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Frank does something bad and his best friend will probably never forgive him.

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I stared into my best friend, Emily’s crystal blue eyes. She wanted to know everything, but I couldn’t bring myself to elaborate. You’re supposed to tell your best friend everything. I guess some things are better left unsaid. Her eyes were filled with hurt and anger. I felt bad doing this to her, I just couldn’t let her know what I’ve done now. What I’ve done tops everything I’ve ever done in my whole life and let me tell you, I’ve done some pretty bad things. If you knew what I’ve done you wouldn’t think it was that bad, but to my best friend, it was unforgivable. I couldn’t do this to her. I couldn’t keep this from her and I couldn’t tell her. Our friendship was something nobody could relate to. We’ve been best friends since we were born, blah blah blah; you’ve heard it all before. Our friendship can’t be compared to anything else and is unexplainable.

Emily stood up from the chair across from me. Her eyes filled with tears. I knew she was mad at me. I also knew that if she knew that’d she wouldn’t be mad, she’d be enraged. She stood above me and stared down hard. She placed both hands on my shoulders. The warmth of her hands sent a shock through my body. I hated myself so much right now, she probably hated me more. I watched the tears stream down her face. I reached out and wiped them away.

“You need to tell me.” She demanded. I backed away from her, letting her small arms fall to her side. She placed her hands on her hips and took a deep breath.
“You’d hate me.” I told her. She laughed a bit. This wasn’t funny. She would never speak to me again if she knew what I did.
“Frank Anthony Iero,” She sighed. “I could never hate you.”
“Believe me,” I said. “You would.”

She knew that what I was going to say was going to disappoint her, but she insisted that she had to know. I didn’t think we’d have the conversation today. She knew something was up because the first thing she said was, ‘Frank, your face says a million words.’ and then I knew I had to tell her, well that or pretend nothing was wrong. I tried pretending nothing was wrong but she wouldn’t fall for it, she never did. She scooted her small body onto the kitchen counter and dangled her legs back and forth making soft tapping noises.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong.” She stated.

“I guess you’ll be here awhile.” I replied and left the room.

AN- I know this is really short but it's kind of just an introduction. It will get better I promise.
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