice to her, right? He was doing her a favor. He caught her gaze and stared back. She couldn’t seem to find any compassion beneath those deep green eyes of his.

Muffled laughter broke the think silence between them.

Someone turned the doorknob and the air prickled with confusion when Travie and Cali stepped inside. Her eyes sparkled with amusement. She was well sexed and it was evident. Hell, it was practically written on her forehead. She was about to recap something funny Travis had told her, when her laughter cut short and she caught the expression on her face. Cali froze but it took Travie a minute to realize he was the only one still laughing. “What’s good?” He looked around in puzzlement.

“I was just going home.” Troi said softly, pushing past them all.

The door slammed behind her leaving the other three in a cold silence.


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