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Or leave a kiss within the cup

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Yuuri lands in a questionable location.

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Thanks to miskatonic for beta.

Or leave a kiss within the cup

Seriously, was it too much to expect to be able to drink a glass of water at bedtime in peace? Someday, Yuuri thought as he whirled through the space between worlds, someday he would swear off water and, and go live in a desert, maybe. Keep himself clean with wet wipes, eat nothing liquid, drink out of straws. Would that be enough? He thought this time had been a little difficult, or slower, getting through -- then everything became suddenly compressed, like he was a rubber ball that had slammed into a wall -- and the shock of the explosive decompression that followed in the next instant left him gasping, dizzy and disorientated and not really caring that his face was smooshed up against something warm and firm and, and, um, wet?

His eyes crossed momentarily, trying to focus (ineffectually) on what, uh, who, he had landed in a lip-lock with, but there were warm arms encircling him, supporting him, which helped a lot with the disorientation, and he thought he knew who it was. He blinked several times. Yup, it was Conrad, who looked just as stunned as he felt, and he realised he had his hands on Conrad's shoulders as well. Right. It would be a good idea to pull back now. Or at least get his face off Conrad's. Yes. So he did, and after a moment, Conrad managed to close his mouth, though he continued to support Yuuri. "Your Majesty."

"Call me Yuuri," he said automatically, in a distressingly breathy voice. A glass rolled off the bed and bounced off the rug, then rolled a short distance away.

"Yuuri," Conrad said obediently, still looking quite flummoxed. Yuuri thought he was taking too long to absorb the situation for such a seasoned warrior, but then, was anything sufficient preparation for having someone fall out of your drink into your face? And it was likely that, on some level, he still thought of Yuuri as the baby he'd left on Earth, so! Awkward!

Yuuri shook his head and grinned at Conrad, a little embarrassed. "Hi." Conrad sat back, regaining some composure, and retrieved his usual warm smile for Yuuri. Conrad's lips were wet, and so were his pyjamas. This last Yuuri knew because he was sitting in Conrad's wet lap. "Ah!" He scooted backwards, unaccountably mortified by the sudden recollection of his resentful thoughts about being able to have a drink in peace just prior to making his ... landing. It wasn't something he wanted Conrad to be thinking about him.

Conrad glanced down at himself and chuckled softly. "Good thing Wolfram didn't see us like that," he murmured, and Yuuri winced at the image that conjured.

"Don't even think it!" he said, hopping off the bed and trying not to stare intrusively around Conrad's quarters, which seemed rather small and austere compared to his set of rooms. There was a yellow rubber duck on a shelf that seemed strangely familiar and, well... it should have been out of place, but it looked like it belonged, somehow.

Then there was a sudden outcry of "Fire! Help!" from outside, and they hurried out to see what had happened and help. By the time Anissina's latest mystery invention had been extinguished, Gwendal's paperwork salvaged, Gunter placated and Wolfram had given Yuuri cause to thoroughly regret the fact that neither he nor Conrad had time or thought to change out of their rumpled pyjamas before running out of Conrad's room together, he had forgotten to ask Conrad about the yellow duck.

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