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Based off the song Hurricane by The Hush Sound. Includes Patrick and Gabe.

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Send out the morning birds to sing of the damage
Now that the calm's returned, I know I can't manage
You're standing in my doorway, though he's asleep in my bed
The steady murmur, always in my head...

You're the finest thing that I've done, the hurricane I'll never outrun
I could wait around for the dust to still, but I don't believe it ever will.

And since the roof fell in, I'll lean on what matters
Caught in the slightest wind, everything else unravels
You're standing in my doorway seven cities ago
The days are racing, but you come back too slow...

She snuggled closer to him as the rain crashed onto their roof. One of their favorite things to do when he was home from touring was to lay together and listen to the rain. It didn't rain as often in LA as it did in Chicago, so it was especially meaningful to them everytime it happened. He ran his fingers through her hair absent mindedly and just stared at the dark ceiling. The sun was in the process of setting, so the room wasn't that dark yet.

"It always amazes me how it will be raining and sunny at the same time," she said softly and giggled into his chest. He let out a low laugh and kissed the top of her head. She could be so child-like sometimes and that's one thing he loved about her. Also, with the way he and his friends were, she fit right in. She fit right in from the start, when she was one of their guitar techs. Patrick couldn't help but fall for her right from the start. Gabe had his eye on her too, but backed off for some reason. And that reason, Patrick didn't care to know because Jessica was his.

Jessica didn't want Patrick to know the truth and she was so relieved at him never asking. So much had gone on between her and Gabe in secret so fast. And it ended just as fast and it was painful. Both had moved on and were on opposite sides of the country (most of the time). Of course her feelings for Gabe would never be completely gone, but she loved Patrick more than anything.

After Patrick drifted off to sleep in their bed, Jessica got up and sat on the couch with Penny and watched TV in the dark. She was completely engrossed in some Unsolved Mysteries or ghost hunting show of some sort when a knock on the door startled her. She and Penny looked at each other with wide eyes before both turning to look at the front door. Patrick wasn't expecting anyone, especially since Pete and Ashlee had just gotten married and the others were back in Chicago.

Peering through the peep hole she almost screamed. What was he doing here? She put Penny down and opened the door. It was still pouring and the rain was dripping from his tall frame as he stood under the overhang. He looked nervous, his hands shoved in his pockets and hood over his head. Even though it was dark out, Gabe still thought that it was absolutely necessary for sunglasses.

"Hey," he said with a weak smile.

"Hey Gabe," Jessica said and leaned against the door frame with Penny at her feet.

"Hey girl," Gabe bent down and pet the little fur ball before she ran back into the apartment. Gabe was praying she wasn't waking her daddy because of the company. He looked back up at Jessica, who just waiting for an explanation. Gabe was supposed to be in New York right now, but here he was on her door step.

"So... what's going on Gabe?" She asked impatiently.

"Patrick's here, isn't he?" He said and she caught him wince slightly.

"He's asleep in my bed, why?" She asked and tilted her head to the side.

"I just want you to know that I'm sorry and I wanted to see you. I think about you constantly."

"What about Bianca?"

"She's not you. She never could be."

"Well duh, because I'm me." She said with a smile and she could tell Gabe was rolling his eyes behind those 80's sunglasses.

"Obviously," he laughed lightly. "I just..." he looked down. "I just wish I had done things differently."

"Me too Gabe. I don't regret what we had at all." She said sincerely. She honestly didn't. Sure he has messed up quite a few times and let things come between them, such as partying, but she hadn't truely connected with anyone before Gabe. Now she was with Patrick and he couldn't possibly be any more perfect for her than he was.

"I know I can trust Patrick to be good to you. Congrats on the engagement by the way." He said and nodded his head towards the giant rock on her finger. Patrick had really done a number when he picked out her solotaire. She almost peed herself when she saw it.

"Thanks Gabe." She said and turned to see a clock. It was nearly 1 am. "It's getting late."

"Yeah, I've got a plane to catch anyways. Goodbye Jessica." He said and walked away from her apartment. She shut the door and leaned up against it. The rain was still falling outside and it made the door feel cool against her back. She smiled to herself before turning off the TV and joining Patrick in the bedroom.

She eased into bed and Patrick's arm found it's way around her waist. "Goodnight J," he said.

"Good night Stumpy."
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