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“Alaina Myzunia Organa Antilles: The Unexpected Queen”

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SUMMARY: This is fifteen random but essentially chronological moments from the life of Alaina Myzunia Organa Antilles, the only living full sibling of Bail Prestor Organa. There is an actual story ...

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Author’s Notes: 1). For anyone interested, this not-quite-a-story is compatible with my SW AU series /You Became to Me/, including the trilogy/ Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith/, if you squint at a couple of things sideways and view a few others solely through the lens of Alaina Myzunia Organa Antilles’ eyes. 2). Although this is technically modelled on a prompt set that I borrowed from somewhere or another on the LJ (I really don’t recall from where anymore, exactly, though if someone would like to set the record straight, I’ll add the info and a link to the community in question here in my notes), it’s not really meant to function as a response to whatever the challenge actually is that’s associated with said LJ prompt set. I just used the specific prompts to give me a reason to string together a backstory of sorts for Alaina. 3). Readers should please keep in mind that Alaina really isn’t all that strong in the Force and so wouldn’t have been considered sensitive enough to be taken in by the Jedi for training. 4). Readers interested in knowing who the physical models are for EU characters like Alaina should /please consult/ the latest versions of my posted lists of cast original and EU characters and for handmaid(en)s and other important Nabooian characters, which are available on my LJ! For clarity’s sake, though, please know that I specifically picture Rohan Nichol, the actor used in /Revenge of the Sith (not Peter Geddis, the actor in/ A New Hope/ who may or may not play Raymus Antilles, a Captain Colton, or a Colton Antilles, depending on which interpretation of a very ambiguous set of lines uttered by Threepio one wishes to use), when I think of Raymus Antilles, and that Alaina should be pictured as Angie Everhart with fairly auburnish dark hair and an extremely dark tan!/ /Please note/ that characters who may be alluded to but not referenced by name (certain family members of EU or original characters, for example) are considered too minor to be cast at this time, and that readers should feel free to imagine them howsoever they wish! 5). Again, in order to more easily keep track of Bail’s family, readers might want to keep the following in mind: in my AU, Bail is born practically in 68 BBY, near the end of what would have been 69 BBY (if events had fallen out as they do in canon, that is), or roughly 954ish years After the Ruusan Reformations and 46ish years Before the Battle of Geonosis (which, remember, occurs in my AU series on Holiday 2 or Productivity Day of the Galactic Standard Calendar, the day that falls in between month five, Nelona, and month six, Helona, in year 25,000 After Founding [of the Galactic Republic] or 1,000 After Ruusan Reformations), with Alaina being born in what would have been ~46 BBY (yes, that would make her just a wee bit older than her husband, Raymus, if you went by the date of birth listed on the SW Wikipedia for him, even though it has no source cited. If you’re like me, though, and don’t like such uncertain information, then please assume that he’s actually a couple of years older than Alaina, since he is the fourth of five children and the youngest of those children is about a year and a half older than Anakin Skywalker). (Their mother, Zamille dies late in 44 BBY, and their father, Prestid, remarries in 40 BBY, wedding Mazicia and then losing her late in 38 BBY. [I’ve interpreted the EU notation that Mazicia was Queen of Alderaan in the time leading up to the Clone Wars as meaning the time around the Stark Hyperspace War, which in the EU is sometimes lumped in with the galactic civil war leading up to the establishment of the Empire, due to Palpatine’s tendency to rewrite history.] Prestid then remarries again in 35 BBY, to Alessya Retrac, who has Celly, Rouge, and Tia in ~32, 30, and 28 BBY.) Bail and Alaina’s deceased brothers, Declin and Valyn, would have been born in roughly 50 BBY and 48 BBY and died (with their father) late in 28 BBY (not long after Tia was born), and their deceased sister, Merisol, would have been born in roughly 67 BBY and killed in 52 BBY.

“Alaina Myzunia Organa Antilles: The Unexpected Queen”

01.) Unstable: Alaina loves her brother to pieces, but honestly there are some days when she wonders if Bail’s really all thee, especially when the idiot goes and does truly stupid things, like marrying the most unstable of all the Antilles girls, even though it’s perfectly obvious to everyone who knows him that his heart already quite firmly belongs to someone else.

02.) Heir: She doesn’t so much mind being her brother’s heir apparent and, thus, a recognized Princess of Alderaan (she’s as involved, politically, as her brother ever was, in his youth, if in slightly different areas), but she wonders, sometimes, if it might not have been better for everyone if the Alderaanian Ascendancy Contention hadn’t been resolved in favor of their half-uncle, Bail Antilles, if her brother wouldn’t’ve been happier by far if he’d been given over to the Jedi Temple for training, as their father wished for him to be (and he’d certainly tested high enough to merit), and if someone else might have therefore perhaps been in a better position than Bail Antilles to stand against Palpatine, when the issue of needing a new Supreme Chancellor so suddenly came up, in the wake of Naboo’s invasion and occupation by the Trade Federation.

03.) Careless: She’s never really warmed to Qui-Gon Jinn – he’s always struck her as being a bit too full of himself, too careless of the thoughts and feelings of others, too consumed with having his own way – but she’s also never had a hard time understanding her brother’s fascination with Obi-Wan Kenobi, and so her heart breaks for that earnest young man, when she hears the news about what’s happened, on Naboo.

04.) Bid: Mon Mothma is like an honorary sister to her, and so, when she takes the success of young Sabé Dahn – the former decoy and handmaiden of Queen Padmé Amidala of Naboo and the (initially) narrowly accepted interim Senator (and, eventually, the highly popular elected Senator) for the Chommell Sector, in Palpatine’s place – as a sign that she no longer needs to wait until she’s at least thirty, before making her bid for a seat on the Galactic Senate, Alaina and Bail happily become Mon’s staunchest supporters.

