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Kish meets a half-Deep Blue female and half-human (Kish love story)

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Kish meets a girl by the name of Decanis Shirogane who is Ryou's sister but also half-Deep Blue cause her mother is from Deep Blue but betrayed them to married Ryou's father. Decanis turned around ...

Category: Tokyo Mew Mew - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Kisshu,Taruto - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2008-05-28 - Updated: 2008-05-29 - 759 words

Decanis just sitting there at the cafe she couldn't move because of the accident caused her legs to quit working she has a secret she is half-Deep Blue but fights for Earth against the Deep Blue people because they treated her like she was only an earthling. She doesn't even talk much either. "Decanis are you still here?" Ryou asked. Ryou went to Decanis's favorite spot and there she is. "There you are you should answer me." Ryou said. Decanis is telepathic but doesn't want to get in the way. "I know since the accident you can't walk and can't talk that's ok." Ryou said. Kish came down and saw Ichigo and the other Mew Mews. "Oh how great it's Kish." Ichigo said. Decanis really wanted to go outside just for once in her lifetime. Can I go outside, Ryou? Decanis thought. "Ok Decanis you can I'll get Keiishiro to get you out there so you can go out." Ryou said. Keiishiro came and carried Decanis outside, and Ichigo saw Decanis. "Decanis why are you out here it's dangerous." Ichigo said. Decanis waved that is ok. "Who's this?" Kish asked. Decanis wondered if she can use her own Deep Blue powers she hasn't in a while but Ryo knows his own sister is half-Deep Blue. Animas to my side that fight for Earth. "She's a Deep Blue?" Kish asked. Ichigo looked at Kish. "Yes, Kish, she is what you going to do now?" Ichigo asked. Kish fallen in love with Ichigo but wanted to be best friends with Decanis. "What's her name?" Kish asked. Zakuro looked at Kish. "It's Decanis." Zakuro said. Kish walked towards Decanis but Keiishiro wanted to stop him but Ryou stopped Keiishiro shaken his head no. "She needs to know about Kish she wanted this before but I stopped her she looked kind of sad." Ryou said. Kish stopped in front of Decanis. "Hey Decanis I'm Kish from Deep Blue." Kish said. Decanis smiled. "Does that mean you will talk to me using your mind?" Kish asked. Decanis nodded. "That's great." Kish said. [//] So what you want to know about me? Decanis thought. "Well I wanted to know about you so we could become the best of friends." Kish said. Pai came and so did Taruto. "Why are you two here?" Kish asked. Pai looked at Decanis. "So who is this?" Pai asked. Is not like Decanis can't talk she refuses to talk. "This is Decanis half-Deep Blue." Kish said. Kish never realized that when he said that Pai is going to get defensive. "So her mother or father was one of us and betrayed our master to marry an earthling that means this girl is a traitor to our cause." Pai said. Decanis did something she knew she would never take back. "So what if I'm half-Deep Blue look at me I can't walk at all and you think I am a traitor to your cause?" Decanis asked. Ryo knew if Decanis get angry enough she would talk. "I know that sometimes it's hard to live your life with the choices you have make turn around and we'll be there by your side hold out your hand promise to be true we will always be a part of you when it's time to stand the test I know you shine above the rest when you are trying to find your way I will be there friendship shines above the rest sticking through thick and thin that's what means to be a friend." Decanis said. Kish wondered who Decanis said that to. "Who did you said that to, Decanis?" Kish asked. Decanis smiled. "I said that to you Kish, and of course you too Taruto." Decanis said. Kish smiled a true smile. "I love Ichigo, but I hope we can be best friends, Decanis." Kish said. Decanis smiled. "I like that." Decanis said. Kish is so happy that finally he got a true friend. "We will always be a part of you." Decanis said. Ichigo agreed. Ichigo run to Kish. "I do love you, and I'm lucky to have you by my side will you help us against your master he's trying to destroy this earth and yours of course." Ichigo said. Kish looked at Ichigo. "How do you know?" Kish asked. Ichigo knows that Decanis is a seer. "Because Decanis is a Seer." Ichigo said. Kish noticed what Decanis's power is. "You can tell the future or the past." Kish said. Decanis nodded. "I have postcognition and premonition double whammy for me." Decanis said.
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