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Chapter 17

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3rd concerts a charm!

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“Well that was odd.” I laughed. “I want Mommy.” Frankie came in. “Alright well hold on.” I ran to the door and shouted. Joe came back and got Frankie giving me a big smile as he walked away. “Ok so Brooke you look shell shocked.” I laughed looking at her still stunned face. “Huh?” she snapped out of her trance. “Can you understand me?” I said sarcastically. “You know what you’re mean.” she made a face. “Oh come on I was just kidding lighten up.” I smiled. “I love Kevin don’t I?” she asked me. “Brooke you do I can tell, but don’t worry we will deal with this love crap as it comes.” I laughed. She hugged me and I hugged back.
We decided to catch the concert I mean to be honest hearing the Jonas Brothers live for the 3rd time in a row wasn’t exactly punishment. This time we hung out backstage since I wasn’t in the mood for a crowd. The music played and we enjoyed it (sometimes even dancing like lunatics since no one could see us). They began to play Hello Beautiful as a girl was brought on stage. They sang to her but Joe seemed to give me glances every now and then. I was imagining I had to be…Joe Jonas doesn’t like me like that…does he? Well it doesn’t matter…ok it does matter but I cant deal with this. I’m imagining it I have to be why would the dreamiest guy ever even think about me like that! I looked over at Nick he smiled at me. What if two Jonas Brothers like me at the same time? Ok no more thinking its bad for the body!
The concert ended. I had been able to watch the whole thing but Brooke just went and sat down on the couch. Personally I think it was because Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off her but ya know that’s just me. They said good night and left the stage. Tonight there wasn’t a meet and greet. “Hey I got to talk to you.” Nick said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me away.
We walked into the dressing room. “What?” I asked looking at the messy room. “Well I have enough courage to do it now.” he breathed. “Aubrey you wanna maybe be more than friends?” his curls were in his face. I loved the way he asked it. “Of course!” I said a little bit louder then necessary. “Really?” he looked up at me. “No I wont go out with one of the hottest guys on the planet that nearly every girl would kill for.” I said sarcastically but he didn’t seem to get it. “Nick I was kidding I would love to be your girlfriend.” I smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek and left the room.
When we got back to the room I looked over at Brooke. Who miraculously new that Nick was my new boyfriend. I walked over to her and whispered in her ear, “Ya ya you told me so.” I laughed as did she. “Well you know total psychic here.” Kevin and Joe tilted their heads at us. “Ok so neither of you noticed that Nick was all over Aubrey?” after she realized what she said she looked over at me, “Sorry that came out wrong but I don’t know how to say it.” she shrugged. “Ok I for one haven’t noticed this.” Joe said making a confused face. “Well what Brooke meant to say was that me and Nick are now dating.” I said realizing that the face on Joe wasn’t confused it was…hurt?
“Oh well cool.” Kevin said then turning his attention back to Brooke. God that boy never stopped trying to get her attention did he? “So Nick has a new girlfriend and I wasn’t even informed.” I heard Denise’s voice chime from behind us. I turned around, “Oh hi and I would’ve informed you except this just now happened.” I smiled at Nick’s embarrassed face. “I thought you were still with Kevin?” Paul came up. “Honey I told you they weren’t together anymore they are just friends.” Denise laughed. “Oh I cant keep up with all this crazy stuff.” Paul sighed and gave Denise a kiss on the forehead. Awe how sweet…how could this family be so perfect?
“Well you guys your next concert is in St. Louis, Missouri and then from there to somewhere in Arkansas I forgot the town name sorry.” she gave a smile. Wait St. Louis that’s near me…like 3 hours away from me, but still in the same state. “Hey Aubrey that’s near us.” Brooke said out of reflex. “Really?” all the boys spoke. “Ya its like 3 to 4 hours north of us.” I said calmly until I seen a whacky idea hit Joe’s face. “We could see your family and hang out!” he jumped. “Cool since I’m kinda homesick anyway and I know Aubrey is.” Brooke smiled. “Ok its settled maybe you should give them a call so they know and are ok with it.” Paul said then we left for the bus.
We got on and then Brooke started to laugh hysterically after Paul and Denise were gone. “I just remembered something…Skyler!” she kept laughing. “Oh God take me now.” a look of terror came on my face. “Who’s Skyler?” Nick asked. “My brother and I’m sure he’ll have to come home to “meet” you guys.” I sighed. Skyler was my big brother and also was 21 I hadn’t seen him since I left home for the concert and he was talking about getting a house near home. Not only was he my brother but was protective and not just like a little bit or just normally I mean threatens to kill any boy within 3 feet of me…literally. I loved him but he was a little scary especially compared to the always friendly Jonas Brothers.
