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The Russian female BBA president

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The BBA president is a girl whose name is Aicia Valkov who is Tala's older sister whose aged is 22.

Category: Beyblade - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Brooklyn,Kai,Mystel,Tyson - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2008-06-01 - Updated: 2008-06-01 - 482 words

The Beyblade Association is run by a Russian female by the name of Aicia Valkov and she comes to all the tournaments to watch the Bladebreakers. She met up with Tyson and the rest of the Bladebreakers. "Who might you be?" Tyson asked. Alicia looked at Tyson. "I'm Aicia." Alicia said. Kenny looked at Alicia. "Aicia what?" Kenny asked. Alicia begins to cry. "I'm so sorry I won't ask for your last name, Aicia." Kenny said. Alicia stopped crying. "I'm BBA president." Aicia said. Stanley Dickinson came down there. "Aicia you got to go back to the BBA building." Stanley said. Aicia shaken her head no. "I'm a Beyblader as well." Aicia said. Stanley understood the president's wishes. "We are in Moscow so be careful." Stanley said. Aicia nodded. "It's Bladebreakers vs. Demoliton Boys." DJ said. Aicia saw Bryan, Ian, Tala, and the other one. Oh no it's my younger brother. Aicia thought. Tyson saw the fear in Alicia's eyes. "What's wrong, Aicia what got you so afraid?" Tyson asked. Aicia walked down onto the stage. "Madame president, what you want?" DJ asked. Aicia looked at DJ. "I want to say something to all of the people here." Aicia asked. DJ nodded. "I am Aicia, BBA president but I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia my full name is Aicia Tarita Valkov I am Tala's older sister." Aicia said. Tyson understood why Aicia looked so afraid and wanted to be here. "Can you prove it?" Voltaire asked. Aicia kept looking at all people. "Voltaire I made up the Bladebreakers to take down you and Boris." Aicia said. Tala looked up and saw it is really his sister. "Sister, be careful." Tala said. Boris made Tala into a cyborg but it doesn't help not really since Tala still has emotions for Tyson and his own sister Aicia. "How dare you come around here and trying to ruined Tala now." Boris said. Aicia kept looking at all people. "How dare me to come around here to try to ruin Tala now my own brother was sweet and kind and loved to beybattle for the fun of it now you and Voltaire Hiwatari, Kai's grandfather ruined my own brother." Aicia said. Aicia slipped. "Tala help me." Aicia said. Tala got up there, and pulled her back up. "I love you big sister." Tala said. Aicia smiled. "I love you too, baby brother." Aicia said. Tyson felt Tala's kindness.

Tyson felt his chest tightened and he couldn't breath, and Kai looked at Tyson with a look of concern on his face. "What's wrong Tyson?" Kai asked. Tyson was breathing hard. "It's my chest it's so tight." Tyson said. Tyson had to rest on the bench but couldn't because there was Ray, Kai, Max, and Chief. "Tyson, what's wrong?" Aicia asked. Kai looked up to Aicia. "It's his chest he says it feels tight." Kai said.
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