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Gaurdian angels cant protect if theyre broken

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I didnt know whether I needed to put the [x] warning on this chapter or not since its only really implied but I put it on just incase. Anyway - enjoy :]

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When I woke up he was gone. I looked around me, trying to figure out whether I had been dreaming or not. I knew I hadnt been and so I rolled out of the bed, wincing from the bruises that still hurt. I pulled some clothes on and made my way downstairs, through the windows I could see that it was evening where as I had fallen asleep during the morning. Having slept through the transition of day into night I felt slightly disorientated. I walked into the living room and found Luke sat on the sofa, drinking a coffee. When he saw me he smiled. "Hey baby. Did you sleep well?" He asked.
"Yes, thanks." I said quietly. He held his free arm out and I walked over, sitting down beside him. His arm wrapped around my skinny body and he pulled me closer into him, holding me close. He offered me his cup and I took a sip of his coffee. The TV was on and it was just like the old days, where we would sit together just like this each night, sharing a drink or food and just showing general affection. It made me realise I had been right for staying all those times I had thought about leaving.
"Listen doll, I know I hurt you a lot last night and it upset you this morning when I told you to ring that guy and let him know he can never see you again..." Luke stopped and I waited for him to continue. "But. I still want you to call him and tell him that. I trust you enough to know that it might not have meant anything when you hugged him but I dont trust him and so I dont want him to see you anymore." The way he said it was gentle but there was a hint of order in it. I knew if I refused he would get angry and hurt me again, and then make me ring Billy anyway. For my own good I would have to agree. I took a deep, sad breath and nodded my head. I could tell Luke was smiling as he grabbed the phone which was on the arm of the sofa. "Do it now then sweetie." He said, his voice dripping with kindness that I just couldnt believe in. I bit my lip and took the phone from him, trying hard not to cry and beg him to change his mind. It wasnt like I saw Billy a lot anyway. Even so, I had to dial the number and I was held in Lukes embrace as I waited for an answer. Secretely I prayed he was out and wouldnt pick up the phone, but I had no such luck and on the third ring I heard Billys voice clearly in my ear. "Hello?"
"H - hey Billy. Its me, Alex."
"Oh hey Alex! Whats up?" Billy sounded shocked, but happy that I had called and it was tearing me apart knowing I was going to hurt him by telling him we couldnt be friends anymore. Lukes grip tightened on my waist and caused me to continue talking. "Well, I cant talk long -" The grip tightened. "Err, because I wanna watch TV with Luke." The grip loosened. "But I was just calling to say that -" I paused and took a deep breath. "I cant see you anymore. So, please if you see me in the street or something dont approach me and never call me." There was a small pause in which I could hear Lukes breathing in my ear as he began to nibble at the lobe.
"W - what are you talking about Alex? Are you saying we cant be friends or something?" Asked Billy, his voice hurt. I bit back a tear and whispered a yes. Lukes tongue darted into my ear and then back out, his hands moving to my front and rubbing small circles on my midriff. He pulled me right onto his lap, pushing his front into my back as one of his hands travelled lower. "But why Alex? Is Luke making you do this?" Billy demanded. I struggled to hold back a groan as Luke began stroking me through my jeans. "N - no. Its has to be like this Billy. I - I cant talk anymore. Good bye."
"Alex wait! Alex dont hang up, Alex wai -" I hung up unable to listen to him anymore. This was for the good, it was the way things were meant to be. Everything happens for a reason, and Luke wanting me to forget all about Billy was no different. Even so I felt as if I was going to cry.
"That was great baby. I love you." Luke whispered seductively as he moved his hand faster, his other hand moving to my chest. I wasnt in the mood for this but my body betrayed me and responded to Lukes touch. I felt myself growing harder and I gave a groan that was half frustration and half pleasure. Luke chuckled into my neck which he was now assaulting with nips and kisses. His hand began undoing my zipper and I moved a hand to stop him but the hand that was on my chest moved down to snatch it back. "Dont you love me baby?" He asked. I bit my lips and his fingers worked down into my boxers. "Well?" He demanded.
"I do love you -" I breathed shakily, unable to finish saying that I just didnt want to tonight as he gripped my length and began to move his hand.