“Maybe we should cancel stopping at my place.” I smiled weakly. “Why?” Nick asked. “Well I would prefer you guys alive.” Brooke was still laughing a little as I spoke. “He wouldn’t kill us…would he?” Joe looked over at me. “Kill you…well I don’t think so but I would prefer you not meeting him unless it was positively necessary.” Brooke quit laughing, “Aubrey I don’t think he will kill them…he’s not that bad-ish.” she hugged me. “He wont kill you guys but he wont like you I guarantee that.” I laughed a little feeling a little bit better since Nick looked at me. “I’m sure it will be fine I mean as long as someone in your family likes us.” I thought for a moment, “Well actually I think few people in my family would love to meet you guys.”
“So are we gonna meet Brooke’s family?” Kevin asked. “Well…maybe we can talk to my mom and have like a BBQ I mean with all families.” I suggested. “Ok before we plan anything we have to ask the parents.” Brooke finally said something logical in this whole family mess. “Oh ya permission is a good thing.” Kevin joked. Brooke laughed. “Tomorrow I will ask and brooke will too I’m sure everything will go well I mean there will be more of my family then hers just because well my family is crazy but that’s beside the point.” I laughed.
Everyone was in bed except Joe and me. “So you and Nick when did that start?” he said with a weak laugh. “I don’t know I mean I guess I kinda knew he liked me but I pushed it back I guess.” I said sitting down with him. A heard a ding, “Hot chocolate? I made two cups.” he smiled. “Ya I love hot chocolate.” I smiled taking the cup. “Ya me too. So what do you mean by pushed it back?” he sat back down. “Well no guy has EVER even looked twice at me I’m not “pretty” as most people would say.” why was I telling him this? “What? Ok that’s impossible no guy I mean Kevin said that he was your first date but never any guys?” he asked. “Nope never. Until I met you crazy people boys never looked twice.” I laughed but he looked at me with those beautiful dark eyes. “Well Nick must really like you since he asked you out so you wont have guy problems anymore.” he just gave a weak smile and drank some more hot chocolate.
“Joe for someone who’s so crazy you’re a good listener.” I laughed. “Ya…I guess but maybe I’m not such a good listener you just have something good to say.” he smiled. “That was probably the smartest thing I’ve ever said.” he just kept smiling. “Ya whatever genius.” I just shook my head. “Hey I have my moments so quit bursting my bubble!” he pouted. I tried to resist but that look was just…well irresistible. “Ok Joe you have your moments.” I sighed and rolled my eyes.
We went to bed since it was late. “Night Joe.” I said as I crawled into the bunk. “Night.” he said as he got into his. I thought about the day…Nick asked me out and is now my boyfriend, the Jonas Brothers are going to meet my family (oh joy), and Brooke and Kevin STILL aren’t going out. I heard some steps outside the bunk. I couldn’t help it I had to see who it was. I peeked out and it was Nick.
He sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. I snuck in with him and sat down too. He jolted, “Oh hey.” he smiled as he seen it was just me. “Why are you up?” I asked him even though I had just went to bed. “I could ask you the same…and I just couldn’t sleep.” he answered. “Well since we’re up what are we gonna watch?” I asked putting my legs up to my chest. “I don’t know I don’t really wanna watch TV I think I’m gonna check the MySpace.” he got up and got the laptop and sat back down next to me. “You wanna see all the comments with me?” he asked logging on. “Sure.” I laughed and sat closer to him I felt Goosebumps on his arms.
I glanced at the comments I found a funny one. “Look at this one is says: Nick I love you will you marry me, in all capital letters.” I laughed a little. “Ya we get those a lot.” he laughed a little too. “Hey if u wanna see something funny go back like quite a few pages until you find my name I guarantee you will see some comments.” I laughed. “Alright.” he flipped back until he was in comments form like 3 weeks ago. Then he started to see some of mine.
“Here we go…you said that you loved us and that we were awesome and you hope to one day meet us.” he looked at me, “Well you got that wish.” he grinned. “Ya I would say that I got that wish and more.” I snuggled into the crook of his neck. “I cant read the comments when you do that.” he laughed again. “Well…the comments will be there tomorrow.” I shut the laptop. I snuggled closer to him.
We lay down on the couch just snuggling. “Nick why did you choose to play 7 minutes in heaven that one day?” I asked. “To be honest I chose it hoping I would get some time with you…” he blushed. “Ya that’s what Brooke told me, she has been trying to get me to make a move on you since you walked in on me and Kevin kissing.” I laughed but his body tensed up. “Do you still have feelings for him I mean I know you guys just broke up and then I asked you out.” he questioned me. “I have no feelings like that towards Kevin I don’t really think that I ever did it just felt awesome at the time. Kevin is just like a brother I never had.” I said hoping to assure him. “Ok I was just checking…I guess I just get unsure about that kinda stuff.” he blushed but I just snuggled closer to him.
For the rest of the night we just snuggled. I could tell this was a little uncomfortable for him but the longer it went on the more he eased up about the whole cuddling deal. The bus got quiet again without our whispers and then I noticed that his breathing got softer. I looked up at him and he had fallen asleep. I let out a small giggle and then closed my eyes a little. Nick’s arms around me was soothing and before I knew it I had fallen into a deep sleep just as Nick had.
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