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Chapter 10 - Escape

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DarkFire and her friends have to escape the prisin before they are killed!

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Chapter 10: Escape

DarkFire, Kate, Crystal and Espio paced further down the corridor. As they made progress, the figures of their allies blended further into the darkness.

DarkFire focused on the corridor ahead, and saw nothing but black. "Alright, I think we need a little but more light here." She held her claw out, and produced a glowing sphere of swirling; glowing fire. The corridor a short distance ahead of her was illuminated with a reddish glow. The four progressed along the corridor, until it lead them to a large chamber a large machine in the middle.

"Woah..." said Crystal, in astonishment. "Where is this?"

The chamber was circular, and huge. The machine in the centre was encased in shining metal. A conveyor belt was carrying humanoid robots from an opening in the metal casing into a hole in a wall. The room was in great contrast to the dark corridor; it was well lit, and was large. The ceiling towered above the group.

Kate cautiously stepped further into the chamber. "This looks like one of those rooms a mad scientist would work in! What now?"

DarkFire, Espio and Crystal followed Kate. An alarm sounded. A metal grate slammed the dark corridor shut. Red lights flashed on top of a loud siren. A dozen men all dressed in khaki shirts and pants walked in through a small door to Kate's right. They slammed the door shut. "I think we have intruders here..."

Kate Put her hands to her teeth, and whistled. A miniature, light blue dragon flew from behind to Kate. "Hey, DarkFire!" She whispered. "You remember WaterFang, right? I have been looking after him."

"ATTACK THEM!" shouted one of the men.

Espio growled. "What are people from the army doing here? There people look like they're from the army."

The 12 men darted towards DarkFire. "Scramble!" shouted DarkFire. The group dived in all directions. The men ran into the wall.

"I hate these uniforms!" shouted one of the men. "I have a wedgie!"

DarkFire, Kate, Espio and Crystal laughed. Espio made a move; he scurried towards the men, and jumped into the air. He flew at high speed and hit the one of the men. The opponent collapsed. He reared up into the air, and did another one to one of the others - homing attacks.

DarkFire gazed at Espio with astonishment. "What was that?

He dropped to the ground, and stood on guard. "It's a homing attack."

DarkFire nodded. "Alright... here I come!" DarkFire flew into the metal shell on the machine in the centre of the room with a loud clang. It was the men's turn to laugh.

Kate groaned. "Quit fooling around and do something here!" She grabbed a rubbish bin lid, and shielded herself from the fists of three men.

Alright!" shouted one of the men. "FIRE YOUR GUNS!!" The room was filled with gunshots. An icy wall appeared in front of Crystal. Bullets merely bounced off it with a chink! Sound every time.

DarkFire was flying high. No-one was concentrating on her. She showered flames from the air down onto the men. The men's skin blistered; turned red in colour from the intense flames. They all screamed, and as one, sprinted to the door; exited the room.

"That was a close one..." sighed Kate.

Crystal nodded in agreement. "Alright, we need to somehow turn this machine off before more men come here!"
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