05.) Marry: She’s known since she was a little girl that Raymus Antilles is the one for her – she’s just sensitive enough to be able to /feel /without question the way he so perfectly fits with and compliments and completes her, mind and spirit and body – and, though she knows there will be some who will assume that it’s just another politically savvy way to further cement the alliance of their families and the claim of the Organas on the throne, in her heart, Alaina knows that she would marry this man even if he were some random, nameless orphan from off-world.

06.) Complacent: Everyone seems to realize that the Republic is failing and the current form of government is ineffective, bloated, and corrupt, but no one ever really seems to be willing to do much of anything about it, and, some days, she’s so frustrated with the complacent laziness of the sentient beings of the galaxy that it’s all she can do to stop herself from screaming.

07.) Work: If it were up to Alaina, corporations (like the Trade Federation) would be forced to give back all of the profits they’ve stolen from all the worlds from the Mid Rim on out that they’ve exploited over the years and then disbanded, half the current bureaucracy would be done away with, worlds from the Mid Rim on out would be given equal representation and voting rights as the Core Worlds enjoy, and the sentient beings of the galaxy would be made to take part in their own defenses and their own police work rather than relying so completely (and so lazily!) on the Jedi Order for protection and the enforcement of just laws; yet, unfortunately, it’s not up to her, and there’s only so much that people like Mon and Bail can do, so she’s not too terribly surprised when nothing useful ever seems to get done pertaining to the man problems plaguing the galaxy.

08.) Sense: She can’t really make up her mind about Amidala and her handmaidens – after all, on the one hand, Alaina has to admit that a system that’s set up to train the most capable and to allow them to serve the public while young and then retire to raise families of their own makes a certain kind of sense; yet, on the other hand, it disturbs her a great deal, both to consider how young this training starts (and how avoidable and heavy the weight of social expectation seems to be, when it comes to these talented children) and to really think about how acceptable spending the coin of the lives of their youngest and most talented seems to be to Nabooians, when it comes to these so-called handmaidens and chosen companions, who are literally expected to be able to so perfectly imitate their Queen or King or Princess or Senator that they can be used as decoys in dangerous situations, not to mention being expected to be willing to literally throw themselves, without hesitation, in between their sworn lady (or lord) and any threat of danger – though, in the end, she thinks that the sacrificial mentality this kind of system betrays probably lies a little bit too close to the kind of twisted mentality that governs the brainwashing of young initiates in the Jedi Order to be entirely healthy.

09.) Human: Anakin Skywalker is the most human Jedi she’s ever met or heard of, and, for the life of her, she can’t decide if that’s necessarily a good thing (though she loathes the inhumane training methods and rules used to produce Knights and Masters) or not, considering what a bone of contention his very presence within the Order seems to represent, to its ruling High Council.

10.) Disaster: Alaina neither likes nor trusts Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, not just because he so blatantly took advantage of a true disaster on his world to weasel his way into a position of power that he’s proven to be far less fit for than she knows her Uncle Bail would’ve easily been, but because he frankly strikes her as a little bit too polished, too oily, too much like he’s trying too hard to compensate for some kind of essential flaw or unsuitability, like there’s something wrong with him and he knows it and is trying way too hard to convince everyone that he’s not only normal but perfect, and that (and he) just rubs her entirely the wrong way.

11.) Fix: As soon as the war breaks out, she’s sure that now, finally/, the sentient beings of the galaxy are going to /have to get up off of their collective backsides and do something to fix the mess they’ve allowed the Republic to degenerate into, that, otherwise, the whole blasted system is going to end up self-destructing . . . and so she’s torn between being devastated with disappointment and furious with frustration, when nothing happens and nothing happens and their so-called leader starts dismantling the Republic’s Constitution and essentially tearing what’s left of the Republic down around their ears in order to supposedly “save” them and still no one does anything (except, perhaps, cheer Palpatine for his /wisdom/)!

12.) Child: Sheltay blooms during her pregnancy, and Winter is such a special child that Alaina honestly beings to wonder if her decision to put off having any children (and to only have one or perhaps two) might have been hastily made, though she can’t quite convince herself that having a child in the midst of a galactic civil war is really all that good of an idea.

13.) Protect: When she finds out that her brother and a few others (Mon, Padmé and Sabé, etc.) are quietly beginning to go about the process of attempting to secure strong alliances and procure weapons and ships, to protect their planets and peoples from Palpatine’s forces (in the event that such defense is ever necessary), she nearly cries in relief, and hugs Sheltay so hard (for thinking to include her in these clandestine efforts) that her cousin complains, later, that she thinks Alaina may’ve succeeded in doing something the baby only attempted and cracked one of her ribs.

14.) Duty: As Bail’s current heir apparent, she honestly believes that it is both her right and her duty to sign the petition that her brother and his friends and allies are putting together, protesting all of Palpatine’s changes to the Constitution and calling both for a reversal of such (unlawful) changes and the long-overdue resignation of the former Senator from his post as Supreme Chancellor, and she’s still trying to argue him around when disaster strikes and the Separatists finally get up the nerve to attack Coruscant itself.

15.) Right: She’s not at all sure that she really wants to be Queen of Alderaan (and Force knows she hasn’t really expected the throne to come to her, not when Breha has made such a big deal about eventually having Bail’s children), but she knows that Bail would be devastated to lose the chance to become a Jedi Bendu, and this is, after all, essentially what she’s been trained for, all her life, so . . . in the end, Alaina smiles and hugs her brother, and crosses her mental fingers and hopes she’ll be able to do right by her people.
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