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chapter four

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Carmen just made off with my ability to type a summary. I give up. You're on your own.

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Disclaimer: The measure of good take-out is how well it re heats.

“Oh tell me where in the world is... Oh tell me where can she be?”
Tim watched curiously as Bruce sat in front of the Bat computer, mumbling to himself.

“Ooh, Botswana to Thailand, Milan via Amsterdam,
Mali to Bali, Ohio, Oahu...! “
Tim shook his head. Bruce had been working on this case, whatever it was for a week, and it seemed like it was starting to get to him.
“Hey Bruce? You’ve been at this for 18 hours already. Alfred says you need to stop for a bit.”
“No time. Every minute I spend resting is more time for her to get away.” Bruce grunted.
“What if I help? Why don’t you tell me about the case. We might be able to solve it faster that way” Tim suggested.

Bruce gave Tim a look, but proceeded to take a deep breath and recite:
“Well she glides around the globe and she'll flimflam every nation,
She's a double-dealing diva with a taste for thievery,
Her itinerary's loaded up with moving violations,
Tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”

Tim grimaced.
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