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Me & You

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A Joe Trohman One Shot: "I am afraid we'll get caught. The outfits in jail won't look pretty on me." He laughs. "Paige, you'll look pretty in anything."

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"We shouldn't be doing this!" I say to Joe, as he pulls me through yet another door that reads in big, bold letters 'Employees Only.' His pace quickens and I plead, "Joe! I am telling you, we shouldn't be in here!" He stops suddenly and looks at me, with temerity in his eyes and just enough sparkle. "Yes, Paige. We should definitely be in here." He breaks out into a faster gate, tugging me along. I don't like not being in control. And somehow I laugh against all my efforts not to, as he makes another breakneck turn.

The uncertainty is killing me, so I pull back with all might might. Joe slingshots back to me, his now-short fro a millisecond behind. I look up into my boyfriends paragon eyes, the warmth of his breath tickling my nose, and the comfort of his hand in mine radiating throughout my body. "What now?" He asks impatiently, and slightly annoyed. "Just a few questions. Where are we going? Why the heck are we going there? And why can't we go back to the mall where non-employees, like us, are SUPPOSED to be!"

Joe cocked an eyebrow. "Who says we aren't employees?" He says, his tone dripping with mockery. That makes me giggle. "I don't know! The US Government?!" He sighs and puts a piece of escaped brown hair behind my ear. "Well, the door is right here," he says while motioning to the door on his left. "You coming with me?" I'm suspicious, and look wistfully back to the light at the end of this secluded mall hallway. Then I put my head on his shoulder and confide, "I am afraid we'll get caught. The outfits in jail won't look pretty on me." He laughs. "Paige, you'll look pretty in anything." Then he sighs, thinking that I am not buying it. "Besides, in fifty years, don't you want to be able to say you had to guts to go through the door?" I wonder where I remembered that from, and suddenly realization hits. "Joe! You got that line from Transformers!" Then he shrugs his large shoulders, and his fro bounces a little. "Did it work?"

As sad it is for me to admit it, that plagiarised quote worked wonders. I say, "My place is by your side, no matter what creepy doors we go through." His smile brightens, and he kisses me on the cheek. His kissing are like my drug, and I am a hapless addict. I stand on my toes and lean in for another, and thank god my favorite guitar player obliges my awaiting lips. We plunge into a passionate kiss, lost in one another. His hands make their way to the doorknob, then fumble with the light switch. The dark, dormant room becomes aglow, so much so I have to squint my eyes to adjust. He pulled away. And then I saw it.

This room, honestly, looks like craft store exploded. It was the place where the mall kept all of their holiday decorations. Easter eggs the size of grown men! Enough Christmas lights to light up to North Pole itself! And enough shamrocks to make the Lucky Charms guy jealous! And even though it is possibly the scariest position I have ever been in, somehow it is definitely the most romantic. My eyes brim over as Joe pulls me towards this large red velvet bed with a huge heart backboard that would cause heart attacks in interior designers in a five mile radius. He sits me down and kisses me again. I pull away to comment, "This is the best trespassing trip I have ever been on." He looks at me and says, "It isn't trespassing if you rented it for the night." I smile, "I knew you weren't that dangerous." Then we plunge back into our kiss.

After a good three minutes of absolute heaven, he pulls back once again, and says, "Paige. You... you are my everything. I don't know what I'd do without you. I swear to God, if I didn't have you I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I know I am rambling, but I will do so until you get it drummed it into your head. I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU! And I was wondering if you would-" My finger covered his lips. "Joe," I plead. "Let's not do serious tonight. I can't do serious tonight. We can do serious tomorrow." He smiles and nods. "Tomorrow?" I sigh and reply, "Tomorrow." Then I don't give him another second of protest because I put my hands on his cheeks and I return into the warmth of his kiss. Eventually, I fell asleep in corniest bed I've ever seen, in the arms of the man of my dreams.

The next morning I wake up to Joe humming a tune in my ear. I face him, and smile. He kisses me tenderly then starts to sing,

"Me and you, setting in a honeymoon. If I woke up next to you." I have a puzzled look on my face, and he pulls out a diamond ring.

"Paige," He says. "Will you marry me?"

The End
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