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Roxy and Frankie

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Here's my Frankie and Roxy oneshot. This is the follow up to "My Warped Tour 05 Romance."

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A/N: Here's my Frankie and Roxy oneshot. This is the follow up to "My Warped Tour 05 Romance" in the Fall Out Boy catagory. If you haven't read MWT05R, I suggest you do so that you have the background for the story. Thanks! xoxox Dani

MusikX3Misery: Soooooooo
Eyeyearoh1031: What?
MusikX3Misery: When should we tell the world of our love
Eyeyearoh1031: You’ve got to be kidding me.
MusikX3Misery: Let me reword it
Eyeyearoh1031: ...
MusikX3Misery: When should we make it known that I love you and you love me?
Eyeyearoh1031: LOL
MusikX3Misery: Don’t laugh at me
Eyeyearoh1031: Ok, I just don’t wanna become the next emo poster couple. You know?
MusikX3Misery: I hear ya, HOLLA!
Eyeyearoh1031: Yeah never again
MusikX3Misery: >.<
Eyeyearoh1031: I don’t know. First we need to tell your brothers and the rest of the band before we let it slip to anyone else.
MusikX3Misery: Of course
Eyeyearoh1031: Now that we have that covered, can you quit texting me from across the table. And please stop rubbing your foot up and down my leg. Your turning me on.
MusikX3Misery: And that’s a bad thing?
Eyeyearoh1031: ...

MusikX3Misery has signed out.

Roxanne looked up from her phone and smirked at Frankie who was sitting across the table from her. The members of My Chemical Romance and their significant others were attending a benefit banquet held by Rock Hard Play Loud magazine.

“Excuse me,” Rich Jamison, the editor for RHPL, said into the mic.

After getting everyone’s attention he smiled and motioned for Roxanne. Roxanne stood up and walked toward the stage. As she left Frankie leaned forward and whispered the news to the rest of the band. After getting several hushed congratulations he focused his attention on the stage. Or more on the beautiful petite young woman wearing the asymmetrical cut purple halter dress.

“Good evening everyone. My name is Roxanne Way. Better known to most of you as Roxy Riot,” Roxanne paused as many people cheered. Laughing, she continued.
“Every year, Rock Hard Play Loud magazine hosts this event to raise money for many different causes, including Diabetes research, the Breast Cancer Foundation, Invisible Children, AIDS, and many more. I would like to thank everyone for attending tonight and for your many donations. They are deeply appreciated. Every year, we also have a band perform. This year I have booked an RHPL favorite. So may I introduce to you, though the need for an introduction is unnecessary, my brothers and their band : MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!”

Roxanne applauded along with the rest of the audience as the band members readied them selves on stage. As Frankie passed by Roxanne he stopped and pulling Roxanne into his arms gave her a generous kiss on the lips. After the initial shock, Roxanne returned the smile Frankie was giving her. She returned to her seat amidst a number of cat calls and hollers. Smiling she playfully held her finger up to her lips and shushed them.

The set was amazing, as all My Chemical Romance shows are. The boys performed ‘To the End’, ’I’m Not Okay’, ’I Never Told You What I Do For a Living’, and ended the set with ‘Helena’. As the last chord rung out everyone stood to give them a standing ovation. As My Chem left the stage, Rich ran up on stage and thanked every one again before dismissing them.

Roxanne was turned around with her back facing the stage when Frankie wrapped his arms around her. Letting her head fall on his shoulder, she raised her head enough to give him access to her lips.

“Hey you two, get a room,” Ray said with the other three right behind.

Roxanne rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him as Frankie picked up her hand.

As the two of them left Frankie spoke up.

“Do you think they know I love you and you love me?"

Roxanne laughed, “Yeah I think so.”
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