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The Concert

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Sorry for the long delay... Cali goes to Franks show and meets the guys.

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Chapter Ten
The Concert

“Come on slow poke” Frank yelled from the kitchen.

“I’m coming,” I yelled as I looked myself over in the mirror and stormed out of the bathroom.

“Done” he asked as I came into view.

“Yes” I sighed happy.

“Well good because I wasn’t waiting any longer”, he replied as we left the apartment.

The walk there wasn’t long, and by the time we got there it seemed to be packed. So we went around back, but before we went in Frank scolded me about do’s and don’ts, in which I nodded my head. If truth were told I wasn’t exactly listening, my mind was still stuck on the guy from this afternoon. I mean I had been thinking about him all day.

“Cal… Cal are you even listening” my attention snapped back to Frank.

I smiled. He rolled his eyes and sighed heavily “please. If I have ever asked any favors I mean this one the most, behave yourself”.

I huffed and waved my hand at him

“I’m serious Cal”

“Okay I get it”.

He opened the doors and the loud sound of music filled the air with the mixture of screaming fans. Frank led me back to a door a little passed the bar and into a smaller hallway where the music could be heard lingering through the walls, though it got quieter as we went further. Finally he stopped at door that read my chemical romance.
Frank grabbed my hand and walked me in. The room was crowed, but it didn’t take long for people notice he was there.

“About time you showed up” a man with a small afro and a guitar in his hands yelled.

“What did you expect, for him to be on time” A guy with a small goatee replied.

“Yah, yah” Frank said waving me them.

“And who may be this be” the man with the goatee asked.

Frank squeezed my hand, “ this Cali, Cali this Matt” he said pointing to the one with goatee, “and that’s Ray”. He said pointing to the man with a small fro.

They all waved at me and smiled. “So this is the infamous Cali we all hear so much about” said a tall lanky boy with glasses.

I smiled to Frank, who seemed to be blushing “Yah, yah”.

I got to talk to all of them and learned they were bunch of goofy guys, and as much as they talked acted like a bunch of nerds. Which they were, they were actually pretty cool nerds at that.

We talked about lot things from Aqua team Hunger force, to work, to the band. I learned that Ray was still in school studying sound engineering. I also learned that Matt is the drummer and works part time at his father’s auto shop as a mechanic. And that the tall lanky boys name was Mikey, he plays bass for the band and works at Barnes and Nobles and that his brother was also in the band. They were great guys and we were having such a blast that before we knew it, it was show time.

“Hey you guys are on in five,” a crew guy yelled into the room.

“Thanks” Ray yelled back to the guy.

The guys grabbed their equipment and walked down the hall. As we walked down to the stage I squeezed on to Ray’s hand.

“I’m so excited to see you play,” I said as we finally made it to the side of the stage.

He smiled and gave my hand a tight squeeze back.

“Hey has anyone seen Gerard” asked Mikey. Just as a longhaired guy in jeans and t-shirt walked in.

“There you are silly. We are about to go on,” Mikey said to the guy.

The guy didn’t say much but replied softly “I know”.

“Alright you guys are up,” said another crewman.

The guys took their places, as I stood at the side. The light came on; Matt began the drums as Frank, Ray and Mikey joined them with his bass. Then the man I learned whose name was Gerard came into the lights and began to sing. He was jumping around and thrashing himself around getting caught into the music, throwing his whole heart out to the crowd, and as the show came to an ended he turned his head towards me and caught my eyes.
And there they were. Those beautiful brown eyes with a hint of yellow and a hunter green all swirled together.
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