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Just edited a few things.. Still not my best at all.

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Running through the forest wasn't my idea of a nice night out. I hated running. I hated the forest. Stupid vampire hunter! How many times have the towns people told you? Vampires aren't real! You kept hunting me! I hate you.

I run to the clearing where I thought it would be safe.

Of course! A dead end!


I hear footsteps!

crunch. crunch. crunch.

"Aha!" You yell. "I knew you were here! I could smell it. You vile beast!"

As you start throwing hateful words towards me and 'my kind', as you like to say, I study your face in the dim moonlit forest.

Dark, shoulder length hair, hazel green eyes, olive skin, small bags formed under your eyes from nights spent searching for me. For someone who wants to kill me, your pretty damn gorgeous. Some what familiar, but still amazing.

I'm snapped from my daydream when I see you draw out several contents from your tool bag.

a string of garlic. How theatrical!
a cross. Ha, yeah, that works in real life.
a stake. Jeez, how many movies do you watch!?

I pounce on you. Hold your head back, as you struggle beneath my grip. I tear into the flesh at the crook of your neck. The metallic tasting liquid quickly fills my mouth. Deep red droplets fall from my jaw.

Your taste is incredible. Like... Steak sauce.

Somewhat surprising, sweet, tangy, and I just - want - more.

I continue lapping at the fluids that are gushing from the large gash in your neck.

I can't stop. Your body goes limp as I continue drinking.

After I've just about drained you from of all the contents in your body, I drag you across the forest floor and into my small brick house. I look at you in the light of my living room.

"Frank?!" I gasp.

What have I done?
Please! I'm sorry!

"Oh, Frank! Please wake up! I'm sorry! I didn't know!" I begin to sob uncontrollably.

After a few moments of mercilessly crying, I hear you groan.

Your a grayish white, your hazel eyes are gone, replaced are two bland colored stones, as you smile I see your sharpened fangs.

"Gee, I.. I'm sorry? I don't know what to say. I can't believe it was you I've been hunting." He beings to laugh. "Hey, now I guess I won't have to hunt anymore. Just look at me!"

"I am, Frankie. Trust me, I am."
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