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Phone Calls

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Raising her tired green eyes from the floor, she noticed a man watching her; He had long black hair that came to his shoulders, piercing hazel eyes and skin, if possible, whiter than her own.

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Chapter 6
They had been texting almost constantly but it took her almost a week to pluck up the courage to actually call him. When she did though it rang and rang, just as she was about to hang up however a man’s voice she didn’t recognize sounded at the other end.
“Hello, Gerard’s phone.” Puffed the voice.
“Err” Bella stuttered “Is Gerard there please?”
“Sorry, he’s still at sound check. I can take a message though.” Came the eager voice.
“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” She said as she wondered what this man meant about sound check. “Just tell him Bella called.”
“Bella?” questioned the voice on the other end. Just as she was about to answer a voice that was unmistakably Gerard’s could be heard.
“Mikey, what the hell are you doing with my phone, wait are you talking to someone? Mikey, what the hell did I say about answering my phone. Who is it? if its her I’m not fucking here” Came Gerard’s rather long, annoyed reprimand.
“Relax man, its some girl called Bella.” Came Mikey’s reply. Well this is good she thought at least I know who I’m talking to. She sat there for a few more minuets listening to the sound of the two guys bickering at the other end of the phone and wondering who ‘her’ was. Finally just as Bella was about to give up came Gerard’s soft lilting Jersey accent
“Sorry, ‘bout that, my brother can be a dick sometimes.”
“Its fine.” She replied “How are you?”
“I’m good thanks, better from hearing from you. Are you ok though?”
“Yer, I’m better now thanks.” She replied “I mean my apartment looks like a bombs gone off, my on/off boyfriend just left me for some barley overage model, and my boss is being and arsehole, but what can you do?” she joked. He laughed,
“So, I’m going to be back in New York soon, do you want to maybe meet up or something.” Before she could speak however he rushed on “I mean you don’t have to, you probably have a lot of things on, and you just got dumped so you know what just forget it.”
“Gerard.” Came her soft voice, she was struggling not to laugh “Gerard, I would love to. Come pick me up from mine whenever after six.”

Sitting on his bunk Gerard smiled. They talked for a bit longer and Bella gave him her address. Begrudgingly he said goodbye and hung up. He wondered through to the common room. All the guys except for Ray and Bob who where having a giant play station competition on the sofas looked up.
“Who, was that?” asked
Mikey sounding more like a teenage gossip than a grown man of twenty something.
“Just a friend.” Gerard replied walking over to the fridge
“Has Gee-Bee got himself a girlyfriend?” teased Frank.
“I wish.” Sighed Gerard just loud enough for his brother to here. Mikey went to say something, but was interrupted by a knock on the door. A nervous looking roadie came in.
“You guys, need to be err, over at the umm staging area, like now.”
“Sure thing.” Replied Bob who had just finished thrashing Ray at some car game. With that the roadie left. Gerard walked back to the bunks taking a large swig of water. He grabbed his bag and cell.

They all walked out into the dazzling sun, and began the short walk to the arena, where they would be playing later that night. Mikey hung back and walked with Gerard. They walked most of the way in silence until Mikey spoke,
“Just don’t get hurt Gee. Make sure she feels the same.” Gerard smile at the kind gesture from his brother, they had always looked out for each other when they were younger and they still did.
“I won’t Mikey I promise. We’re both broken, I feel almost whole again when we talk, and I think she feels the same.”
“Alright, but don’t forget I’m here if you want to talk.”
“Thanks Mikes.” Gerard laughed “But just ‘cause your married, doesn’t mean you know everything, I mean I am older than you.”

That night the band played one of their best concerts, through out the tour. Gerard through himself around the stage, and the excitement of seeing Bella again, bubbled over and hit the other guys. They signed more autographs than usual, took one to many photos with fans and by the time they reached their bunks they were half asleep.

Hey guys, well i'm half way through exams but i had this typed so i thought i would be nice. hope you enjoy. xxx
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