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Before Dawn

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A farmer falls in love with a thief and a...goddess.

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It was like another day on the farm. I got up, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, watered the crops and feed the animals.

Right across my farm was my sister's house. Everyday I would rang her doorbell and if there was no reply, sneak into her house through a open window. It was a bit amusing to see her drooling while she slept, even though she insisted that she didn't do such thing.

"Wake up, Em."

She groaned a bit as I nudged her in the ribcage, sitting up and glaring at me.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Why don't you get a job and stop relying on me for money." I laughed a bit before I placed a hand on her shoulder.

She was eighteen and I was twenty, nothing but orphans. Our parents had abandoned me and her when we were still only toddlers, and a lady found us lying on the streets and decided to take us home with her.

"You should listen to your brother, Emma." A plump lady poked her head in the door, in the middle of washing dishes. That was the woman who had taken us in, Miss Henry. She always had bug me to get a job or any kind of living, so I decided I would try farming.

"Yeah, yeah." Emma said in a mocking voice as she muttered under her breathe. "Now let me get some more sleep."

"No, Emma." Miss henry approached the girl and drew the covers off, pushing the girl onto the floor. "I want you and Sam to goto town and pick up my eggs at the market."

I started to head to the door as i nodded while Emma started to moan. "Do I have to?! Just send Sam, for God's sake!"

"No, I can't do that. There are more than one containers waiting on me, and it will take two people to bring them back up here."

My sister hushed me and Miss Henry from the room so she could get dressed, and a minute later she came out later wearing a plaid dress.

"Are we going or what, Sam?!" She screeched at me with a frown.


Emma looked half-asleep, riding on her horse. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself and give her a fair warning. "Don't blame me if you fall off that horse."

She only grunted.

The town was a bit of a distance away from my farm and Miss Henry's house, and because the woman was losing her health each and every day, she sent me and Emma on her errands.

"Why can't the horses carry this stuff--it would be a whole lot easier."

We were on our way back from town, looking at the sights that passed us. We rarely visited the town, well--at least I did. Emma liked to sneak over here at night and spend her time at the bar.

"No, Em. If we did that, the cartons would fall and the eggs would surely break." I informed her with a smirk. I enjoyed the scowl she gave me the next minute.

As we reached the town's southern exit a shadow stopped us.

"Stop and give us the horses, or else--will have to hurt the little lady here!"

I turned my head to see a girl around my age, who had a hold on Emma and her horse. When my sister tried to move away, the girl pulled out a knife and moved it across my sister's wrist.

"Don't just stand there dumbass, help!"

I was dazed at that moment. Not by my sister being taken hostage--but by the girl who had appeared. She snapped her finger and men came from behind the bushes, blocking the path between me and her.

"Lady Sarah, what would you like to do?" One of the men asked her, pointing to Emma.

Sarah. I'll treasure that name forever. I had to admit, she was beautiful. Anyone that first met her would think she was a simple maiden, and not even close to the ranks of thievery.

"Leave the girl and take the horse." She snapped her finger again.

Her lackeys started to gather around Emma and one stabbed her with a knife. Her scream could easily travel through the whole countryside. She fell off the horse, eggs still clutched in hands, landing with a sickening crack.

"S-Sam?" She whimpered as one of the men rode off on the horse, the others following suit.

I ran toward Em as she started to cough up blood and her eyes closed. I knew that I would have to get her to a doctor--and fast!


I looked at the monitor to see that Emma's heart was beating a little faster now, even though she was still wounded badly. I gripped her hand as she slept peacefully.

Miss Henry and Emma's doctor, Doctor Klein, hurried into the room.

"I should have never made her gone--otherwise, this wouldn't have happened." I heard Miss Henry tell the doctor as they walked in the room.

"If you don't mind, you two should leave Emma with me and come back tomorrow." Doctor Klein informed them, pointing to the door. "She needs rest and so do you."

As I walked out of the room with Miss henry, I looked to see that the doctor had closed the door. I suddenly heard singing.

"Uh--Miss Henry, you go on without me. I have to goto the bathroom." I sounded like a little kid, saying that. She only nodded and left me behind.

I pressed my ear against the door, realizing the singing was coming from the room. I turned the knob to see that it was unlocked, and creaked the door open.

There stood Doctor Klein, the source of the singing. A white aura swirled around her, until she disappeared. In her place stood a girl with a dress--one that looked like a goddess or princess would wear--and wings!

It was a beautiful sight and I realized that I had fallen in love twice today. With a thief and a...goddess.
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