"Good. Because I love you to." He whispered, before going back to kissing my neck. His movement was restricted with my clothes still on, even with my jeans undone and I groaned and bucked my hips without thinking. Luke smirked into my neck, grinding his hips against my ass. "Eager huh? How long has it been since we did this?" He asked. I gave a frustrated groan in response. "Hm. I agree." He smirked, and then he pushed me off his lap and onto the soft carpet floor. He soon joined me and my lips were smothered by his as his hands instantly began working my jeans down my legs. I didnt really want this, and I kept telling myself to stop him then but I couldnt and when his tongue forced its way into my mouth I could tell he was making a lot more effort than I was. He pulled back only to pull off my shirt and then his own and then he was kissing me again, but softer this time. I found myself melting into him, our tongues swirling together. My hands tentatively roamed up to his naked back and gripped his shoulders loving the feeling of his toned muscles beneath my fingers. He pulled back as he wriggled out of his own jeans, looking me up and down. "God babe, you've got so thin." I blushed and looked away, wanting to just cover myself from his eyes but he moved my arms away and looked at me. "Its okay, everything will get better now. I promise." He smiled. I smiled nervously back at him. It was still a promise he had yet to keep. But this thought left my mind as my boxers were pulled off only seconds before his. He kissed me once more as his sinful hands began their ministrations, his lips trailing down my jaw to my neck and to my collar bones. Then further down, I gripped his shoulders and gently pushed him on to what I wanted. It was usually me in his position, but tonight was different. Tonight we were doing this because he loved me and everything was going to get better. He had promised.
The sound of the phone ringing was drowned out by the sounds of my moans.

When I woke up the next morning I was lying in our bed, but Luke was gone and there was a note on his pillow. I picked it up and looked at it.
Morning princess :]
Hope your feeling good this morning, because I want to make up for ruining our night at the club. I will be out at work all day today but when I get back I'm gonna take you out for a romantic meal. So dress up nice and be ready for 7:30 pm, I'll pick you up then. Cant wait to see you baby.
Luke xxx
I bit my bottom lip as I put down the note, I appreciated that Luke wanted to make up for ruining the other night but I still didnt really want to go out. But at least this time I had all day to get myself into the right frame of mind for it, and then maybe when it came to actually going I would be looking forward to it. I hoped that would be the case, and I looked at the clock to see it was nine in the morning. I rolled out of bed with a yawn and went over to the wardrobe, pulling out a pair of blue jeans and black shirt. I got changed quickly and then walked down the stairs and to the kitchen for some breakfast.
So began my usually boring day, the only changes in my week were whether I woke up from sleep or being knocked out, and whether it was in the bed or on the floor. And whether I would have to patch myself up or not. This morning I was grateful that for once I did not. I made myself some toast and drank down some orange juice once I'd ate it.
By mid afternoon I was flicking through the TV channels, only to find there was nothing on. When there was a sudden knock at the door I jumped so much I almost fell off the sofa. I got to my feet and tried to steady my beating heart as I rushed out of the living room to the front door. When I managed to unlock it and get it open it was only to find Billy stood on my doorstep. My eyes grew wide and I began to babble incoherent sentences. Billy looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Finally I managed to choke out "Billy!? What are you doing here?" He smiled sadly at me and shuffled his feet.
"I just... needed to come see you. Can I come in?" He asked. Even though Luke was at work I didnt feel like this was a very good idea. He saw the doubt on my face and walked past me into the house before I could turn him away. He kicked off his shoes and went straight into the living room, me still stood in the doorway wondering what the hell I should do.
"Billy, I dont think you should be here. If Luke knew you were here he'd be furious." I cried as I walked into the living room, Billy sat on the sofa.
"I know he will, and I also know he's the one he made you ring me last night. Thats the reason I'm here." I sat down weakly on the sofa, already knowing I couldnt argue with Billy. "Billy. Luke didnt force me to -"
"Dont fucking lie to me Alex. Ever since you started living with Luke I hardly ever see you, and once I do he goes dragging you off back home and then the next day I'm being called to be told that I cant see you again. What the hell man?" Billy looked at me with eyes so filled with hurt and confusion it broke my heart.
"Billy... its just... He's just a little possesive is all, he's just frightened I'll go off with you or something. He's insecure, please dont get mad at him for that." I begged. Billy stared at me. Then I saw his eyes roam down over my arms his lips parting and tears forming in his eyes. I looked down and my heart seemed to stop beating as I realised my shirt was short sleeved, I was going to change it for when I went out tonight and of course I had had no idea Billy would be round. The scars, the cuts, the bruises. They were all clear as day, and my hand was still bandaged, the plaster still on my forhead. Billys initial shock changed to one of anger and he looked at me with burning eyes. "He did all that to you didnt he? And I can tell some of those arent new. Fuck Alex, how long as he been treating you like this? How long have you been letting him do this to you?" He demanded. I shook my head slowly and shrunk back into the sofa.
"He...He doesnt mean it. He loves me, he just gets mad sometimes."
"Alex! How can you say that? How can you sit there and tell me that when he is clearly hurting you! Alex look at yourself, your being beaten to a pulp, and I dont care how mad he gets you do not hurt people you love like that!" Billy cried, staring at me in horror. I looked away from him, deep deep inside I knew he was right but... I just loved Luke too much. "Billy I... Please understand, I do things wrong its my fault. All of it is my fault, he doesnt mean to hurt me. I deserve it." I whispered. I felt Billys soft hands take mine and I looked at him. "Alex, what on Earth could you have done to deserve this?" He asked.
"I... I dont know but - there must be something other wise he wouldnt hurt me." I said truthfully. Billy shook his head and sighed, looking at me with pleading eyes.
"Alex. I know you think you love him but what he's doing is wrong. Please, for your own good get out of this house. Come with me, get your stuff and move in with me even if only for a while. Please you cant stay here when he hurts you like this." I shook my head instantly.
"No. No..." I pulled my hands out of his grasp but he grabbed my shoulders instead.
"Alex! Why cant you see what he's doing is wrong? Please Alex, I'm begging you get out of here, come with me I'll take care of you." He cried. I jumped to my feet and pulled away from him. "No! I love him! And nothing you say is going to change that. He wont hurt me anymore okay? He promised me that he wouldnt and I trust him, because he's the only person who could ever love me and he's the only person I could ever trust! The one who loves you will always hurt you sometimes, theres just no other way it can work." I cried. Billy shook his head.
"Alex, sure loved ones will always fight but not like this, not so they physically hurt one another. If some one truly loves you they wont beat you like this." He said softly. I shook my head. "No. Who could ever love me like that? No one cou -"
"Me." He cut across me. I looked at him in confusion.
"What?" I asked. Billy walked towards me and cupped my face in his hands.
"I could Alex. I could love you and not hurt you. I swear to god I would protect you from anything, I would never hurt you in any way. Please Alex, how could you not have realised that I loved you. I've loved you from the very first day I met you, long before Luke came along. Fuck Alex, I cant live knowing your being hurt like this. Please come with me, just until you can find some other place to stay at least. Please, I lo -" I pulled away from him with such force I nearly fell.
"No! Stop lieing to me Billy! Do you want to know the honest truth? There was a time when I thought I loved you but then you got Matt and I got Luke. And then when you broke up with Matt that was the only time you ever wanted to pay any attention to me. But it was too late, I was already with Luke and its too late now! I love him and he loves me. I dont want to hear you lieing to me anymore... fucking get out. Get out now!" I shouted. Billy looked at me with tears in his eyes.
"Alex please -"
"No! GET OUT!" I shouted. He looked at me as tears began silently running down his cheeks. "I said get out..." I snarled. He brushed a tear away roughly with his hand and then nodded, he looked away from me as he left the room, pulling on his shoes without a word, tiny sobs shaking his shoulders as he pulled open the door and stepped out. He turned and looked at me. "I really do love you Alex." He whimpered before softly closing the door. I stood there, staring at the floor, my jaw set as I listened to his car door slam and the engine start. It was a minute before his words really sunk in and I fell to my knees, sobbing quietly into my hands. My fox ears flat against my head and my tail drooped. Why did he have to show up? Why did he have to dig up all my past feelings I thought I had buried forever. Why did he have to complicate everything?
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